Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 25 I Will Love And Care For Her Too!!
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Chapter 25 I Will Love And Care For Her Too!!

At lu mansion.. 7.30 pm.....

Whole family was present in the garden of the mansion. The garden was specious and beautiful with various beautiful flowering and decorative plants. There was a small water fall at the one corner of the garden decorated with rocks and statues. In the centre there was a patio surrounded by circular fish pond and having a small wooden bridge attached to it.

Everyone was sitting on the chairs arranged in a circle with a wooden circular tea table in the centre. They were chatting happily sipping an evening tea. All the family members were together like this after a long time except for Lu Qiang and Lu Feng. It was a Saturday so everyone was relaxed. They were discussing about the event on next day.

Lu Jinhai : "How’s everything going on there in the factory?

Lu Han : "Everything is good as usual"

"Did I call you people to talk about your work here? Leave your business back in the office before coming to home." It was Elder Lu Huan frowning at them.

This time everyone was present at home including Lu Han and his wife Lu Xiu, elder Lu Huan wanted to spend a time with whole family together as it was quite rare to happen.

"Sorry father. We were just...." Lu Jinhai couldn’t continue further when he looked at frowning Lu Huan.

"How was your trip my beautiful grand daughters?" Lu Huan asked while looking at his two grand daughters, ignoring his son.

"It was fantastic grandpa.. Shanghai was awesome. There we went to...."

When they were chatting Lu LiJun saw that Lu Qiang was coming in their direction. He got up and ran towards him.

"You know brother? Just now Grandpa scolded father and elder should have come sooner to see their faces."

Lu Qiang just replied with smile and continued walking along with him towards the sitting area.

Lu Lian and Lu Bao gave short summary of their trip to grandpa and strated discussing about their preparation for the event like what they were going to wear and all. Suddenly Lu Lian looked in the direction of these two brothers coming towards them.

Lu Lian : Don’t you think Brother Lu Qiang is too handsome? She said in a very low pitch that only Lu Bao could hear what she said.

Lu Bao : "Not just handsome but damn sexy." She said following Lu Lian’s sight.

Lu Lian : "I wonder, how many girls would have been head over heels for him"

Lu Bao : "I am sure all of them must have had crazy nights thinking about him."

Lu Lian : "Haha!! You are right, but it’s not good to talk about our Brother like this."

Lu Bao : "He is our brother that’s why we have a right to talk anything about him."

Lu Bao looked in their direction again and said, "Look at Lu LiJun He looks just like brother Lu Qiang. We are going to have one more handsome brother as he took after brother Lu Qiang" She replied with same low pitch.

"But I am feeling like you took after your grandfather. Bold and blantant!! It was Lu Bao’s mother Lu Hui,who was sitting just beside her. Lu Hui heard everything that Lu Bao said and was not happy about it.

"Cough**cough" Both Lu Bao and Lu Lian kept quiet after what Lu Hui said, like a thieves got caught red handed.

Lu Qiang and Lu Lijun reached to the sitting area. Both sat next to each other. Lu Huan was discussing about the event’s arrangement with his sons. When he saw Lu Qiang, he stopped talking, looked at Lu Qiang and said, "After tomorrow’s event I want one more big event to celebrate in our family."

Everyone thought, now there was going to be another great grandchildren discussion but they were wrong.

Lu Huan : "I want you to get married soon."

Lu Qiang : "Cough**cough!! M.. Marriage."

Everyone : "___" (wow.. marriage!! Finally he talked something good and meaningful...Count us in)

Everyone was happy except for Lu Qiang and Lu Lijun. Lu Qiang was shocked and Lu Lijun was quite angry.

Lu Jinhai : "For tomorrow’s we have invited all the reputed and and noble family’s in the city. Most of the families have beautiful and educated girls. See, if you find someone suitable for you." He said being totally satisfied with his father’s words.

Lu Jiahui : "Grandpa is right. You should think about having a family now."

With this sentence from Lu Jiahui everyone nodded and started to ask him to get married.

Lu Qiang got annoyed with this sudden marriage thing raised by everyone. He said, "Grandpa till morning you were behind me, to give you great grandchildren and now what’s with this sudden marriage thing." Because of this sudden demand from his Grandpa out of the blue, he was shocked that he didn’t realise what he just said and gave Grandpa another chance to mock him down.

"So you are okay to give me great grandchildren but don’t want to get married. Am I right?"

Lu Qiang : "W..what? When did I say that?"

Others : "___" (poor guy got caught in elder Lu’s claws)

"In the morning, you agreed to fullfill my wish to have great grandchildren, so I thought marriage would be good before that. But if you don’t want it, I am happy to settle with only having great grandchildren."

Before Lu Qiang could say anything, Lu LiJun frowned and asked, "Are you really going to marry?"

"No! I am not. Don’t pay attention to Grandpa."

"But what if you got married. I know you will love your wife and won’t pay attention to me."

"If I got married, then you will get one more person to love you. She would be the one to love you and care for you just like me."


"Yes!!!" Lu Qiang said in a firm voice

"Ok!! Then I’ll love her and care for her too, always!!" Lu Lijun said with a big smile on his face.


"Yes!! that’s a promise."

Everyone was glad to see that Lu LiJun was happy, because they knew Lu Qiang would never do anything that could upset Lu Lijun. So to make him get married, Lu LiJun’s permission was necessary.

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