Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 29 An Unfortunate Death...
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Chapter 29 An Unfortunate Death...

Ming Fangsu was dead. She commited a suicide by cutting her wrist. Ming Family blamed Lu Jinhai for Ming Fangsu’s death. Everyone thought that she was too hurt to handle the pain of heartbreak and commited a suicide. Even elder Lu Huan and Lu Jinhai thought the same. Both felt very sad for this unfortunate death of Ming Fangsu and somewhere Lu Jinhai too blamed himself for this.

After watching his precious daughter in that state, Ming Shihong lost his rationality. He confronted and blamed Lu Jinhai for his daughter’s suicide and broke all the relations with Lu family. He even broke all the business relations with Lu corporation and declared that Ming Group will never associate with Lu corporation in the future and they will not share any kind of relationship with Lu Family. Almost three decades were about to pass but the hatred in Ming Shihong’s heart didn’t lessen a bit.

What exactly happened at that time was only known to Ming Shihong’s daughter-in-law Ming Jie and the old servant in the mansion, Nanny Yun. But everyone was unaware of this fact that these two women were hiding a devastating truth in their hearts that caused two brother like friends to fall apart from each other forever.

After some time Ming Jie stopped crying. Nanny Yun passed her a glass of water. Just then both heard the sound of footsteps coming from the living room. Ming Jie dried her eyes with paper napkin and started eating food from the dish in front of her as to pretend nothing happened.

"Mom why are you having breakfast alone? Where are the others?" That was Ming Jie’s son Ming Rusheng. He walked towards dining table and noticed his mother’s swollen eyes and red nose. He then paused and said, "Why am I feeling like atmosphere is quite hot today?

"It’s summer and it’s quite obvious to feel heat." She said while eating a soup with her face down, without looking at her son. She was avoiding an eye contact with him.

He stepped forward towards his mother and picked up an invitation card from the table and said, "So this is the reason to raise the temperature in our house early in the morning. This Lu family again." And gave deep sigh.

"Don’t give attention to unnecessary things. Sit down and have your breakfast." She said with quite serious and high pitch.

"Why are you being scolded by mother early in the morning brother Rusheng? What did you do this time to make her angry?" That was Ming Jie’s daughter and Ming Rusheng’s younger sister Ming Lan.

"It wasn’t me. Credit goes to none other than the Lu Family." Ming Rusheng said while filling his dish with the food on the dining table.

"What happened now? And really Mom, why do our family hates them? What exactly happened?" Ming Lan asked.

Ming Jie didn’t answered and continued eating ignoring her daughter’s questions. Ming Rusheng looked at his mother who was still eating her soup slowly with her head down and seems like she was thinking about something. He then said, "Don’t ask. I tried to know about it so many times before but I always got silence and ignorance in return."

Still there was no reaction from his mother’s side. He moved his sight to his sister and said, "Though, I don’t know the reason but I too hate Lu family?"

Ming Lan : "Why?"

Ming Rusheng : "I don’t know. I think hatred for Lu family runs in our blood."

Ming Lan : "But I don’t feel like that. I see Lu Lian and Lu Bao everyday in school and those two are really nice."

Ming Rusheng : "Just stay away from them. I especially hate their brother since I was in school. That arrogant and ignorant Lu Qiang." He said with a voice full of hatred.

Ming Lan : "Huuu?" She looked at her brother with questioning face.

Ming Rusheng : "what?"

Ming Lan : "Nothing! I think, he is quite ni..ce and good tooo." She said these words as murmuring to herself but her brother heard it.

Ming Rusheng : "Don’t forget, we are just allowed to hate them but not to fall in love with them." He was quite angry about what she said.

Ming Lan : "W..when did I do something like that? Why are you angry?" Her eyes were filled with a little guilt and she was little scared too.

Ming Rusheng : "I am just pre-empting the negative." He looked straight in her eyes as he was giving her a warning.

She looked in his eyes and got even more scared. She didn’t say anything further and continued eating with her head down.

Ming Jie was emersed in her own thoughts, so she didn’t pay attention to what these two were talking about but she captured few words which Ming Rusheng said that he hates Lu family and Lu Qiang. She got angry and said, "what happened in the past is none of your business. That’s the matter between elders. You youngsters don’t need to concern yourself with it. Understood?" And she left the dining table without finishing her breakfast.

Both just stared at their angry mother who left the dining table. Both didn’t say anything further. They knew, whatever it was, that must be something really sad as nobody bothered to tell them about it ever. Both of them just silently ate their breakfast.

Ming Rusheng and Lu Qiang were in the sameschool. Ming Rusheng was senior of Lu Qiang. Ming Rusheng hated Lu Qiang since their high school days. Why? Even Ming Rusheng himself didn’t know it. It might be because of the bitter relationship between their families. He just knew that something happened in the past that affect his whole family and Lu family had something to do with that.

Ming Lan was an beautiful and innocent girl. She was not interested in the things happened in the past. She just knew as much as her brother Ming Rusheng knew about it. She was familiar with the two girls from Lu family, she shared same school with and she found them good to be with but always stopped herself from being friends with them just because of her family. She had a crush on Lu Qiang but didn’t dare to say it infront of anyone. Also she was quite scared of her elder brother as she knew about his hatred towards Lu Qiang.

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