Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 16 The Perverted Old Man!!
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Chapter 16 The Perverted Old Man!!

Lu Qiang stopped and instead of keeping that white paper packet on the centre table with other gifts on it, he held it in his hands.

Lu Jinhai : "Father you never gave me and Lu Chen anything like this, something special from your collection." He said with a sly smile on his face, then turned his sight to his younger brother and asked, "Am I right Lu Chen?

Lu Chen : "Haa?? I mean yes...yes, you are right elder brother." He answered with a forced smile on his face. This sudden question from his elder brother startled him and it took a while for him to process it. Then he thought ’Why are you dragging me in this elder brother? I am having bad feelings about it’.

Lu Huan : "Is that so??" Then he continued. "Then I’ll give both of you the other ones as it is not that late to give it to you now. I guess Both of you will be able to use it quite a sometime."

When these people were talking, Lu Qiang opened the white paper packet and saw inside. There was a book which looked quite old. He was taking that book out but slipped it back inside in hurry after seeing just the 1/4th part of the cover on it.

He then pinched the space between his eyebrows with the fingers of his left hand while holding a white paper packet in his right hand, having annoyed expressions on his face with his eyes closed. He couldn’t say anything but to call elder Lu in an annoyed tone, "GRANDPAAA!!!"

Elder Lu then stopped his conversation with his two sons after hearing Lu Qiang’s voice. He looked at his grandson and asked, "What? Did you like it? I knew you would. Haha!!" He continued talking without giving him a chance to reply back. He had a big smile on his face as he couldn’t see Lu Qiang’s vexed reaction.

When Lu Qiang was taking that book out, he saw the word "FANGZHONGSHU" written at the top side of its cover. He slipped it back in hurry inside the packet and couldn’t help but grit his teeths ’This perverted old man’. (FANGZHONGSHU - Chinese sexual art)

Everyone one was curious but scared at the same time to ask what’s special in that packet. Everyone knew that elder Lu never left any chance to amazed them with the shocks. Nobody could guess what this old man was upto everytime.

Lu Jinhai : "What’s in that packets show us too." Lu Jinhai somewhat guessed that it was not something good after watching Lu Qiang’s reaction and after knowing his father too well for all these years. But he decided to play along. If his father is ok with this then what is bad in being shameless. Hehe!!

Lu Chen : "Brother I need to go somewhere. I had an important appointment." He said looking at his watch. He didn’t want to witness the outrageous actions of his father as he too could guess that there was something dangerous in that packet.

Lu Jinhai : "What’s important than the family? Wait and see what gift father have prepared for your nephew. Do you want to disrespect our father?" He said with the hidden smile on his face.

Lu Chen : "What?? No brother. I... I didn’t mean that. I am sorry." And he sat quietly on his sit. Lu Hui looked at her husband with consoling gaze thinking ’my poor husband’

Lu Jinhai : "Father you can continue" and smiled.

Lu Qiang : "it’s nothing father." Then looked at his grandpa and said, "Grandpa, thank you so much for your gift but I really don’t need it." Then he moved forward to keep it back on the table but stopped hearing the sudden outburst of elder Lu.

"Whattt?? You don’t need it. Did you know how much I struggled to find it from my old stuff and that to the best one of all that??", he said with quite high pitch.

"Don’t lie honey!! That was at the bottom shelf of your wardrobe. Don’t make up the things", said Lu Shuang with no expressions on her face, with her eyes closed, leaning back at sofa. She knew it was impossible to stop her husband from doing silly things so there was no point in reacting and giving attention to his actions.

"Wh... may be!! G...Gift is a gift. I am giving him my blessings with this gift and one should always accept the blessings from elders." He said after being startled by his wife’s straight forward words.

"That’s right!! but your way of giving blessings is outrageous." Said Lu Shuang, while sighing and massaging her temple with one hand.

Lu Jiahui : "Lu Qiang!! Accept it. Aren’t you getting late?" She said to stop all this quickly, signalling Lu Qiang to leave for office.

Lu Jinhai : "But I am curious to know what kind blessings are there inside the packet?" He said with sly smile, not wanting to let this live entertainment show end so soon. After saying this he received an angry gaze from his wife and his son.

Lu Huan : "There are various ways to please a wild cat and make my wish come true soon." He said while pointing towards the white packet, with a pleasant smile on his face as he mentioned his wish.

Now everyone understood clearly that what’s inside that packet which they could guess before but were not so sure. Except for grandma Lu and her elder son Lu Jinhai, who was enjoying the show, everyone was restless and was thinking how to get out of here.

Lu Qiang : "Grandpa, I don’t need it. I know how to please a wild cat very well."

To please a cat?? Are we really bringing a cat to our home brother Lu Qiang??

Everyone turned to look in the direction of this sweet voice. Lu LiJun was standing behind Lu Qiang near the staircase, holding a small gift box in his hands.

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