Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 17 Recipes To Expand Family Tree
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Chapter 17 Recipes To Expand Family Tree

Lu LiJun looked at his brother with a questioning look. He then continued when he didn’t get any reply from his elder brother who was startled by the sudden appearance of his younger brother.

"But elder brother, you don’t like pets, then why are you bringing it? I don’t like cats. If you want a pet in our house then bring a dog. I like dogs." He said without a pause with cute smile on his chubby face and a little anticipation in his eyes as he was excited to had a pet in this house.

Everyone laughed altogether at this innocent reaction of Lu LiJun who didn’t know what exactly was going on here. Lu Qiang just smiled and called his brother next to him. Lu LiJun was confused to see why everyone is laughing.

Lu Huan : "if your brother brings a dog in this house instead of a cat then it would be impossible for him to fullfill my wish and I have to go to a death bed without seeing the next generation of Lu’s."

"What do you mean grandpa?" Lu Lijun asked with confused expressions.

"Cough**cough!!! Lu LiJun!! What’s that in your hand?" Lu Qiang asked to distract him and to stop his grandpa before he could say something else infront of his innocent brother.

"Ohh!!! This?" He looked at the gift in his hand and said, "This is a birthday gift I have prepared for you. Happy birthday Brother Lu Qiang." And passed that gift box to Lu Qiang.

"Thank you so much Lu LiJun." He said as he received the gift with one hand while holding that white paper packet in his other hand.

"Won’t you open it?"

"Ofcourse!! I will."

As Lu Qiang started to open his gift, everyone heard elder Lu Huan saying mockingly "Now he is not getting late for the office. Rascal!!"

"No!! I am not" I always have all the time in this world for my little brother." Lu Qiang said with a firm voice.

"I love you brother. Thank you so much." Lu LiJun said with a pleasant smile on his face, looking at his grandpa with teasing sight.

All the family members were familiar with this biased behaviour of Lu Qiang when it comes to Lu LiJun. Most of his time, his words which would sound precious to others, his attention everything belonged only to Lu LiJun.

If we calculate the percentage of amount of his time, words, and attention to Lu LiJun, remaining family members, and others then it would be like-- 75%, 15% and 10%.

When others felt envious about how good and differently Lu Qiang treated his family, at the same time his family felt envious about how good and differently he treated Lu LiJun.

Lu LiJun : "What’s that in your hand brother Lu Qiang?" He asked while staring at the white packet in Lu Qiang’s hand.

Lu Qiang : "This...? It’s noth....."

"There are the recipes to expand our family tree."

As Lu Qiang was about say that it’s nothing important, this voice stopped him in between before he could complete his sentence. Lu Qiang looked in the direction of voice with cold expressions. It was grandpa Lu who was sitting with a smirk on his lips as if saying ’now explain it to your brother as you have all the time in this world for him’.

"Recipes? Brother Lu Qiang, are you going to cook?

"Well!! Lu LiJun, don’t pay attention to grandpa. I am not...."

Before he could complete it Lu LiJun jumped with happiness and said, "I wanna cook too"

Lu Huan : "Your days to cook will come too, as you are the next one in the line to expand our family tree after your brother done with cooking beautiful dishes." He smiled while looking mischievously at Lu Qiang.

Lu Qiang : "I am not going to cook anything Lu LiJun. Let’s open this gift first. I am excited to see what’s inside it." He said with a forced smile on his face, suppressing the the annoyance caused by his grandpa and opened the gift box.

There was a tiny white robot inside the box. Lu Qiang took that robot from the box and said, "This is really nice. Did you make it?"

"Yes brother, it will wake you up in the morning as you can set alarm timing in it." Then he took the robot did something and pressed one button. As he did that the robot started to say with some movement of its arms and legs, "Good morning!! Brother Lu Qiang. It’s time to wake up." It was recorded in Lu Qiang’s voice.

Lu LiJun looked at his brother and asked, "Did you like it elder brother?"

"Yes!! I like everything that comes from you" he then hugged his brother and patted his head with one hand.

"You liked his gift but what about mine?" Grandpa was sulking like a child.

"Grandpa, you gave brother Lu Qiang a gift? Where is it? He asked with a little curious expressions on his face.

"It’s there in your brother’s hand." He said while pointing towards white paper packet in Lu Qiang’s hand.

"Did you gave him recipe book?? Haha!! Do you really want elder brother to cook?" He said with a little laughter.

"Huu...." Grandpa nodded by making innocent face.

"Is that so? Then I’ll help him too. Elder brother give me the recipe book"

"It’s not recipe book. Grandpa is just trying to pull your leg. These are some important documents related to company so you can’t touch it. Have you done checking all the features of the laptop I gifted you?"

"No brother Lu Qiang."

"Then go and check it out and tell me about it too. Later, we will play games on it together."

"You will play with me." Yeeee!! I will do that right now. I am going back to my room then. Bye brother Lu Qiang." He hugged Lu Qiang and left to his room upstairs.

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