Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 24 My First Kiss got Stolen...
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Chapter 24 My First Kiss got Stolen...

"Boss, did something happened?." Finally Xio Min gathered a courage and asked him.

"Cough**cough" Lu Qiang cleared his throat after realising that these two were observing him through the rear view mirror. He then answered with his usual poker face expressions, "Nothing. Just thinking about something."

"Is there something to worry about?" Xio min knew this question was useless because his boss was smiling ear to ear. There must be something good, whatever he was thinking about. But he couldn’t ask him directly so he twisted his question.

"No!!" It was a reply in a firm voice.

As Xio min and the driver thought that this topic had ended with this "No", Lu Qiang said something again which surprised them.

"Just thinking about repaying a kindness." He then opened his file back and started to go through the documents again.

Xio Min didn’t expect his boss to speak further after getting his reply as strong "No", but he got surprised to hear that his boss spoke total five words after that single "No". Even the driver was surprised. Xio Min didn’t dare to ask anything again, thinking his boss’s quota of words for today is over and smiled.

_____________ _______

Jiang YuYan was waiting for her brother in a car near the intersection. It’s been half an hour since she was waiting and he didn’t come back. She was feeling tired and was about to call him, there was a knock on the window. It was her brother. He came back with a shopping bag in his hand. Driver unlocked the door from inside for him. Jiang Yang put the bag in his hand at the front passenger seat and sat next to his sister on back passenger seat. Driver started the car and they moved to go back to their home.

"What’s in that bag." She asked while looking at the bag on front passenger seat.

"A surprise for you." He said and winked at her with a smile.

"For me??" She asked with a surprised expressions.

He laughed and said, "Don’t get too excited. I am just kidding. There are undergarments for me."

"Uurggg" She just frowned and looked outside the window.

"What?? Do you want to see? I don’t mind it. Those are quite sexy." He said as pretending to take that shopping bag from the front seat.

She didn’t replied him back and thought ’Why all these men don’t mind to show anything related to their lower body? Shameless!!’ Then she closed her eyes and started to take a nap. When they reached at home it was almost 6.30pm. Both were tired, went to their rooms and got fresh. After getting fresh Jiang YuYan went to the bed as she was too tired.

________ __________

At Lu 7 pm...

Lu Qiang arrived late at home. He was busy with a work which was waiting for him since the whole week so he stayed in his office even after the office hours.

When Lu Qiang reached inside the living room, two figures came towards him and said, "Brother Lu Qiang we are back."

Lu Qiang looked at them, smiled and asked, "How was your trip?"

Those were the Lu Qiang’s younger sisters Lu Lian and Lu Bao.

Lu Bao was Lu Qiang’s Cousin and Lu Chen’s daughter. Lu Bao was a year younger to Lu Lian. Both were on a trip with their freinds as it was a summer vacations. Lu Bao was quite talkative as compared to Lu Lian and both shared a very good relation with each other as best buddies..

Lu Lian : "It was awesome!!"

Lu Bao: "Yes!! It was the best ever vacation we had. How are you? Haven’t you missed us?"

Lu Qiang : "I did!!"

"Hey!! Let him take a breath first. He just came back from the office." It was Lu Han with his wife Lu Xiu.

Lu Han : "How are you Lu Qiang?"

Lu Qiang : "Good!! When did you arrive?"

Lu Han : "Just a while ago."

Lu Han was the elder cousin of Lu Qiang and his uncle Lu Chen’s elder son. He was handling the business from their ancestral town in place of his father Lu Chen. Few years back when elder Lu Huan called Lu Chen to the city, as he wanted to live with his two sons around him. At that time the responsibility of the factory and the business around that whole area went to his elder son Lu Han. That was the origin of Lu corporation and that business was very important so it was necessary that someone from the family should be there to handle it.

"Brother Lu Qiang, you are back" As Lu LiJun saw his brother, he came running towards him. Lu Qiang just patted his head with a smile.

See what our sisters brought for me?? A dream catcher! Now I won’t get any bad dreams. Isn’t it nice? He said with a smile while holding a colourful threaded dream catcher in his hands.

"Indeed" He replied and said, "I need to get fresh so I am going to my room. I’ll catch you after some time.

Lu LiJun nodded and said, "Grandpa has called everyone to the garden so I am going there"

"Ok!! I’ll be there soon." Lu Qiang headed to his room and others to the garden.

_____ _____

At Jiang residence..

Jiang YuYan was lying on her bed with her eyes closed. She remembered the incident in front of a washroom of that restaurant. She reminded the words said by the man while touching the corner of his lips. She got up and sat in the bed touching her lips.

"What was that?? I just had my first kiss? How can that be?"

She frowned and held her head in both the hands. After watching that man in a pain she almost forgot about it and later because of the bold attitude of that man and her brother Jiang Yang, she was too angry to think about anything. Now as she was having a rest, she recalled that incident again.

"My first kiss!! Happened just like this and that too with the stranger." She was stunned after drawing this conclusion and lied back in the bed on her stomach. She started hitting and kicking the mattress as she threw a quilt and the pillows on the floor and cried while clutching her hairs with her hands, "My first kiss!! My first kiss got stolen."

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