Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 1423 Her Views About Lu Lijun
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Chapter 1423 Her Views About Lu Lijun

This Bonus chapter is dedicated to the reader 'Sri_Vibha_Kumar' for gifting 1000 coins to the novel.


Lu Lijun left to go to the office alone with Noah and Xiao Min while Lu Feng had his business related work to finish outside.

Jiang siblings spent some time together in the home and left to visit the city. Lu Lijun's driver Carl waited for them to take them to wherever the two wished to go.

"Where are we going brother?" she asked.

"Is there anything, in particular, you wish to visit?" he asked.

She shook her head, "I had visited a few places with Xiao Min. museum and art exhibitions."

"As expected of an artist," he sighed, "Only boring places you will choose."

"It's not boring but calm, healing and creative," she countered.

"You can take your guy to such places as he is an artist too but with me, no such places. I had enough of boredom when you were young and I had to take you to those places."

"So you were bored and didn't like it?"

He gave her a teasing look, "Do I really have to say it clear and loud?"

"No need," she frowned.

They reached the river side where they had booked a cruise ride.

"It will be fun, little Princess," Jiang Yang said as they stepped out of the car.

"When will you stop calling me like that? I am no more little princes," she countered.

"Then is a little birdie fine?" he asked.

"Brother," she exclaimed, "Don't say it even by a mistake and not at least in front of Lu Lijun."

He smiled and circled his hand around her shoulder and they walked ahead, "Why? He used to call you like this when he was a kid."

"That's in the past but not now. He can not call me little birdie now," she declared.

"Then what do you want him to call you?" Jiang Yang asked.

She cleared her throat awkwardly, "M-My name…Calling me Yuyan…would be fine."

"Ohh, and here I thought you wanted him to call you by something nice. Your boring," he said as the two continued walking.

"My name is not boring at all, Lu Lijun finds it nice. He even wanted to name BaoBoa's baby as Yuyan," she countered.

"He even finds boring person like you interesting so what is the name?"

"I am not boring," she said.

"Well, I don't see anything interesting either."

"You are my brother. Why would I show you if I am interesting or not? As long as he finds me interesting."

"Did he find you interesting for real?" Jiang Yang questioned as if he didn't believe her.

"Of course, he does. We are good together," she said cheerfully.

He stopped and held her at the shoulder to make her face him.

"What?" she asked.

"I believe everything you said just now."

"So easily?" she asked.

"This wide smile on your lips and brightened eyes are enough for me to know. I have never seen you like this in the past ten years."

She turned silent and heard her brother, "But who was the one who was talking about being troublesome for him and should leave him?"

Jiang Yuyan felt speechless, "I..was out of my mind."

He did a finger flick on her forehead, "It's nothing new for me to know," he said, held her hand and the two went on the cruise. As the cruise moved and they stood by the railing of the cruise while looking at the water, "Jiang Yang asked, "So have you dropped the plan of leaving him."

She nodded as she rested her folded hands on the railing while enjoying the cold pleasant breeze playing with her golden brown hair, "I was just scared at that time. Scared about myself and his future."

"Then now?"

"Seems impossible to leave," she replied, "You know brother, he knows me really well though he was away from me all these years. He knows what I can do so he acts even before I would."

"What do you mean?" Jiang Yang asked.

"After yesterday's nightmare, he must have guessed I would say something like staying away from him and then try to leave him. So he himself chose to stay away from me to not let me say it and hurt both of us. He didn't give me a chance to do something that I would regret later. Such is the person he is. I don't know how he had turned like this. That stubborn kid has changed and is smarter than any of us can be. It's like where my thinking stops, it's where he starts thinking. There is no way for me to escape from him even if I want to. He thinks far ahead of where I can not even see."

"Isn't it good then?"

"It is. He is stronger than I could imagine. He is strong enough to handle all my weaknesses," she replied.

Jiang Yang inhaled that fresh air and exhaled loudly through his mouth as if he was free from all his worries. He looked at his sister, "Tell me you are sane and not saying all this when you are drunk."

She smiled and raised her hand with her palm facing ahead as if taking an oath, "I am completely sane and what I had said just now, I mean it."

Jiang Yang happily surrounded his hand around her shoulder and held her closer, "My smart sister, finally your rusty brain is working," he kissed on her head.

"So are you going to tell him?" he asked.

"Hmm, I want to, but let him calm down. Today he looked like it was even hard to talk to him. That cold little iceberg."

"Yeah, I saw how nervous you were while asking him when he will be back as if you were committing a crime by asking it," Jiang Yang teased. "I never saw you this nervous in front of anyone, not even our parents."

"Well…." she sighed, not having any words to say.

Jiang Yang saw his sister so lively after a long time and it was because she was talking about the one she loved. It was because once again she was in love.

"I am happy for you, Yuyan," he said.

She looked at him, "I want to see you happy as well."

"Hmm, let's see," he said and both siblings continued enjoying that cruise ride peacefully. The world around them seemed to be so happy suddenly.

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