Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 2 I miss you!! please come back!!
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Chapter 2 I miss you!! please come back!!

After few minute Lu Lijun felt something was not right. He realised that she had stopped struggling and he felt something moist on his cheek.. he stopped kissing and looked at her, his breath was still heavy. Her eyes were closed and tears were rolling down from them. She was standing there like a lifeless body. He came back to his senses. He slowly let go of her hand which he was holding tightly behind her back followed by the hand holding her head. He released her and moved few steps back.

Still it was raining heavily and sounds of lightning became more frightening. When he looked at her, he felt a pain deep down in his heart, as if the lightning had strucked to his heart and burning it to the ashes. He didn’t know what to say or what to do?? He just stood there looking at her in a daze..

After realising that he had retreated, she opened her teary eyes. Her expressions were painful and full of disgust. She moved towards him, slapped him hard. Then she ran away from there, making a way through that heavy rain. While running, suddenly her feet entangled with small tree branches fell from tree because of the rain. She fell down and hurt her knees and right palm but immediately stood up as if not feeling a pain and started to run towards the iron gate. Sharp rain drops were hitting her body but she couldn’t feel anything because the pain in her heart was more intense than anything else. The agony in her heart was not letting her feel anything. She was running as if this place was a hell and the demon in the hell was chasing after her.

Lu Lijun was watching her retreating back. When he saw her falling down on the pavement and hurting herself, he wanted to run and help her but before that she got up and ran away. He felt pain in his heart as he saw her running in heavy rain hurting herself. But he couldn’t do anything as he was scared to make a situation worst for her and stood frozen at the place where he was and continued watching her, running away from him.

Somehow Jiang YuYan reached outside the gate of mansion. When she saw her car, she hurriedly entered into it, started the engine and with the full speed moved away from that place. After some distance she stopped the car at roadside and was crying her heart out while leaning on the steering wheel.

Some time passed by just like that, crying her heart out. Her face was swollen and eyes were red due to crying. She was drenched in rain but was not feeling cold. She looked lost as if she didn’t know what to do or where to go?

Since Lu Qiang passed away, she never thought about her life. She was very young at that time just 20yrs old. She could have started a new life but she devoted herself to protect the people and things he left behind and tried her best to make all his dreams come true. Her love for Lu Qiang was something that will never end even if he was not with her. She closed her eyes and collected herself. She increased temperature in a car as she felt cold. She started the car engine and drove in the direction of Lu family’s current residence.

When YuYan reached at current Lu residence it was already 3am. Guard greeted her and opened the gate. She drove inside and parked the car. When she got out of the car she suddenly felt breeze of chilled air hitting her body and making her feet trembled. Her teeth started to make chattering sound. She crossed her hand tightly around her chest and dashed inside the villa. She hurriedly walked to the 2nd floor and entered in her room. She threw the car keys on bed and ran into the bathroom. She started hot water shower and stood under it.

As she closed her eyes she remembered what happened earlier, when she went to look for Lu Lijun. She opened her eyes as she felt disgusted. She looked at shelf in the bathroom and took out the body wash bottle from it. She opened it, poured it on her and started to scrub again and again as if something was stucked to her body and was not able to remove it. In that frustration she started crying again. She looked into the mirror on the opposite wall. She was staring at her face and was observing it. When her sight stopped at her lips she started to rub it with her palms. Tears were still rolling down from her eyes.

After being in a shower for a while, she cleaned herself and got out of the bathroom, covered in bathrobe. She sat on the corner of the bed. Her sight fell on the small wooden photoframe which had her wedding pic.

In that pic, YuYan was wearing a beautiful and elegant white wedding dress and Lu Qiang was wearing a black tuxedo. Both were looking adorable while facing each other and were looking into the eyes with love and smile full of happiness. Both of his hands were on her waist holding her close to him and her hands were placed lightly on his chest.

She held the frame in her hand, looked at the picture and said," Why did you leave me here alone?" Her voice was cracking as she was crying and sobbing. " promised me that you will always be there with me a...and will never ever leave me. You pro....promised to protect me. You said that we will grow old together. I trusted you. But why?? W.....why did you break your promise?? I...I hate you!! I hate you Lu Qiang!!! I hate you!!!!.

She hold the frame tightly to her chest. Closed her eyes and started to mumble," I....I miss you!!! Please come back!! P..please!! Lu Qiang!! She was exhausted with all the things happened in a day and because of continuous crying she fell asleep on the bed holding that frame to her chest while curling her legs toward her stomack and mumbling the name of Lu Qiang.

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