Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 18 As You Wish Grandpa!!
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Chapter 18 As You Wish Grandpa!!

When Lu LiJun left for his room, everyone gave a sigh of relief as they were scared that what more this old man will spill out from his mouth in front of that little guy.

Lu Qiang sat back in the chair giving out a deep sigh and leaned back with his eyes closed.

"What are you thinking about? Are you going to use my blessings or not?" Lu Huan asked without giving an attention to his tensed reaction.

"Grandpa!!! Can’t you not bring this great grandchildren thing atleast for a single day? Can’t you wait? Atleast not infront of Lu LiJun."

"Here, with every passing single day I am getting close to my coffin and do you want me to wait? How long? Give me the dead line and I’ll not utter a single word." He said with his usual high pitch tone and a furious expressions, which he used whenever he saw things were not going in his favour.

Everyone got silent and quite emotional after listening this "COFFIN" word and didn’t say anything as everyone loved elder Lu Huan very much, even if he had a boneless tongue.

Lu Qiang got silent too and swallowed the words he was going to say further afterall he loved this perverted old man, though he never showed it.

"Done with the over acting, honey??" Lu Shuang said with the calmness on her face. Lu Huan’s words didn’t affect her as she knew this ’king of drama’ for a long time.

"Cough**cough." Lu Huan looked at his wife and thought ’how can she see through me everytime?’

She then continued,"Don’t try to torcher him emotionaly. It’s not like you are having any health problem or going to die soon. You are still very healthy to live next 100 years."

"Darling how can you be so harsh with me? I am just asking for great grandchildren nothing else. This time I am not going to listen to anyone." He looked at Lu Qiang and asked, "Are you going to listen to me or not?"

Lu Qiang pinched the space between his eyebrows, opened his eyes and looked at his grandpa with exhausted expressions and said "As you wish Grandpa!!"

"Then take this with you." He said with a smile full of anticipation to see his great grandchildren soon while pointing to white packet.

"Grandpaaa!! I told you before that I don’t need it" he said with annoyed tone.

"Why? Are you sure, you can please the wild cat and create little kittens fast without it’s guidance?? There are ways to get fast results in it." He said without blinking an eye.

Everyone was just too stunned with this new bouncer of grandpa Lu.

Everyone : "__" (How can he say this infront of everyone without any hesitation?)

This time Lu Qiang couldn’t hold back to make his grandpa shut his mouth and said, "I don’t need it because..., this is an outdated stuff grandpa and I have something with an advanced one."

Lu Huan : "Really??" Asked with an eyes shining like a bright stars and a wide smile on his face.

Lu Shuang : "__" (These two are impossible)

Lu Jinhai : "__" (Woohoo!! That’s my son)

Lu Shuang : "__" (My son, don’t be like your grandpa)

Lu Chen : "__" (Brother why did you stopped me)

Lu Hui : "__" (I can’t hear it anymore)

Lu Qiang then continued. "Tomorrow is your wedding anniversary. I’ll gift you one so that you can use it on the precious day of your married life. Forget this old stuff" He then looked at his grandmother saying "sorry grandma" in a mute just moving his lips.

After taking this another bouncer from Lu Qiang, everyone passed their gazes from Elder Lu Huan to elder Lu Shuang by recalling the words that Lu Qiang said, ’you can use it on the precious day of your married life’.

Lu Shuang : "__" (let me hide somewhere)

She then looked in the direction of these four gazes of his two sons and two daughters-in-law and said, "don’t let your thoughts run wild. We are too old now"

Everyone just nodded with hidden smile on their faces.

Butler Xu Dui who was coming in there direction heard everything. He then turned around and went back to the kitchen without making a noice thinking ’I am good in my kitchen’.

Lu Shuang, "Finally there is someone in our family who can surpass you in your shamelessness." She said while looking at her husband.

Lu Jinhai : "Afterall he is my son. It shows that he has inherited my genes." And smiled with pride on his face.

Lu Jiahui : "Is it really something to feel proud about?" She looked at her husband with unpleasant expressions.

"Yes!! As long as he can beat my father" He said to his wife with mischievous smile and winked at her.

"Moron!! How dare you to take my credit into your pocket? You are my son and he is your son, so those great genes came from me. Idiot!! Can’t get the simple logic. Even both of yours faces resembled to me. Go and check into the mirror."

Lu Jinhai : Cough**cough. "You are right father." (Thank god I have my son to beat my father)

Lu Hui : "But father, my husband, I mean your second son Lu Chen doesn’t resemble to you at all. Not just you but also he doesn’t look like mother. I always wonder, he took after whom in our family?" She said with the face full of questions.

Lu Chen : "__" (what’s with this sudden question). He then touched his face and thought ’Really?’

After hearing this, the expressions on elder Lu Huan and Elder Lu Shuang’s faces suddenly changed. They looked startled and couldn’t say a word but to look at each other.

Lu Jinhai : "Ohhhh!!!Lu Chen? He...He took after our great grandfather." He said in hurry after watching his parents startled faces.

Lu Hui : "Really?" Said with an expressions with want to know more.

Lu Jinhai : "Yes!! He is just like him. A good son and a brother. Great grandfather was really a nice person."

Lu Huan recovered from his daze and said after clearing his throat, "I am glad that one of my son took after my grandfather."

Lu Chen : "__" (smile... smile)

Lu Hui : "That’s really good to hear" and smiled.

Lu Qiang observed his father’s and grandparent’s reaction. He realised that his grandparents got tensed after what his aunt asked and there is something which made these three people restless but he ignored it.

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