Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 21 You Are Crushing My Grandpas Dream.....
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Chapter 21 You Are Crushing My Grandpa's Dream.....

Lu Qiang reached at the restaurant with asst Xio Min. It was a very famous and expensive restaurant in the city. This restaurant was famous for serving lots of ancient dishes from Qing dynasty which were called as "lost recipes", as those dishes were forgotten during austere Mao era. With the section of those lost recipes, the menu also included the tasty dishes like classic Peking duck, roasted leg of inner Mongolian lamb, rib stick Shaanxi noodles and many more.

Lu Qiang entered the private room along with asst Xio Min which was already booked for the meeting. Inside the room there was a six seater round wooden dining table having a green bottle shaped vase in the centre with flowers in it. The interior of the room gave both ancient and modern feel to the room as its menu which was both modern and ancient.

"Boss!! Our guests will be here in 15mins, they are late because of a small traffic jam on Highway." Asst Xio Min informed Lu Qiang after answering the call from the asst of Ning group’s business head Ning Gouzhi. Lu Qiang was busy with his cell phone he just nodded as saying ok. He then excused himself to go for washroom.

_____ ______

At the same time on the other side of same restaurant...

Jiang Yang and Jiang YuYan entered the restaurant and instead of a private room they sat in the open dining area of the restaurant, where so many sets of dining tables were arranged in a rows in a spacious and luxurious hall.

As they sat, the waiter came to their table, greeted them, handed over them a menu card and left to let them decide the dishes from it.

Jiang Yang : "What do you want to have?" He asked while looking into the menu card.

Jiang YuYan : "Anything will do!! I am starving and can’t think or decide anything. Just order whatever you want."

"Ohk!!" He said while seriously going through the menu.

"Brother Yang, I need to go to the washroom"

"Go then. Now you are not a little girl that I have to take you there holding your hand and stand outside of the door" He said with teasing smile on his face while going through menu card without looking at her.

"Urrghhh!! Can’t you be serious atleast once?" She asked while frowning.

"Serious? Huuu..Ok then, I’ll take you there. Get up." He said while pretending to close the menu card and ready to got up.

"Brother Yaaaang!! You are impossible"

"I know that" and smiled after watching her annoyed expressions which he loved to see all the time.

She got up stomping her feet with an anger and left for the washroom. Waiter showed her the direction to washroom when she asked about it and headed in that direction.

Jiang Yang looked at his sister who was walking away in a fury. He had pleasant smile on his face and his eyes filled with a love and warmth for his little sister. He then said, "Nothing is more fortunate than having a lovely little sister and nothing is more exciting than annoying her."

When she was walking through the corridor, waiters in the restaurant were shifting some stuff in the trolleys through that corridor. They left one trolley at the turn near the passage in front of a washroom and left with the other one. She was walking fast, busy with cursing her annoying elder brother. she couldn’t notice the piece of clothe which was hanging out, through the bottom side of that overly stuffed trolley. She was about to take right turn in the direction of the passage infront of washroom, she crossed across the trolley and her feet got tangled with that cloth. Before she could control herself from falling she bumped into someone and fell down.

At the same time, Lu Qiang finished his business in washroom and was about to take left turn to the corridor, someone bumped into him and before he could understand anything both of them fell down on the floor.

In just a single moment, Lu Qiang was lying on a ground with Jiang YuYan on top of him. Jiang YuYan closed her eyes as was ready to fall down and feel the pain but to her surprised she didn’t felt the pain and instead she realised that she was lying on someone’s muscular and warm body.

Falling down was not a big deal but the interesting thing was when they fell down their lips touched and both were in same position untill Jiang YuYan realised it. Practically it was a kiss. Jiang YuYan felt her lips touching something soft and opened her eyes. She saw a pair of peach black eyes looking at her closely as their lips were still in contact. She realised what had happened and she panicked even more. She tried to got up in hurry but her feet sliped and she fell back on Lu Qiang’s body.

"Aaaahhhh...!!!" Li Qiang cried in a pain and clutched her arms tightly.

It startled her more and without getting up she said, ,"I....I am sorry. ok?"

"", Lu Qiang said while gritting his teeths because he was in pain but she couldn’t understand it so she asked, "What?" She was still lying on top of him.

"You are crushing my grandfather’s dream to have great grandchildrens." He said with a painful voice while slightly lifting his head with his eyes pointing downwards. After finishing his sentence he rested his head back on floor with his eyes closed, and having painful expressions on his face.

She then realise something and moved away slightly from his body while looking downward towards her leg. She understood what exactly she had done to this man.

When she fell down again after trying to got up hastily, her leg hit Lu Qiang at the spot where she should not have.

She got up. This time very carefully. Lu Qiang also got up from the floor slowly but keep sitting on the floor for a while because her leg really hit him hard at the root of his grandpa’s earnest wish.

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