Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 31 Annoying Sisters..
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Chapter 31 Annoying Sisters..

At Lu mansion...

Inside Lu Lian’s room, north wing, at the first floor of the mansion...After lunch..

Lu Lian : "Isn’t it beautiful? What do you think?" She asked while showing her brand new dress to Lu Bao, which she prepared for function in the evening.

Lu Bao : "Yeh!! It is and you will look stunning in it. Afterall this brand xxx is always the best." She said while leaning back lazily in the chair.

Lu Lian : "You are right. What about your dress? Did you finish everything?" She asked while hanging the dress back in her wardrobe.

Lu Bao : "No! I still couldn’t decide which one to finalize? I need to ask someone older from our family. Let’s go to my room first." She suddenly got up as she thought about something.

Both got out of Lu Lian’s room and headed towards the Lu Bao’s room which was in the south wing of the first floor, exactly opposite to Lu Bao’s room which was in the north wing.

When they were walking, Lu Lian asked, "Whom should we ask?"

Lu Bao : "I want to ask men in our house because only a man can tell, what suits the woman best."

Lu Lian : "Really?"

Lu Bao : "Yes! Let’s think whom to ask. Forget about older people. It should be someone from our brothers."

Lu Lian : "Brothers? Should we go to brother Lu Han?"

Lu Bao : "No! I am sure, right now he must be raging his brain to solve his wife’s puzzles about her dress and jewelry." She said and smiled.

Lu Lian : "Haha! Right. Then brother Lu Qiang?"

Lu Bao : "Nope! Today is Sunday and he must be busy with his most loved person in this whole world."

Lu Lian : "Yup! He must be playing video game with Lu LiJun."

Lu Bao : "It’s not only that. He won’t be of any use for us because that brother iceberg only melts for the little ice ball."

Lu Lian : "Hmm..true!"

Lu Bao : "Wait!" And her eyes brightened as she was happy to see something.

Lu Lian : "What happened?"

Lu Bao : "Look? And she pointed towards the figure walking out from the last room in the south wing."

Lu Lian : "Brother Lu Feng? What is he doing at home at this hour. It’s still noon not midnight." She asked having surprised expressions on her face.

It was actually a right reaction because it was Lu Feng’s routine to leave home after a breakfast and to come back only in the midnight. It was rare to see him at home like this.

Lu Bao : "Yeh! Let’s ask this brother batman which appeared in front of us at this time of the day." And she stepped forward.

Lu Lian : "What? Do you want to die? He is the other iceberg in our family." She said with quite scared expressions.

Lu Bao : "Don’t worry this iceberg just looks tough from the outside but actually he is very soft inside. Let’s go."

Then both walked fast towards Lu Feng to catch him before he leaves. Lu Feng was coming out of his room while doing something on his phone. He couldn’t sense the danger, coming in his direction.

"Brother Lu Feng" Lu Bao called his name and stood few steps away in front of him with Lu Lian standing behind her.

"What?" He stopped and asked with his usual cold voice and expressions.

Because of his cold reply both felt quite scared. "W..We need your help. Can you come with us?"

"What’s it?" He asked with same tone.

Lu Bao calmed herself down and said, "I can’t tell you actually..umm.. show you it here."


"You have to come to my room."

"Show me here I am in hurry."

She suddenly changed her track and started to behave like a little girl, "Brother please. Please. Pleeeeese. Pretty pleeeeese."

"Hmmm. Ok. But make it fast" He couldn’t say no to her after her so many "please".

She was on cloud nine to be able to melt this iceberg a little atleast and led his way to her room with Lu Lian. "Woohoo! Come come."

They both took him to Lu Bao’s room. He stood inside the room near to the door.

"Brother Lu Feng, sit here." She said while pointing to the chair in her room. He didn’t reply and stood at the same place. Lu Bao opened her wardrobe and took out two dresses from it. She gave one dress to Lu Lian and held other in her own hand. Both stood holding those dresses in front of him.

"Brother Lu Feng, which colour looks good? I mean which one will suits me the best." She asked with lots of anticipation.

"What’s the difference?" He asked after looking at the dresses and pinched the space between his eyebrows in annoyance.

In reality when he saw what these two were upto he was quite frustrated and wanted to say, "Did you called me here for this useless thing?" but he controlled it as he didn’t want to upset them.

"Huuu? Brother Lu Feng, see carefully." She still couldn’t see the annoyance on his face and asked again with little excitement.

"Both are pink!!!!" He said getting really annoyed.

"No brother! This one has purple tinge in it and that one has blue tinge in it." She said while pointing to both dresses.

"Urrghhh!" This time he was getting impatient and was about to say something but a voice stopped him.

"Haha! You caught the right person." That was Lu Feng’s elder brother Lu Han. He saw whole scene from outside the door and couldn’t control his laughter after watching Lu Feng’s irritated and angry face.

"Brother Lu Han, you tell me which one is good." Lu Bao turned her gaze from Lu Feng to Lu Han when she saw him and asked this.

"Don’t ask me. I am done emptying my brain on your sister-in-law’s questions." Said Lu Han while giving out a deep sigh.

"But atleast tell me, can’t you tell the difference between these two colours." She asked again with the anticipation to hear ’Yes’.

"Only women have a sight to differentiate between the 100 shades of the same colours. Forgive your poor elder brother for not being able to help you." Lu Han said it and sat in the chair in the room.

Lu Feng : "I am leaving. I need to go."

As Lu Feng was about to leave a small figure entered the room and stopped him in his way.

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