Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 30 Gift From A Brother..
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Chapter 30 Gift From A Brother..

At Jiang residence....

After lunch, Jiang YuYan and Jiang Yang were watching a movie in the living room.

"Haha!! that one was good" Jiang Yang was excited to see the action scenes in the movie they were watching.

"Yeh!! These fighting scenes are full of comedy and also it is a Jackie Chan’s movie so it is obvious to see an entertaining stuff." Jiang YuYan said with the same excitement as her brother, praising her all time favourite actor Jackie Chan.

"This is the only thing we enjoy together. Otherwise all the time you keep getting angry and annoyed and I keep enjoying it alone." He said while teasing her.

Both of them were the hard core fan of Jackie Chan and liked to see his movies together whether it was an old movie or the latest one. They had the collection of all Jackie Chan’s movies at their home in America.

"Don’t start it again. Let me enjoy the movie. It’s a last fighting Scene and climax of the movie." She said while completely emersed in a movie.

When the movie finished both were laying lazily on the sofa.

Jiang Yang : "Do you remember? When we were kids, we joined the Kung fu classes after watching these movies?

Jiang YuYan : "Yeh!! We were crazy back then." She smiled with the past memories.

Jiang Yang : "Indeed! Do you still remember how to fight?

Jiang YuYan : "As much as I remember to breath."

Jiang Yang : "But you never used it. I thought you forgot."

Jiang YuYan : "I don’t like unnecessary violence."

Jiang Yang : "Yeh you are right. After taking an account of your angry side it’s good. Otherwise I would have to spend my life only to treat the people beaten by you."

Jiang YuYan : "I don’t do that anymore."

Jiang Yang : "I know and I like this side of yours more."

Jiang YuYan : "Huuu!! Me too! By the way, when are you going to join the hospital?"

Jiang Yang : "The joining date is from Monday and that’s from tomorrow. But I am planning to extend it for a week as I want to enjoy this as my summer vacation."

Jiang YuYan : "Hmmm"

Jiang Yang : "What about you? When are you going to start the college studies?"

Jiang YuYan : "I don’t know. I left it all to our parents. I know, they must have prepared everything already as they called me back here."

"You are right. This is for you." Jiang Peizhi walked out of his study with the off white coloured envelope in his hands. He handed it over to her and sat on the sofa.

"What’s this?" She asked while receiving an envelope.

"These are the documents related to your admission in Capital University of Business management."

"Woohoo!! This is one of the best University not only across the country but across all over the world. Lucky champ!" Jiang Yang said while looking at the envelope in her hand.

"Not lucky. She deserves it." Jiang Peizhi said with a pride in his voice.

"Yes father!! I forgot she is a student with an excellent grades and IQ"

Jiang Peizhi : "The course will start from the next month as summer vacations will be over soon"

Jiang YuYan : "Ok dad."

Jiang Yang : "But the university is on the other side of the city from our house. I guess it will take near about two hours to travel there and that will be very tiresome for her."

Jiang Peizhi : "I know. That’s why I am planning to make her arrangments to stay at the University dormitory."

Jiang Yang : "What? Then I’ll be alone at home, when you and Mom will return back to your jobs. How boring that will be to stay alone at home?"

Jiang YuYan : "But I’ll be happy to get rid of you. Haha!!"

Jiang Peizhi : "Keep it with you. And don’t forget we have to attend the anniversary celebration in the evening so be ready around 6 o’clock." Then he stood up and left.

Jiang YuYan : "I’ll keep it in my room." She said that and left to her room upstairs.

Jiang YuYan put that envelope in the drawer of the cabinet and was laying on the bed. There was a knock on the door. The door opened. That was Jiang Yang with the shopping bag in his hands.

"Why did you come to my room. Let me rest for a while." She said after looking at him standing at the door. Then closed her eyes back.

"I have something for you". He stepped forward to her bed and waved the shopping bag in his hand in front of her face.

"What’s that?" She opened her eyes and looked at the bag. "Wait!! Those are the same shopping bags you...."

Before she could continue he spoke. "Don’t worry!! There are not my undergarments inside." He then gave that bag to her.

Jiang YuYan sat on the corner of the bed and pulled out a beautiful gift box from the bag. She opened it and saw there was a beautiful dress inside of that box with some accessories. Also there was a small note saying "a gift for you my lovely sis."

She took out the dress from the box and noticed, it was the same dress she was observing while having lunch in the restaurant. She had a big smile on her face but couldn’t say anything and just stared at her brother.

"Feeling overwhelmed?" He asked.

"Huuu" she nodded.

"Well you should. Do you know how much time I wasted for this?. When I went to that shop, I thought, I’ll be able to finish it in 15 mins but it took me my whole precious thirty minutes just because of your cup size."

"Huuu?? Again??" She frowned but didn’t say anything cause she was happy to receive that gift.

"Yes! I told you at that time the dress looked like for girls with C or D and that was true. The Sales girl had to search the dress with your size in their stock from the room inside and that ate my whole 20 minutes."

"Don’t lie. How can you just guess the size just looking at the dress?"

"Don’t forget!! I am a man afterall and also, one should have great observation sight too." He said and winked at her.

"She got up from the bed and walked towards her brother and said, their is something on your head." Then raised her hand and did something.

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