Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 15 A Gift From Grandpa Lu...
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Chapter 15 A Gift From Grandpa Lu...

Jiang YuYan’s room..

Jiang Peizhi and Jiang Ruolan stood behind their kids and asked, "Do you like it YuYan?" Jiang YuYan turned and hugged her parents with tears in her eyes and said, "I loved it. Thank you so much".

Jiang Yang : "I loved it too. Thank you so much" he pulled his sister aside, copied her words and hugged his parents??

Jiang YuYan: "Hey!! what are you thanking for? This is my room. Why are you being such a drama queen?"

Jiang Yang : "I am thanking them for my room, little cry baby!!".

She frowned with the word cry baby and said, "Who are you calling cry baby? You are such a drama queen and what’s with that scream earlier??

Jiang Yang : "You screamed too. When I saw the scenario inside this room, I thought that screaming might be the proper reaction to express myself just like you. Now tell me who is the real drama queen?" He said while teasing her.


Jiang Peizhi : "let’s get inside" and cut these two in between their argument.

Everyone went inside. The room was spacious brightened with the sunlight coming from the glass wall of that room. The room was white with one wall having a big shelfs filled with all types of painting colours. There were various wooden stands with the canvas attached to it, all kind painting brushes, aprons, glows, a wooden chair to sit while painting and a resting area. Because of the glass wall in the room one could see everything that’s outside. The bottom of the wall decorated with small decorative plants from the outside to give it a feel of natural greenary. The room was perfect, that any artist out there would love it.

Jiang YuYan was a bright Student, she could have done good in any field like medical or engineering but she chose to paint.

When she was young she traveled along with her parents to different countries which were famous for its art culture like Greece, France, Italy and other European countries. She was mesmerized with the beautiful paintings from the legends.

She planned to visit and travel all over the world and to portray everything in her paintings. Out of all the places she traveled with her parents, she liked Greece alot and planned to settle there. When she was in New York, she often used to spend her time by visiting the painting exhibitions by different artists. Her favourite place was "The Painting Centres", a non profitable art gallery which provides opportunities for emerging, mid career and established artists.

"Mom, I thought you want me to just study here. But this..." She couldn’t find the words to express her feelings.

"How can I keep you away from what you want to do? Keep doing it and about studying business management you can just do it on a side."

Both Jiang Peizhi and Jiang Ruolan were aware that Jiang YuYan was quite unhappy about coming to China. They wanted her to keep painting as it was what she wanted to do since she was young so they prepared everything here for her. About business management course she would be able to do it with ease as she was extremely talented.

After that everyone went downstairs for the delicious breakfast made by Jiang Ruolan herself. Jiang family finished their breakfast and was sitting in the living area infront of television. After quite a long time they were together so there was a lot of stuff to talk about. As they were talking about the things in US suddenly Jiang Peizhi asked, "I hope both of you remember that tomorrow is elder Lu’s marriage anniversary and we all have to join the celebration"

Both Nodded and said, "Yes dad!!

Jiang YuYan : "We are really looking forward to meet grandpa and grandma Lu." She said with an excitement in her voice and Jiang Yang nodded too.

Jiang Ruolan : "I have prepared everything for both of you but if you need something to attend tomorrow’s event, you can go for shopping if you are not tired."

Jiang Yang : Yes Mom!! It’s been a years since we visited this city. Lots of things might have changed. I want to go out for stroll. What’s say sis??

Jiang YuYan : "Why not?"

Jiang Peizhi : "You can take my car and driver with you. He will take you to all the places you want to go."

_____ _______ ______

At Lu Mansion...

Lu Qiang and Lu LiJun were busy with admiring the latest piece of technology. A servant knocked on the door, opened it and asked Lu Qiang to come downstairs as everyone was waiting for him.

Lu Qiang wondered what happened suddenly and said, "I’ll be there in few minutes." Then said to Lu LiJun, "I need to go to the office, you can continue with your gift." Then put on his jacket and headed outside.

"Brother Lu Qiang, I have something for you too. It’s in my room. I’ll bring it downstairs." And he dashed out of the room.

When Lu Qiang went downstairs, everyone was waiting for him with the gift boxes on their sides.

It was Lu Qiang’s birthday few days back. He and Lu Lijun shared a same date of birth. He didn’t like to celebrate his birthday as he finds it quite childish but he always celebrated Lu LiJun’s birthday in a grand way.

Everyone got up and wished him a happy birthday and presented him gifts. He said thanked everyone and kept all the gifts on the centre table saying, "I’ll will open these later as I am already late for the office. He then asked servant to keep it in his room."

"Where do you think you are going? I haven’t done with you yet." It was elder Lu Huan’s voice. He got up and picked a white colour paper packet, passed it to Lu Qiang and said, "Here is my gift for you"

Lu Qiang stopped in his track received the gift and said, "Thank you grandpa." He was about to keep that gift on the table as he did same with the other gifts, the Grandpa spoke again.

"I went through quite a trouble to search it for you into my old stuff. This is one of the best thing from collections, when I was young and energetic like you."

Hearing this, expressions on everyone’s face changed. They knew now it was a time to listen something gross.

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