Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 36 Sacrifices!!
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Chapter 36 Sacrifices!!

In the restaurant of a luxurious hotel in the city..

"Good evening doctor Zhang. Sorry to keep you waiting here." A man shook hand with a woman who looked like in her late 30s. She got up from her seat to greet a man.

"No need! Actually I should apologize to call you here at such a short notice, President Lu Qiang. I need to get back to the England because of an emergency so I wanted to meet you before I return" A woman said after sitting back in her seat.

Both sat facing each other in the circular four sitter dining table in the restaurant. Waiter served coffee for them on the table.

Doctor Zhang : How’s your younger brother Lu LiJun doing?

Lu Qiang : "He is doing really good. All thanks to you." His eyes were filled with the gratitude towards her.

Doctor Zhang : "No! It’s all because he has a brother like you. She took a sip of a coffee, leaned back in the chair and said after giving a deep sigh, "As a doctor I can only give medicines and suggest you what to do. Getting a successful result is always depends on the patient and his family"

Lu Qiang : "You are right but still at that time as his doctor you were the only hope for me."

She smiled and said after thinking about something, "How’s his behaviour now? Is there any kind of major change in his emotional state?"

Lu Qiang : "No! Since last 5 years he is behaving normal just like the other kids of his age"

Doctor Zhang : "Yeh! I saw the video of him, you sent me last time. He looked very happy and completely alright. But still I’ll suggest you to keep him away from anything that can trigger him."

Lu Qiang : "Yeh! I am trying my best."

Doctor Zhang : "I know! Having you as an elder brother is a blessing for him. I hope, when he will become an adult, he will remember what you have done and sacrificed for him and will always respect you for that." She said with the admiration for Lu Qiang in her eyes.

Lu Qiang : "I just wish him to be happy forever."

Both smiled and finished their coffee. Both were standing outside the hotel waiting for their cars.

Lu Qiang : "I wish, If you could attend the celebration."

Doctor Zhang : "I too wanted to but I am having my flight just in half an hour. Because of the emergency, I have to shorten my stay here in China."

Lu Qiang : "I can understand"

Just then their cars arrived. Lu Qiang bid farewell to her then both left in their cars.

_______ ________ ______

At Jiang residence...

Everyone was getting ready for the evening party. Jiang YuYan got fresh and came out of the bathroom. Just then there was a knock on the Jiang YuYan’s bedroom door. Door opened and Jiang Yang was standing in the door wearing a blue suit with two ties in his hands.

Jiang Yang : "Which one right or left" he asked while raising his hands.

Jiang YuYan : "Wear anyone both are same." She didn’t even bother to look at it properly.

Jiang Yang : "I know both are same but look at the design. It has right cross lines and it has left cross line. So which one?

Jiang YuYan : "Left" she said it randomly.

Jiang Yang : "Thank you!! Then I’ll go for the right one." And he folded the tie which was in his left hand and placed a tie in his right hand around his collar.

Jiang YuYan : "I knew it!! You always select the opposite of what I said, then why bother to ask me?" She said not getting surprised on his action to which she was very much familiar.

Jiang Yang : "Because you are good at selecting the bad one. Haha!!" He said with the mischievous smile on his lips.

Jiang YuYan : "You...." She just threw the cushion on the bed in his direction. He avoided it and left smiling mischievously closing back the door of her room.

After some time Jiang Yang and his parents were waiting for Jiang YuYan downstairs.

Jiang Ruolan : "I heard both of yours voices minutes before. What happened? She sounded angry.,"

Jiang Yang : "Nothing Mom you know our usual siblings’ love fight"

Jiang Ruolan : "Son, Thank you so much!!"

Jiang Yang : "For what Mom, is it for bringing her back to China?"

Jiang Ruolan : "No! I....actually....we wanted to say thanks to you for taking care of Jiang YuYan in the worst phase of her life when we went to USA. Though we are her parents, you were the one who did everything thing for her that we couldn’t do and still taking care of her even after all these years."

Jiang Yang : "Don’t say that mom! I didn’t do anything exceptional. That was my responsibility as her elder brother."

Jiang Peizhi : "Your mother is right Jiang Yang. If it wasn’t for you we don’t know what should have we done."

Jiang Ruolan : "I can’t forget that time and don’t want to see her like that ever again."

Jiang Yang : "She is a different person now. Don’t worry Mom."

Jian Ruolan : "I know but I don’t want anything to happen that will bring out that side of hers."

Jiang Yang : "No Mom! Nothing will happen. Rest assured."

"As long as you are here to annoy me nothing can affect me to become like that again."

As three of them were talking, they suddenly heard a voice which startled them and they looked in the direction of that voice.

Jiang Ruolan : "Yu..YuYan!! We....." Everyone got up from their seats when they saw her.

Jiang YuYan : "Don’t worry Mom. That was in the past. Don’t think about useless things and now I am not a child anymore." She said and stood in front of her mother

Jiang Yang : "Cough**cough!! I forgot to mention that you are looking very beautiful."

Jiang Yang : "Are you trying to make up for the awkwardness in the room?" She asked while raising her one eyebrow in a doubt.

Jiang Yang : "No no!! I mean it. Isn’t it mom dad?"

Jiang Peizhi : "Yes he is right. You are actually looking very pretty."

Jiang Ruolan : " Yes she is! After all she is my daughter."

Jiang YuYan looked at her brother with serious expressions and turned towards him.

Jiang Yang : "What?" He was startled by sudden change in her expressions.

She didn’t say anything. She just kept moving forward untill she reached exactly in front of him and before he could react, she hugged him tightly and said, "Thank you so much brother for everything you did for me. I really love you so much. You are the best Brother in the world"

He hugged her back and couldn’t say anything. When she pulled herself back her eyes were moist.

Jiang Yang : "No need to say thank you. You are the best ever thing happened in my life. I am blessed to have lovely sister like you." His eyes were slightly moist too. It was rare to see this happy-go-lucky person to see emotional like this.

Atmosphere in the room became emotional and very serious as their parents too had eye’s filled with tears. But Jiang Yang was not the person to like such serious atmosphere around him for long time so he just said, "You are wrong about something sis."

Jiang YuYan : "What??" She asked while thinking what she had done wrong.

Jiang Yang: "I am not just the best. I am better than the best." He smiled and looked like his usual self.

Jiang YuYan : "Haha!! You are right. There is no brother like you in this world." She said with completely agreeing to him.

Jiang Yang : "Yeh!! But if there is brother who takes care of his younger sibling just like I do, then I’ll suggest you to grab the opportunity and make him yours."

Jiang YuYan : "I would love to. But I am afraid there is no one."

Jiang Yang : "There must be someone. Now let’s go. We should not be late."

______ ________

Lu Feng came out of the mansion after making an excuse to attend a call. He walked towards the garden and sat on the table under the tree. He was sitting in his usual pose looking at the sky while taking support of his hands to lean backward. He was staring at the sky which was brightened with the millions of stars. He smiled and said, "I am glad that you liked it Grandpa. I am sorry that I have disappointed you in everyway but it was necessary to maintain peace in our house." He paused and kept staring at the sky, looked like he was thinking about something. After a moment he said, "Grandpa! I still remember each and every word you said back then. I’ll make that come true in every way possible. I guess sacrificing myself for that is not a big deal." Though he was smiling, the expressions on his face were painful. He closed his eyes and the tears rolled down from the corners of his both eyes.

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