Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 26 The Undeniable Truth Of The Future..
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Chapter 26 The Undeniable Truth Of The Future..

At Jiang residence...

After making her bed a mess because of her first kiss which Jiang YuYan thought was stolen, she got up from the bed while frowning. She remembered her brother’s words, which he said while reading her horoscope. She entered the bathroom, cleaned her face, tied her hairs and dashed out of her room to go downstairs in the living room.

When she reached there, she picked up a newspaper from the centre table and started to flip its pages in hurry. On one page she found what she was looking for. She was just about to read it but a voice disturbed her.

Going through your horoscope again??

She didn’t turn her head. She just closed her eyes saying, "F**k." She knew who was that. It was her brother standing just behind her on the back side of sofa.

She took a deep breath, turned her head and said while smiling, "What are you talking about?"

"You came running downstairs with panicked expressions, picked up a newspaper and were going through it hastily so I thought you were reading your horoscope. Did something happen?" He said calmly and sat on the sofa lying lazily.

"What could possibly happen? I was just reading the newspaper to get an updates on what’s happening in our country."

"Is that so? Go on. But if you read your horoscope, you will not find it there in newspaper what I said in the morning." He was very calm pretending to believe everything she said.

"Why? Then where is it?", She asked curiously.

"It’s here." He pointed his forefinger to his head.

Huu?? So you made that by yourself. You...!!" And she threw a cushion in his direction which hit him on the face.

"Aauuchh.. My handsome face. It hurts.. aaaahhhh",

"Stop over acting you drama queen" She said while throwing another cushion at him.

"That means you were really searching for that horoscope. Haha!!" He was laughing out loud which annoyed her more. Then he said, "We were going out for the first time in the city after so many years and I wanted to make it exciting for you so I just said, "You will face the most exciting thing in your life." And as I can’t see you relaxed so to make you feel worried I made up that something will get stolen. Haha!!"

"You really are so cunning brother Yang." She said and leaned back at sofa folding her hands in front of her stomach.

"That’s true. But the way you reacted I think my words became true. Did really something happen? Did someone steal something from you?

"Just stop it" She said annoyingly.

"Haha!! Let me tell you the possibility. You got your periods and you found out that someone stole your sanitary napkins from your bag."

Why would someone will steal sanitary napkin instead of my bag? Can’t you work your brain on talking something logical?

"Nope!! Talking logical is not my forte"

" are really impossible, that the words are not enough to curse you." And threw another cushion at him.

"Hah!! Tell me something new" he said while catching the cushion.

"What’s going on here?", It was their mother. She came to leaving room and saw two cushions lying on the floor.

"Nothing Mom!! YuYan is just in Kung fu Panda mode!!"

"Just to beat this annoying Tigress."

"Hey why do you always give me the names of female animation characters-Matilda!! Tigress!!?"

"Angry bird Red!! Kung fu Panda!! Are those female then??"

"I said it because those are cute and suits you well."

"I said it because you annoy me like a chatterbox female."

Enough both of you. Dinner is ready. Come to the dining table.

Ok Mom!! Both said it together and headed to dining room.

________ __________

At Lu mansion....

When everyone was busy discussing the new hot topic of Lu Qiang’s marriage, everyone heard the sound of sport’s car which came with a full speed and parked inside the parking lot. It was Lu Feng.

"This brat came back early today. Did sun rise from the west today morning?" It was Grandpa Lu.

Lu Chen : "I didn’t check it father." He said while looking surprised at his son’s early arrival.

Everyone was surprised too because it was rare for him to come back home before midnight.

"Brother Feng come here" Lu LiJun called him with a voice as loud as he could raise because Lu Feng was quite far from them.

When Lu Feng saw everyone present in the garden through the side mirror of his car, he decided to go directly into the mansion as he was drunk. When Lu LiJun called him he had to change his plan because he couldn’t say no to Lu Lijun as he was the only person in his life whom he loved and cared for. Others didn’t matter to him whether someone from the family or outside.

When Lu LiJun called him he walked in the direction where everyone was sitting. But instead of going to the sitting area he stopped near the tree which was few metres away from it and sat on the wooden table under it. It was quite dark under that tree. He was drunk so he decided to sit far from them and also Lu LiJun was there and he didn’t want Lu LiJun to see him like this so he chose to sit in the dim light under that tree.

Lu LiJun ran towards Lu Feng and sat on the table besides him. "Brother Lu Feng, you know everyone is discussing about brother Lu Qiang’s marriage?"

Lu Feng didn’t replied. He was just sitting calmly with his head up as looking at the sky and his both hands on the table on either side, providing support to his body and his legs stretched out. His eyes were closed.

"Brother when are you going to marry?"

"I won’t", he replied still his head up and closed eyes.


"Because, I too find girls annoying, just like you do."

"Haha!! Really??"


"But the girl whom Brother Lu Qiang will choose will be good person. I trust him."


"He said that she will love me and care for me too just like he do"


"So I promised him that I will love and care for her too"

"Mmmm..." Lu Feng didn’t talk much instead kept humming as pretending to listen and agreeing to Lu LiJun’s words.

"Brother Lu Feng, she will not be annoying like other girls, which we don’t like. She will be good, so brother Feng you will love her and care for her too. Right?"

Lu Feng didn’t replied him. He knew Lu LiJun didn’t understand what he was saying so he preferred to kept quiet.

"Brother Lu Feng, are you listening??"

After not getting reply back again he shooked Lu Feng’s hand and asked again, "Will you love her and care for her too, like me and Brother Lu Qiang?"

"Mmm..." Lu Feng replied this time just to stop Lu LiJun from repeating it again and again as he knew Lu LiJun will not stop untill he gets an answer.

"That’s great"

These two didn’t know the words they were saying and agreeing so casually at that moment, will turn into the undeniable truth of their lives in the future.

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