Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 13 Calm Down Angry Bird!!
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Chapter 13 Calm Down Angry Bird!!

The apartment was luxurious. On the ground floor it had living room, a spacious dining area, an ultramodular kitchen with a separate pantry room, one master bedroom, a study room and a servant room.

The living room was huge, having a large semicircular sofa with a beautiful glass centre table. There was a big TV screen in front of it giving a home theatre like feeling. Behind the sofa there was a dining area, having rectangular wooden dining table with deep brown colour finishing. Dining area was two steps up from the living room floor which had wooden floor, while dining areas had while marble floor. The living room had big glass windows which covered the area from floor to ceiling which allowed the room to bath in a bright sunlight. Windows had curtains long upto the floor. Walls were dyed mostly in light beige colour which went perfect with wooden coloured floor and furniture in the room.

A Servant entered inside the living room from the kitchen and served water to Jiang siblings.

Jiang Ruolan : "how was your flight? I heard it got cancelled at the last moment and you have to travel by the other one."

Jiang YuYan: "It was good except for the thing that one maniac spilled my coffee and didn’t even apologized." She answered with quite angry tone while remembering the incidence and took a sip of water. Then she thought ’But!!..He was damn handsome.. yes..’ and she smiled. ’W...wait!! whatt?? Nooo!!.. Why am I thinking about him?? Urrghhh!!’ She almost spat the water in her mouth. ’I must have lost my mind’. She then shooked her head and came back to the reality.

Her father looked at her for what she said with frowned face and asked, "who dared to annoy my princess?? Making a curious face with a little smile on it..

"it’s Nothing father. You know Jiang YuYan’s temper and her love towards the coffee." then he patted her head and said, "calm down angry bird". Jiang Yuayan got annoyed and said "I will!! After all you are here for me, my sweet anger management teacher ’Matilda’!!"

"Hey!!! Call me atleast ’Chuck’ not Matilda"

"!! That’s suits you too as there is no break in your mouth. She paused and then continued, " Well... Bomb suits you too as you always makes my head explode in anger with your annoyance?" She said with annoyed tone and rolling her eyes on him.

"Woooo!! I didn’t know that I have such different characters in me. I’ll try to add more to it. And about the matter of annoying you, that’s my birth right little sis." He then winked at her with a mischievous smile.

Their parents were used to this war of words between there kids but they knew how much these two cared for each other.

Jiang Yang : "Mom I am starving." he said while rubbing his stomach in circular motion with his hand.

"Mom me too", said Jiang YuYan with her right hand up showing her palms front.

"Yeh right, you must be hungry too, as you spend your energy bickering about something very important when we were in the plane", said Jiang Yang with humour in his voice.

Jiang YuYan passed him angry a gaze and then looked her mother and said, "Mom I am dying of hunger. Hurry up!!"

She didn’t want to give her brother a chance to dig deads from the ground.

"Breakfast is ready dear but first both of you go to your rooms and get fresh then come downstairs for breakfast." She got up from sofa and said, "Let me show your rooms" She led their way to the set of staircase on the other side of that huge living room heading to the 1st floor which was exactly opposite to the enterence of the apartment.

At the first floor there were four rooms, two rooms on the either side of the staircase. There was a long corridor in front of staircase dividing the rooms in sets of two. At the end of the corridor there was a glass door which opened into quite a big balcony which was converted into a mini garden having different types of beautiful decorative plants and the four sitter coffee wooden coffee table in the centre.

1st room at the left of corridor belonged to Jiang YuYan and the 1st room at the right belonged to Jiang Yang. The remaining two rooms were for the guests.

As they reached upstairs and done knowing about their rooms Jiang Ruolan said, "Everything you need is ready there in your rooms. If you need something call me." Both nodded and went to their rooms and Jiang Ruolan headed back downstairs to the kitchen.

When Jiang YuYan entered the room she saw that the interior of the room was according to her taste. It was not a typical girl room coloured in pink and having all the the girlish stuff in pink colour. It was completely opposite. The room was bright and colourful having all the fresh colours with white background.

She liked everything colorful and fresh. She believed life should be colourful not boring. The walls were dyed mostly in white colour having few big random colour patches at few places. The furniture had different coloured laminates with the outline of the white one. The curtains, bedsheets and pillow were in light green colour giving this white room a fresh look. Her room looked like a beautiful colourful painting with a white background.

In the centre of the room there was a queen size bed attched to the wall behind it with a bedside table with 2 drawers. The wardrobe was filled with the beautiful dresses, bags, accessories, cosmetics, footwears and all stuff she needed but what surprised her more was, the one side of wardrobe was filled only with her favourite type of clothing and that was different types of jeans, T-shirts and sneakers which her mother didn’t like that much.

"These people are trying very hard to please me." She mumbled.

But she didn’t know the pandora box was not completely opened yet and she was going to get quite a big shock soon...!!

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