Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 27 Wounds Of The Past..
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Chapter 27 Wounds Of The Past..

Lu Feng’s love for Lu LiJun was extreme that sometime it created the big problems and Lu Qiang had to handle all that mess. In the initial days of Lu LiJun’s primary schooling, few kids from the school bullied him. When he came back home, he was upset but didn’t tell anyone what happened. He just spent his time sitting inside the patio in the garden after coming back from the school. It was his favourite place to spend time whenever he faced any kind of trouble. At that time Lu Qiang was out of the country.

When Lu Feng reached home in the evening he couldn’t see this little lad at home so he went to look for him in the garden. He knew, where he could find Lu LiJun. When he saw Lu LiJun sitting quietly in the patio he understood something was wrong with him. He went there and asked what happened? Other than Lu Qiang, Lu LiJun was close only to Lu Feng to share everything with. After some hesitation he told him what happened in the school.

Lu Feng was quite angry but took it normally. He thought bullying is normal at the start of school and it will be over soon. But when he saw the scratches on Lu LiJun’s hands, he couldn’t control his fury.

Next day he took out the information about all the kids and their families. who bullied Lu Lijun. He went to everyone’s house. There he created a mess by breaking and throwing all the stuff in their houses here and there. He then threatened those kids’ parents, if their kids bullied his younger brother ever again the results will be worst than this. He even went to Lu Lijun’s school and threatened all the teachers with their jobs saying if a single hair on Lu LiJun’s head gets hurt, he will make everyone loose their jobs. Everyone new how powerful was the Lu family so they tried their best to not let it happen again. This news spreaded across the school. After that nobody ever bullied him.

When Lu Qiang came to know about this incident after coming back to China, he confronted Lu Feng and made sure to pay for the losses caused by the damaged made by Lu Feng to those families. There were various incidences like this and everytime it made Lu Qiang to come forward and clear that mess. Lu Feng always listened whatever Lu Qiang said related to Lu LiJun. Whenever Lu Qiang confronted him, he just used to listen everything quitely thinking both of their ways to love Lu LiJun are different. He just kept listening it from one ear and taking it out from other one.

______ ______

Late at night...elder Lu’s bedroom..

Elder Lu Huan his wife Lu Shuang and their two sons were talking about something serious.

Lu Huan : "Did you sent an invitation to Ming family?" Lu Huan asked to Lu Jinhai.

Lu Jinhai : "Yes father!"

Lu Shuang : "Do you think they will come this time to attend our family event?"

Lu Huan : "I don’t think so. It has been 28 years and still didn’t forgive me."

Lu Jinhai : "What happened back then is all my fault."

Lu Chen : "Brother!! It was not your fault. What happened at that time was unfortunate but don’t blame yourself for that"

Lu Huan : "Lu Chen is right. That was not your fault. Who could have thought, that child will take such an extreme step." He then paused, gave a deep sigh and said, "Ming Fangsu!! Such a lovely girl. What a tragic end for a beautiful soul!!"

Lu Jinhai : "You are right father. Even I never thought that she could do something like that."

Lu Shuang : "We can’t change the past but can’t we start over again with them?"

Lu Huan : "I want that too but I know my friend Ming Shihong very well. He won’t see my face ever again so rest is just impossible. I am waiting for the day when all this hatred will disappear and we both will be together just like we were in the past. But after all these years it looks like it’s just my wishful thinking." He said with very sad and painful expressions. Even his eyes were moist.

Nobody said anything because no words were enough to heal the wounds of the past.

------- ---------

Next morning at Ming Mansion...

Elder Ming Shihong was having a breakfast with his son Ming Yusheng and his daughter in law Ming Jie.

Ming Jie : "Father, Lu family sent us an invitation card of the celebration of Elder Lu’s marriage anniversary." She said while passing that card to her husband Ming Yusheng.

Ming Shihong : "Throw it in the trash or burn it." He said with an angry face.

Ming Jie : "But father, elder Lu was your very special friend in the past. So many years have passed. We should forget everything and should move forward."

Ming Yusheng : "Enough Ming Jie" he said after watching his father’s angry face.

Ming Shihong got furious at her words and said, "How dare you to say such thing. Did you forget what they did to my lovely daughter, Ming Fangsu."

Ming Yusheng : "Forgive her father. She didn’t mean that."

Ming Shihong : "Then what does she mean. They killed my daughter and she is asking me to forgive the people stained with my daughter’s blood." He was burning with an anger and said, "When one day I will die don’t bother to call those basterds Lu Huan and his son Lu Jinhai to my funeral. And if they come, throw them out immediately. I won’t forgive them even after my death."

Ming Jie wanted to say something further but couldn’t say anything as elder Ming Shihong got up and left the dining table in hurry.

Ming Yusheng : "Why did you even bring up the topic of Lu Family? You know how much father hates them. How can you forget, what they did to my sister. Even I’ll never forgive them."

Ming Jie : "What happened back then was not completely their fault"

Ming Yusheng : "It was only their fault and that’s the truth and never ever forget it." He then left the dining table too.

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