Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 23 Feeling Like To Kill You...
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Chapter 23 Feeling Like To Kill You...

"Brother Yang, don’t you thing all this is just too much for two of us?" She asked while looking at the table full of various dishes.

"Uuuhuu!!" He shook his head and continued, "I know the endless depth of your small tummy. Do you know?? How much you eat? I always wonder where is the storage box of all the food going inside your body as you never gets fat." He said pointing to her stomach."

"It’s called being blessed with an enormous metabolism." She said while smiling and started to dig in a tasty food in front of her.

Both of them finished that food in a very short time as both were starving and food was too delicious to let them think about anything but to fill there stomachs which were growlin because of hunger. While eating nobody said a single word other than praising a food. After finishing food Jiang Yang paid the bill. Both got up and headed outside the restaurant and stood at the exit, waiting for their car.

_____ _______

At the private room in the restaurant..

Lu Qiang and Ning Gouzhi was discussing their recent collaboration project while having lunch. After finishing lunch both sign some documents related to that project and walked outside of that private room in the restaurant, conversing with each other. After reaching outside of the restaurant Lu Qiang bid farewell to Ning Gouzhi as he sat in his car with his assistant and left.

Lu Qiang was waiting for his car at the exit. He saw both Jiang siblings were standing at the other side of restaurant’s exit. As he looked at them, he saw both were talking about something. Jiang YuYan looked annoyed and Jiang Yang was saying something with a big smile on his face. When he was observing them, both of them looked at him too. He just smiled and left as his car arrived in front of him.

When Jiang YuYan and Jiang Yang were waiting for their car outside of the restaurant, Jiang YuYan was looking at the dress on the mannequin inside the showroom, opposite to that restaurant on the other side of the road. She was observing that dress while having a lunch too.

Jiang Yang knew about that and was about to say something, but waiter came with a food so he swallowed the words on his tongue. He didn’t want to bother her while having a lunch. Also he was afraid that she might leave the restaurant in an anger without having a lunch. But now, how could he miss this golden opportunity to annoy her.

"Don’t look at it. That’s not for you" He said while looking at the dress on which Jiang YuYan fixated her eyes.

"Huuu??" She looked at him with questioning sight.

"I mean that dress looked like for girls with C or D size and yours are not more than B", He said while pointing to her chest.

She looked in the direction of his sight which was on her chest.

You...?? urrghhh?? How can you....?? She was stunned with his bold words that she couldn’t find a words and moreover what he said was quite a sensetive thing for any woman to heard.

"What I am saying is a truth" He said with smile after watching her reaction.

"You know what?? Even if you are my brother, I am feeling like to kill you right here right now with my own hands. How....Just how can you say something like this to your sister so shamelessly??" She said with the eyes full of a killer instinct.

"Sister or not..don’t forget I am a doctor, so observing and talking about someone’s body is a given. And you know the best part??


He paused while looking into her eyes in a teasing way and said, "I am too shameless, as you already know."

She didn’t have any words left to say. She couldn’t do anything but grit her teeths and clench her fist in an anger as she knew nothing is going to affect her blatant brother. If she want she could have bought that dress but she had enough of everything that day and was too tired to do anything.

Then her gaze fell to her right side on the familiar figure who was also looking in her direction. Jiang Yang followed his sister’s gaze and looked at the man. The man smiled and left into his car.

"Isn’t that the same person from the New York airport, whom you blessed with your angry gaze and cursing words?" He asked looking at the car which was going away from their sight.

"Yeh!!" She said annoyingly.

"Don’t you think, he looks quite familiar"

Really?? I don’t think so.

"He seems to be rich. Look at his expensive car."

"Whatever." She just brushed him off.

Just then their car arrived and Jiang Yang put all the shopping bags in a trunk and made Jiang YuYan sit inside the car on the back passenger seat. He then looked at the driver and said, "wait for me at the intersection ahead. I will be there in 15 minutes."

"Where are you going?" She asked while making a space for him to sit next to her.

"Just a personal business. I’ll be back soon." He then closed the door and signalled the driver to move.

______ ______

Inside Black Maybach....

Lu Qiang was reading some documents. Suddenly he folded them giving a deep sigh and looked outside the window. He touched the corner of his lips with his thumb and smiled with the memory of that accidental kiss.

Xio Min looked at him through the rear mirror view mirror who was sitting in the front passenger seat. At the same time, the driver of the car who looked as the same age of Xio Min did the same. Both looked at each other in surprise. They saw Lu Qiang was smiling and looked like thinking about something. Actually it was not just a simple smile but he was showing all his perl white teeths and it was the first time ever they saw this eye catching and beautiful view.

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