Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 33 Running A DNA Test..
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Chapter 33 Running A DNA Test..

In Lu Bao’s room...

Lu Bao : "Our brothers chose this dress but..." She couldn’t complete her sentence as she was still confused.

Lu Lian : "But I liked the other one just like you." She said what Lu Bao wanted to say.

Lu Bao : "Really? Then I’ll wear what we both liked." She was happy to hear this from Lu Lian.

Lu Lian : "Good decision. And I think men really don’t know what looks good on women, when those particular men are your brothers."

Lu Bao : "You are absolutely right." Then she got up and started to keep those dresses inside the wardrobe carefully. Both of them sat on the bed. Lu Bao thought about something and said, "Did you notice the reactions of brother Lu Qiang and Lu Feng, when I showed them the dresses and asked the questions?"

Lu Lian : "Yeh! Both reacted in the same way."

Lu Bao : "Exactly!!! Not just their facial expressions were same but they replied with the same words and same tone."

Lu Lian : "There’s nothing to be surprised. Everyone knows those two think, talk and even like the same things. Remember? grandma told us so many such incidences when our brothers were teenagers."

Lu Bao : "Yeh! I remember. Just there personalities are quite different but can’t deny the fact that both are icebergs.

Li Lian : "Yeh!! One is from South pole and the other one is from North pole."

Lu Bao : "I wonder, what will happen when these two will like the same girl?" She said with the expressions of person from gossip column."

Lu Lian : "Huuu? Don’t say such thing."

Lu Bao : "I am just saying it as a fun. I wonder with whom that girl will end up together with?" She said with eyes filled with curiousity.

Lu Lian : "I don’t want to think about it. I can’t imagine anyone of them being sad or heartbroken." She said with unhappy face.

Lu Bao : "Hey C’mon. Don’t make a face. Anyway you won’t see anyone of them sad."

Lu Lian : "Why?" She was surprised to heard this and really wanted to know the reason.

Lu Bao : "Because in the end Lu LiJun will end up taking that girl away. Hahaha!" She said and laughed loudly.

Lu Lian : "W...What?" Her mind couldn’t process Lu Bao’s words.

Lu Bao : "Don’t you know, Lu LiJun always likes the thing that these two iceberg brothers like and in the end both ends up giving that thing to Lu LiJun."

Lu Lian : "Haha!!Very funny! Lu LiJun is too young. Just a little boy." She said in an angry tone.

Lu Bao : "Hey don’t be angry. Remember what he said about my dress "If both brothers chose left one then I’ll choose the left one too."

Lu Lian : "Hmmm"

Lu Bao : "At that time he will say, if both brothers chose her then I’ll choose her too." She said while mimicking Lu LiJun.

Lu Lian : "Hahaha! That was funny. If Lu LiJun will see this, he will definitely make both of our brothers to torture you mercilessly." She laughed out loudly after watching Lu Bao mimicking in a very cute way and her anger disappeared in a moment.

Lu Bao : "Just imagine little Lu LiJun taking a girl away from those two. Haha!"

Both were laughing hard holding their stomachs, being unaware, what they are saying just as a fun is going to be a reality which they have to witness in the future.

They say- ’Once in a while, a moment comes when the words on your tongue actually becomes the reality in your life. So choose your words wisely’

_____________ _________

Jiang residence... In the Jiang YuYan’s room...

Jiang Yang : "Aaauuuch..what are you doing?" He asked while scratching his head where it hurts.

Jiang YuYan plucked the hair from his head and said while looking at the plucked hair strand, "I am taking your hair sample to run a DNA test. I want to confirm you are really my brother or not."

Jiang Yang : "What?" He asked with surprised expressions."

Jiang YuYan : "Yeh! You heard it right. I need to clear my doubt."

Jiang Yang : "Are you doubting our parents? Don’t you know, how much they love each other?"

Jiang YuYan : "I am not doubting them. Who knows you might be an adopted child."

Jiang Yang : "If that’s the case, then the adopted one must be you."

Jiang YuYan : "No way I took after mom."

Jiang Yang : "And I took after dad"

Jiang YuYan : "Hmmm!!"

Jiang Yang: "Well well! If you are that much eager, allow this doctor to tell you the exciting result of this test."

Jiang YuYan : "What’s that?"

Jiang Yang: "When you will observe our DNAs under the electron microscope, you will be surprised to see that our DNA strands are dancing hand in hand, shouting ’we are the best brother and sister in this world’. Also you will see the chromosomes with genes B, R, O, T, H, E, R on mine and S, I, S, T, E, R on yours."

"I am sure, there must be C, R, A, Z, Y genes on your chromosomes too." She said with a little smile on her face because of his funny explanation.

"Haha!! Right and yours must be having A, N, G, R, Y genes. Well, crazy brother and angry sister sounds good." Then he walked towards the couch in the room and sat there.

"Still, how can you talk to your sister like this. Which brother do that?" She asked with angry tone which didn’t affect the calmness of her shameless brother.

"I do." He said while raising his hand up in the level of his shoulder, showing the inner side of his palm.

"I know!! I know that since my birth now. Can’t you be like a real elder brother who acts seriously with his younger sister."

"Do you want me to be like a brother, who end up beating every boy who approaches his sister? I didn’t learn Kung fu to waste my energy on such things."

"Not like that but still...."

No!! I can’t be serious. I am like, If you have had a boyfriend, I would have even ask you about your first kiss and your sex life too.

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