Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 14 The Day Of Surprises
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Chapter 14 The Day Of Surprises

In Jiang Yang’s room..

After he entered into his bedroom he checked each and every inch of that room and he was amazed to see how everything in the room was so perfect and what he exactly wanted.

"Are they trying to bribe me or what?? Accepted!!! It’s truly amazing!! Mom Dad I am on your side. Count me in.." He said while jumping with the happiness.

The room was dyed with the light and dark shades of beige and brown metallic colour. His room was divided into two parts. One part was the resting area having a king size bed with the matching bedside table. A big wardrobe having everything he needed for, from the hair on his head to the nails on his toes. The other part was his favourite, which was meant for study. A study table beside a long glass window. A huge bookshelf which was made in crisscross pattern having all kind books he would like to read. The bathroom was luxurious with big bathtub and separate shower area with glass walls.

Besides this, there was one bonus that made him get mad with happiness and that was a beautiful guitar hanging on the wall opposite to the bed. It looked beautiful on the wall having a light brown metallic colour.

He wanted to take that guitar in his hand but 1st he thought to clean himself and then went to the room picking his clothes from wardrobe.

When he returned, he couldn’t resist the temptation to take that guitar in his hands but when he did that, he heard a loud scream. He realise that it was Jiang YuYan’s voice. He put the guitar down and headed outside to Jiang YuYan’s room in hurry having worried expressions on his face.

_______ _________

Jiang YuYan’s room...

After checking her wardrobe, Jiang YuYan took her clothes and went to bathroom for bath. When she entered inside she saw luxurious bathroom with bathtub. The bathroom shelf was filled with all the products she liked to use.

"So they don’t want to give me any chance to complain. No wonder mom is a head of management and planning department. Not bad huuu!!" She said while observing the stuff inside the shelf.

After having a bath Jiang YuYan came out of the bathroom in a purple bathrobe and stood infront of a big oval mirror, long enough to accommodate the whole figure of the person standing infront of it and was fixed in the wooden stand on the floor. When she was observing herself in the mirror she noticed there was one more door on the opposite wall few metres away from the bed. She turned and moved towards that door. When she opened the door she was shocked and screamed her throat out, with her eyes wide opened, about to pop out from their sockets. She then covered her mouth with her hands.

Jiang yang entered in her room as fast as he could. When he saw her standing at the door inside, he went there feeling worried and asked, "what happened?? Are you....aaaaaaaaa!!!" He stopped in between after looking inside the room and screamed his throat out just like Jiang YuYan. He stood still at the entrance of the room, besides Jiang YuYan. Both were looking inside of the room like someone had hypnotized them.

Just then the room’s door opened and their parents entered inside in hurry to check what happened. When they saw these two standing at the entrance of that room, they understood what exactly might have happened.

________ __________ _____

At Lu mansion...

"Elder brother I am excited to see my birthday gift? What did you brought?? Tell me." Lu LiJun said while jumping with the excitement. Lu Qiang just replied with smile as he was pleased and busy in admiring this little jumping Jack. He could do anything to see the glimpse of happiness on his little brother’s face.

They walked upstairs to Lu Qiang’s room which was at the end of corridor at 1st floor. As they reached at the door, Lu LiJun opened the door and dashed inside his brother’s room. Lu Qiang followed him. As he entered the room Lu LiJun satrted to search for his gift here and there. Lu Qiang stopped him and asked to sit on the couch. Then he moved to the huge wardrobe in his luxurious room.

Lu Qiang’s room was one of the best and specious room in the mansion. The room was not colourful but it was neat, clean and classy. Everything in the room was in white and silver grey colour. On the right side of the room there was a king size white bed with silver grey coloured bedding attached to the wall which was in silver grey while other walls were in white colour A bedside table having a wooden frame with the pic of both siblings. There was a soft silver grey carpet on the floor around the bed.

The wall opposite to the entrance and on the right side of the bed had huge glass windows and a glass door to enter into the balcony. Windows had silver grey curtains which went good with white coloured walls. There were few small abstract paintings that too had silver grey frames hanging on the walls with white colour. There was a white couch with silver grey cushions at the right side of the entrance. At the left side of the room, the wall opposite to bed had a quite a big wardrobe and a bathroom.

He opened the wardrobe and took out the medium sized box covered with attractive red gift wrapping paper. He then passed it to Lu Qiang saying, " here it is" and sat on the other end of the couch leaning back with his one hand on the handrest.

Lu LiJun took the box, placed it in the space between his brother and him and started to unwrap with the excitement.

When he opened the box and saw the gift he couldn’t stop jumping from his sit.

"Woooaaa... it’s a latest gaming beast. This is one of the high end device in the world. Every gamer dream of it. I loved it too too much elder brother." He then kept the laptop on couch and pounced on his brother to hug him saying, "Thank you so much. I am too happy. Love you brother."

Lu Qiang hugged him back and said, "I am glad that you liked it." and smiled.

It was a day of surprises for these three people!!!

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