Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 1294: Don't Challenge Me
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Chapter 1294: Don't Challenge Me

Jiang Yuyan's sight passed across Lu Lijun who was staring at the file in front of him while playing with a pen in his fingers. Jiang Yuyan checked if he looked fine after what he did with himself. Her sight followed his palm that was wrapped in the bandage as she wondered if it was fine now.

As if Lu Lijun noticed her sight on him, he moved his sight to look at her and she immediately averted her sight from him. Lu Lijun acted as if nothing mattered to him and focussed on the screen in front.

In between he answered the questions asked by others that showed whatever happened with him, he was always focused on his work. This was the quality Jiang Yuyan admired about him the most and thought, 'He is just like Lu Qiang.'

The presentation was over and so was the meeting but Lu Lijun and Noah still had things to discuss with Jiang Yuyan. They were asked to come to the President's office.

Lu Lijun and Noah went to Jiang Yuyan's office where Xiao Min had accompanied his boss. They sat on the couch as Jiang Yuyan sat in her single chair.

"I see the progress is good. It's in fact impressive," Jiang Yuyan said.

Lu Lijun was silent while Noah nodded. "We have to visit the sights again."

"Hmm! Do so," Jiang Yuyan permitted.

Jiang Yuyan looked at Xiao Min, "You can go with him," she thought that Lu Lijun should not go when he was fine and referred to Noah as him.

"No need for Xiao Min to come with him. Noah and I can handle it," Lu Lijun finally spoke.

Jiang Yuyan looked at him, "You don't look so good. You should not…."

"There is no need for President Lu to add me to her long list of 'things to worry about'," Lu Lijun said coldly.

"It's still cold and traveling is not good for you and your lungs," she countered.

"I can take care of myself," he added.

Jiang Yuyan stared at him for a while as he stared back at her too. Noah and Xiao Min understood these two will have an argument now. The two looked at each other and decided to leave. Even when the two left, the other two didn't stop staring at each other with their sights full of coldness.

The moment the office door closed, Jiang Yuyan spoke, "Do you have to go against whatever I say?"

"Isn't it reasonable to expect me to do what you want when you do nothing that I want?"

"Your health is the concern here and don't bring something else here."

Lu Lijun scoffed, "Now my love for you falls into the category of 'something else'. More like a useless and not so important thing."

"If you stop this, everything would be fine in its place. But as you don't want to listen, I only request you to take care of your health at least."

"What if my health gets bad? Are you worried that this chair would lose its next owner and you have to stick to it forever?"

Jiang Yuyan closed her eyes in annoyance and opened them in a moment after calming herself down, "Just listen to me this time. Take a good rest for a month. After that, you can fight with me as much as you want."

Lu Lijun smirked but that was a painful one, "In a month will you be even here to let me fight with you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Who knows you will get married by then to Alex and it will save you from getting into arguments with me. Let me correct, it will save you from worrying about me as you will go to the USA with him. Out of sight, out of mind. Then you don't have to feel guilty towards my brother for not taking care of me."

"Who told you this?" she asked surprisingly.

Lu Lijun chuckled, "My wife is planning to get married to someone and doesn't even want me to know. Were you planning to tell me after you got married or after you had a few kids with him?

"Lu Lijun," Jiang Yuyan raised her voice.

"Are you angry for calling you my wife or is it because I got to know your plan?" Lu Lijun asked coldly.

Jiang Yuyan turned furious and Lu Lijun spoke again. "As you are free to do whatever you want, so I will do the same. I won't do anything you want from me. That chair you've been protecting for me for so many years, I won't sit on it and you have to stay here forever. I won't do anything that you have planned for me so stop expecting anything from me. If you do, then you are only allowed to expect it as my wife."

Though Jiang Yuyan was angry, she refrained herself from saying anything to him. "Are you done?" she asked, "You can do whatever you want, but for now, you are not going out of this city and only resting at home. If you won't listen, I know how to use my power and authority."

"Try it," Lu Lijun challenged and stood up. "You can show your rights over me but only as my wife. I don't give a damn about your position and power as President."

"Don't challenge me, Lu Lijun," Jiang Yuyan warned.

She got the same reply, "Then stop forcing me, President Lu."

Saying, Lu Lijun left the office before arguing more with her while Jiang Yuyan had nothing to say. If he said he would not do anything she wanted, that means just like a few months back, he would bring trouble for himself and for the entire family.

"When will he grow up and think about everyone other than just thinking about himself. Father is right, he needs to learn to think about everyone before he gets the charge of everything." Jiang Yuyan concluded. "Are we starting the same old fight again? Feels like back to square one. Once I leave, he will have no option but to handle everything and he will stop being stubborn."

Jiang Yuyan stood up and went to her work table where she picked up her cellphone. she dialed the contact number.

Upon getting a response from the other side of the line, she spoke, "Alex, are you free for dinner this evening?"

She heard him and said, "I will be there," and hung up the phone.

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