Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 3 Anniversary of Elder Lu Couple..
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Chapter 3 Anniversary of Elder Lu Couple..

In the past....11 years before...

At the Lu family’s old mansion...

It was morning and the Lu family was discussing about the upcoming important family event in the living room of the mansion. The living room was exceptionally huge. It had a big rectangular white leather sofa in the centre with a beautifully carved wooden centre table. A beautiful chandelier was hanging at the centre of the ceiling giving it a royal look. Most of the interior was in white colour. Walls were decorated with the attractive expensive paintings. Each painting had small wall lamp at their top which made paintings looks beautiful under the light coming from them. Each of the corners were occupied with few antics. There were wooden shelves with glass covers filled with attractive showpieces. Big glass windows allowed the sunlight to enter inside the huge living room and brighten it up.

It was the 55th marriage anniversary of elder couple so their sons decided to hold a grand celebration party for their parents and whole family was excited about it...

The elder Lu Huan and his wife Lu shuang was sitting at the centre of the sofa. On their right side, the elder son Lu Jinhai and his wife Lu Jiahui were sitting and on left side were his younger son Lu Chen And his wife Lu Hui. On the right side behind Lu Jinhai’s assistant Xio Dong was standing. On the left side there was butler of the house Xu Dui and two servants were standing and listening everything with full attention as coming event was important for family and they were going to be super busy by looking after the arrangements.

Lu Jinhai: " Father -mother!! what do you think about our idea of this grand celebration of your 55th marriage anniversary? Should we go with that or not?" As he asked this, everyone could see the change of expressions on elder Lu’s face and were ready to drink vinegar....

Lu Huan : "You punk!!, How dare you even ask this question to us ?? You should definately celebrate it. Don’t forget the origin of all of yours very existance on the earth and that’s our marriage." As expected everyone was speechless while his wife Lu Shuang looked calm as she knew her husband’s nature, never left any chance to show his strong presence by mocking his two sons and has an ability to leave everyone speechless with his sharp and witty words.

Lu Jinhai : ’...’ (father never disappoints me.. :) :) )

Lu Jiahui : ’...’

Lu Chen : ’...’ (what was the point in asking dear brother??)

Lu Hui : ’...’

Others :’....’

Elder Lu Huan was an old but very lively person. At the same time he was moody. If he was in good mood, he could be a baby angel from heavenly realm, but if he was in bad mood you could see that baby angel transforming into a devil. No one dared to defy him. Even his elder son Lu jinhai, who was one of the powerful businessman in the country always bowed down in front of his father. Same goes for his younger son Lu Chen.

Everyone in the family respected and loved elder Lu Huan because he always gave priority to his family over everything. He never stopped his children from doing what they wanted to do and always supported them. He loved his wife Lu Shuang a lot, that even at this age everyone could see his affection towards her.

Lu Shuang was very beautiful and a graceful old lady. She was very soft hearted towards everyone but strict at a time. Only she was able to make elder Lu Huan from scary lion to an obedient dog..(wufff. Wufff!!)

Lu family’s men always loved and respected their wives and never betrayed them. It continued from generations. It was as if this family’s men were carrying an extra chromosome other than chromosome X and Y in their body. The special chromosome ’M’ , meant for the characters of "MONOGAMY"..

Atmosphere was silent, Lu Huan looked at everyone and talked again, " As we are talking about your origins, we ( Lu Huan and Lu shuang) want to make ourself more proud and take one step ahead as an originators."

Everyone was confused and looked at each other to understand the meaning. Then elder Lu Huan saw these clueless people and frowned. " I mean to say thaaaat....!! now it’s time for us to see our great- grandchildren". Upon hearing this and understanding the meaning everyone gave sigh of relief.

Lu Chen : "But father we can’t do anything about it. Your grandchildren won’t listen to us. Everyone try to avoid this marriage subject so having great grandchildren is far from reality." Lu Jinhai nodded in agreement.

Lu Huan : " Morons!!!, you can’t even convince your children. Who is asking them to get married??. To make a baby marriage is not necessary. " Again everyone one was speechless. Then he continued, " They just have to get a woman and .....aauuchh". Before he could continue, Lu shuang pinched him hard on his arm to stop her shameless husband and said, " stop being brazen and don’t try to make my grandchildren immoral just like you so stop pestering them to fullfil your wishes."

Lu jinhai : (’ ’) ,. (Exactly mother)

Lu Chen : ’.....’, (why did I speak).

Others : _ _ _ _ ( we should have brought ear buds)

Lu Huan couldn’t say anything cause he didn’t dare to cross his wife and moreover what she said made sense as Lu Huan got her pregnant before marriage and she was quite angry about that.

Everyone new about this fact and they were looking at Lu Huan that how this blantant person became like a scared cat in front of his wife. Everyone was happy in there heart to see this but couldn’t show their happiness on their faces. Lu Huan’s sight passed across his both sons. He knew they were happy inside so he frowned and looked at them with killer gaze and startled them as if conversing through their eyes, " you rascals!!! Why you were in hurry to land on the earth?? You people distroyed my romantic life and took my wife away."

Lu Jinhai and Lu Chen : " father is a lier!! Your romantic life was rocking that’s why we were able to land here that soon...hehe!!!

Lu Huan : " Both of you will pay for this soon..hahaha!!!"

Both brothers could see devilish smile on their father’s face and eyes full of mischief.

Lu Jinhai: ’__’ (where to look?)

Lu chen: ’__’!! (sob sob!!)

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