Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 22 Replace Your Balls With My Ovaries!!!
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Chapter 22 Replace Your Balls With My Ovaries!!!

"I...I am sorry. I didn’t do that on purpose. Are you ok?" She asked feeling full of guilt as she saw his painful expressions.

"I am fine" He said trying to suppress his pain.

"But you don’t look good. You should see a doctor." She said feeling worried as he was in pain.

"No need" He said while getting up from floor with the support of a wall besides him.

But she couldn’t stop worrying because of her guilt, after knowing where she had hurt him and said, "Why not? Actually my brother is a doctor and he is here in this restaurant." She then paused for a moment while thinking about something and said, "But he is a cardiologist not the doctor of Cough***cough...." She couldn’t continue after this, as she didn’t know what to say exactly and mumbled to herself, "Dumbo!! Think before what you say."

Lu Qiang got up and said, "I told you that I am ok". He said with quite an annoyed tone, still trying to bear a pain which was disappearing slowly now.


"Do you want to check it personally?? I don’t mind it" before she could complete her sentence, he spoke while looking straight in her eyes with one corner of his lips curved upward.

"W...what?? She couldn’t say anything as she was shocked with his sudden shameless attitude thinking ’A moment before he was in a pain and now he is showing his true colour. Pervert!!’.

She was at a fault this time as she made him suffer so she just stopped herself from saying anything useless and just said, "as you are ok now, I’ll take a leave then." She then turned into the direction of the washroom.

"Thank you so much for your kindness. I’ll make sure to repay it."

She turned around and looked at him to ask what did he mean.

"It was a short but sweet kiss. I would like to get a taste of it again", he said while touching his lower lip’s corner with his thumb.

"You.... " She couldn’t complete her sentence as he said, "See you soon." He then turned around and left without giving her a chance to say anything.

She stomped her feet in anger and turned towards bathroom saying, "Why my day is full of nuisance?? One is my brother and other one is this pervert."

_______ ________

Lu Qiang reached at the room where asst Xio Min was waiting for him outside the door. He saw his boss coming back to the room with a smile on his face. He got surprised and wanted to know the reason but he resisted this urge and said, "Boss!! The guests have arrived just now and they are waiting for you inside." Lu Qiang nodded and entered the room.

"Good afternoon Mr. Ning Gouzhi" he said as he entered the room. Ning Gouzhi stood up and shook hands with him. His asst Wu Lin was standing behind him. Lu Qiang sat on the chair opposite to him. Both continued with the discussion about the business, having lunch along with it as waiter served food in their dishes.

___________ _____

In the luxurious dining hall of the same restaurant...

Jiang Yang was waiting for his sister after done with deciding on the menu and making an order. He thought ’It was quite a while since she left. Did she have any problem?’ Then he saw his sister coming back from washroom’s direction with a red face burning with an anger.

As she reached the table he asked, "Why are you so red? Are you angry about something? Before she could say anything he continued with his as usual logical thoughts. "Wait!! Are you having your periods?"

She sat down on the chair and said, "Brother Yang, atleast you don’t piss me off now." She then mumbled to herself while holding her head in her hands, "It was worst than my periods. I hope I won’t face it every month like my annoying and painful periods."

Jiang Yang looked at her and said, "A person always look relaxed after relieving him or herself but you looked angry so I thought you had your periods suddenly and don’t have sanitary napkins with you. Do you want me to bring it for you?"

"Stop bringing this period thing shamelessly and stop working your brain on making useless assumptions about me. You and my periods!! Both are the biggest headache in my life? I wish I could stop both of you from annoying me!!," She said with quite an angry tone and high pitch.

"I am not sure about myself that I’ll stop or not but there is one way to stop your annoying periods." He said calmly while scratching his head with the index finger of his right hand as he was not affected by her anger.

"What’s that?" She asked with the anticipation of hearing something good but it was her illusion.

"Remove your ovaries. No ovaries no periods!!" he said as if he was giving her a really best solution.

"And no kids too. Who is gonna produce a baby for me in the future. Will you help me??" She asked him mockingly.

"Huuu??he looked at her with a face full of questions."

"I mean will you replace your balls with my ovaries." She said it with a serious expressions as if she really meant it which scared her brother.

"Cough cough.. Sorry sis I can’t do that. Those are the important things for man’s existance."

"So do the ovaries for women."

"Yes but I don’t have periods. That was your problem and I gave you just a simple solution."

"I don’t need your overboard solutions." She said looking outside of the glass wall of the restaurant where something across the street caught her attention.

Jiang Yang looked in the direction of her sight and was about to say something but then waiter came and served them the food he ordered. Soon the table was filled with the tasty dishes from the restaurant, Pecking duck, rib stick Shaanxi noodles, spicy chicken with peanuts, lamb and prawns skewer, soup and many more.

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