Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 20 Heading To The Same Destination..
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Chapter 20 Heading To The Same Destination..

At the Lu Corporation...At 10.30am..

Lu Qiang’s car arrived at the Lu corporation’s head quarter. Driver stepped out and opened the car door. Lu Qiang got out and entered into the office building. Receptionists and everyone present there greeted him. Not giving much attention to them he walked straight in the direction of elevator which was at the other end, opposite to the entrance of the building, meant for VIPs only.

It was one of the highest corporate building in the capital, covered in blue glasses from top to bottom and having the name of Lu corporation written at the top of it. The premises was luxurious as it shows the lofty status of the company.

Interior of the building was mostly in white colour having the combination of grey and deep beige colours. At the left side of the entrance there was reception area. Two receptionists were sitting behind the white and grey coloured stylish reception table. Both receptionists were perfectly dressed in their official attire. Their was a waiting area for visitors at the right side having spacious brown leather sofa and chairs with rectangular wooden tea table in the centre. There was a private lift only for Lu family members, higher post officials and VIPs. For other employees there were different lifts and and the set of staircase.

Lu Qiang’s office was at 20th floor. He got into the lift and enter the 20th floor. the receptionist at the floor welcomed him saying, "Good Morning president Lu’. Asst Xio Min was already present there he too greeted him saying, "Good morning Boss" and followed him into his office. Lu Qiang never replied anyone’s greeting. Everyone was used to his attitude and didn’t mind it. There was no point in minding that, as he was the boss. Lu Qiang sat on his chair behind his office table. There was already a big stack of documents waiting for him to analyse and to get his signatures on it. He was away for whole week so there was apile of work waiting for him.

As Lu Qiang was going through the documents assistant Xio Min started explaing his schedule for the day. "Boss, you have an meeting with all the department’s head at 11.30Am. After that their is lunch arranged with Ning group’s business head at 1.30PM. Then there is an other meeting at 3 pm with Marketing department about our current project at country Z."

Lu Qiang was going through the documents as he was listening to his assistant. There was a knock an the door. A beautiful woman in her late 30s entered into the office with a file in her hands. With a smile on her face she said, "Good Morning, president Lu" then looked at asst Xio Min and said, "Good Morning asst Xio Min." Lu Qiang looked at her and replied with "hmm" and again started to do his work, while asst Xio Min smiled and Said, "Good morning!!. Ms Yu Fan." She smiled and continued, "These are the latest designs of the diamond jewelry which we are planning to launch for this season."

Lu corporation had various subsidiary companies and businesses. Diamond jewelry business was one of the most profitable business of Lu corporation.

"Yu Fan was one of the most trustworthy employee of Lu Jinhai. She joined Lu corporation 15 years back and always gave her best for the success of Lu corp. She was extraordinarily talented and a quick witted person that helped Lu Jinhai a lot. When Lu Jinhai was bed ridden for whole one year and Lu Qiang was handling everything, Yu Fan and Lu Jinhai’s assistant Xio Dong stood beside him like strong pillars and supported him with all their might. Lu Qiang trusted her too like his father did.

She was wearing a white a black knee length formal dress, ferfectly fit on her body to show her curves, wearing matching black high heals. She looked elegant and noble. She had Long light brown hairs and beautiful features enough to attract anyone despite her age.

She didn’t talk much as Lu Qiang was busy with hell lot of work. She just said, "Then I’ll take my leave first. See you in the meeting." Bowed to him and left.

Time passed by just going through the documents. Then he attended a meeting at 11.30 which was with all other department’s heads. They discussed all the important projects and their planning, then got feedback from Lu Qiang. He approved some of then and made corrections to which he didn’t find right. The meeting continued for around one and half hour then he left for the Lunch with Ning group’s business head. The Lunch was arranged at one of the famous restaurant in the city, "The Chef’s Kitchen"

_______________ _____

At the same time at oriental plaza mall,one of the luxurious mall in the city...

"What do you think about this suit little sis?" Don’t you think I am looking damn handsome in it?? Jiang Yang asked while looking in the mirror observing himself carefully. He was wearing a blue suit with white shirt inside it and a bow. They were inside one expensive men’s clothing brand’s showroom.

"Yeh...Now make it fast. It’s been an hour since you are trying all this. It won’t make much difference whatever you wear. You can’t change what exactly you got." Jiang YuYan said with tired tone while yawning. She was sitting in a chair, observing her brother since an hour.

"I am making up for the next two hours, I am going to waste on you."

"I don’t need that much time. I look good in anything I wear."

"Really??Let’s see?"

He then finalized that blue suit, paid the bill and left that showroom. They entered the women’s clothing brand showroom. Jiang YuYan didn’t take much time for selecting a dress and accessories for her as she knew exactly what was her requirement. She didn’t like to waste much time on shopping.

Jiang YuYan and Jiang Yang done with their shopping and were walking in the mall holding shopping bags in their hands.

Jiang Yang, "It finished very quickly. I thought it will take time as you were with me."

Jiang YuYan: "It would have been finished earlier than this, if you haven’t wasted that much time on trying same suit again and again and admiring yourself in the mirror."

"It’s called loving yourself, babes!!", he said and tightened his caller with pride.

"Show some of your love to my stomach too Brother Yang. I am starving now. I wasted all my energy watching you when you were busy in admiring and loving yourself". She looked like completely drained out of energy.

"Yeh! There is one very famous restaurant called ’The Chef’s Kitchen’. My freind from China told me about it. It’s somewhere nearby. Let’s go!!"

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