Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 35 Gentleman Lu Feng...
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Chapter 35 Gentleman Lu Feng...

In the evening.....

Everyone got ready to join the grand celebration in the evening. Whole family was eagerly waiting for elder couple in the living room while sitting in the sofa. When the elder couple came to the living room, everyone stood up to observe them how they looked. All were just stood frozen at their places to see this exceptionally beautiful couple of the day. Nobody could say anything for a moment. Everyone clapped loudly with ear to ear smiles on their faces as those two were approaching near.

Elder Lu Huan was walking in their direction with his wife who was holding his left arm. He was wearing a black suit with red shirt inside it with a black bow and a red cloth tucked in the left pocket of his Jacket which was folded in a triangular shape. There was a small heart shape diamond brooch at the left corner of that pocket. He had a watch in his one hand. His hairs were grey but were neatly combed and arranged in a smart hairstyle which made him look more handsome. He was wearing black leather shoes.

Grandma Lu Shuang was wearing a full sleeved red dress long enough to reach the floor with red cute flat booties having a diamonds on it arranged in shape of little heart. The dress was not tight anymore. It was slightly loose, comfortable and perfectly tailored keeping her age in mind. There was small heart shaped brooch pinned up on the left side of the dress just below the left shoulder. She was wearing minimum jewelry like she always do, a red water drop shaped red stone hanging in a gold chain with matching earrings. She too had a watch in her one hand and a bracelet in other hand which had a small, red water drop shaped red stone hanging to it similar to the stone in her necklace. Grey hairs were neatly arranged in a bun at the back side of head with a beautiful red rose tucked in it. Make-up was minimal with little amount of red lipstick on her lips. She looked very beautiful and a graceful old lady.

"Mother-Father you two are looking amazing, a made for each other couple." Said Wang Zhilan as she couldn’t control her excitement after watching her parents like this.

"Thank you so much dear. It was obvious as we are covered from head to toe with the love from you people" Said Elder Lu Huan.

Elder Lu Huan said this because all the family members together prepared what this couple of the day was wearing right now. As being rich, there was everything this couple had so all the family members decided to gift this couple the things these both could wear in the party.

Lu Jinhai and his wife prepared the branded clothes which these two were wearing. Lu Chen and his wife gifted them a jewelry, matching to their dresses. Wang Zhilan and her husband gifted them a set of branded watches. Lu Han and his wife gifted them a pair of branded footwears. Both grand daughters gifted them a pair of brooches to pin-up on their stylish dresses.

When everyone done with admiring the elder couple, Lu Feng came downstairs with quite a medium size gift box in his hands. He too was wearing a black suit with a white shirt inside it with its top button undone. He didn’t like to wear bow or tie like others do because he found it bothersome. His messy hairs were arranged neatly like a gentleman, different to his usual messy look. Nobody was used to this kind of behaviour from Lu Feng so they were surprised to see him like a gentleman and that to the gift in his hands.

Lu Chen : "__" (I almost forgot how he actually looks)

Lu Hui : "__" (My handsome son)

Others : "__" (Is he having a fever or what?)

When Lu Bao saw Lu Feng coming downstairs, she too was surprised to see her brother just like others and couldn’t hold her tongue back. She leaned slightly closer to the person on her right side, poked her index finger in a soft arm of that person and said in a very low voice-

"See!! Our one more handsome and sexy brother who can make all the girls out there go crazy in the night just by thinking about him." She was still poking that soft arm and the voice that replied her back surprised her even more.

"You are getting bolder day by day. I think, you need to get disciplined properly." That was Her mother Lu Hui.

Lu Bao : "Cough**cough!! M..Mom!! I....(sob sob)" She couldn’t say a word further. Lu Bao was stunned to see her mother in place of Lu Lian. After watching her brother she was too surprised and she forgot that Lu Lian was standing to her left side instead of right.

Lu Lian noticed what happened with Lu Bao. She couldn’t help but pity her. Then she said, "Brother Lu Feng is here but where is brother Lu Qiang?

Lu Bao : "Right! I didn’t see him since I last saw him in my room. He might not be at home."

"Happy Marriage anniversary Grandpa and Grandma." Lu Feng said while passing a gift box in his hands to his grandparents.

Both received the gift together. Lu Shuang had a smile on her face and her eyes were quite moist but there was no expression on elder Lu Huan’s face.

Lu Shuang : "Thank you so much dear!!" She was too happy to say anything further.

Lu Huan didn’t say thank you or anything else. He passed that gift to Lu Shuang, stepped forward and hugged his grandson tightly. Then he said thank you with a smile on his face. His happiness was beyond to express in it words.

Lu Feng was surprised at this gesture of his Grandpa. He too hugged his grandpa with the awkward smile on his face.

All the members present there were surprised and happy too after watching this scene. It’s been a year since Grandpa last talked to Lu Feng. He was upset with him because of his bad habits. Since last one year, Lu Feng didn’t even took initiative to talk to his grandpa so this scene was a treat to the everyone’s eyes. They were not only talking but also hugging tightly each other with a smile.

"My Grandson brought gift for me, let’s open it." Grandpa was very happy. He looked at his wife and said it. Lu Shuang knew how happy her husband was and what he was feeling right now. She nodded and passed the gift box to her husband, controlling the tears in her eyes from rolling down.

When elder Lu Huan opened that box, there were two wine bottles and two wine glasses inside it. One bottle was in a shape of man in a suit and other one was a woman in a wedding dress. If we keep them together it looked like a married couple. One of the two glasses, one had an outline of face of a male and other one had an outline of face of a female.

When all the men present there saw this, all were surprised after taking a look at the logo on the bottle’s bottom because it was one of the expensive wine and one can get the wine bottles designed according to their requirements. That was not the only surprising thing. The most important thing was to get this wine in your required design bottle, one must pre-order it atleast before one month. It had a simple meaning that Lu Feng planned for this before one month of this day when nobody even though about this event. It was surprising for everyone that this ignorant person actually cared for his grandparents.

Nobody had any word to say to Lu Feng. They just praised the gift to avoid the awkwardness.

"Thank you so much Lu Feng." Grandpa just said these words after looking at the gift. He was too overwhelmed to say anything.

Lu Feng felt awkward with sudden change in everyone’s emotions and he excused himself pretending to attend a call to avoid further awkwardness.

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