Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 12 Eating sHOCKs As A breakfast...
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Chapter 12 Eating 'sHOCK's As A breakfast...

This time, what came from elder Lu Huan’s mouth was just too much for everyone to handle.

Lu Shuang : "___" My head is hurting now".

Lu Jinhai : "___" Coughed and almost choked with food in his mouth."

Lu Jiahui : "___" Passed water to her husband and started to pat his back.

Lu Chen : "Aaaaaooooch..." He was about to eat steamed bun, holding in his chopstick but it dropped back into the hot soup which splashed back at his shirt making him scream with pain.

Lu Hui : "__" Recovered from shock and started helping her husband.

Lu Feng Didn’t pay any attention and continued eating his brakefast with a ghost smile on his face. He was fine as long as this matter of great grandchildren was not related to him and nobody was evading his personal space.

Lu LiJun was unaware of the things being said around him. He looked at everyone with confused expressions, as their was a sudden chaos on the dining table. Then he looked at his brother who put a slice of meat in his dish saying, "eat this". He obeyed his brother quietly, ignored everything and started digging his food.

Lu Qiang then turned his gaze towards elder Lu Huan and said, "Rest assured grandpa. I will make sure to prepare enough stock for you before I hit the dry bottom, so no need to drag my little brother in the bottomless pit of your greeds." He said with an expressionless face and a cold voice. Then he continued to pay attention to Lu LiJun again as nobody matters to him here more than his little brother.

This conversation between these bold grandpa and grandson made everyone hold their head with both the hands and press the pressure point on their temples, as if it was a breakfast with a menu, having only one dish in it, called "SHOCK".

Lu Shuang finally poked her husband and asked him to stop now. His every conversation started and ended with only one thing and that’s "great grandchildren".

Then nobody talked and started eating their breakfast with full attention. After finishing breakfast everyone headed towards the living room except Lu Feng. He went directly to his room while others were chatting about the business meeting for which Lu Qiang went to the America.

_______ _________ ________

"Brother Lu Qiang where is my birthday gift?? Lu LiJun asked him with an excitement as he saw that Lu Qiang had done with the talk.

"It’s in my room. Let’s go." As both of them were going upstairs, Lu Feng called Lu Qiang and asked, "How was the journey?"

"Quite good." He replied with cold voice. He didn’t talk further with him and started walking upstairs with Lu LiJun. It didn’t bother Lu Feng, as usual he turned and headed outside with his car keys. He was wearing peach coloured slim fit T-shirt with stylish black leather jacket and a black jeans with black shoes?

Everyone was familiar with Lu Qiang’s behavior with Lu Feng so nobody paid much attention to it. Lu Feng’s mother Lu Hui didn’t like it but couldn’t say anything because her son was at fault. Also she was quite scared of Lu Qiang as most of the people in the family do.

Lu Feng was Lu Qiang’s second cousin. Lu Qiang didn’t hate him but was annoyed with all the bad habits Lu Feng had. He was alcoholic and drug addict, didn’t like to work, having bad company of Friends. Lu Qiang tried to divert his attention from these things by giving him few responsibilities in company but he always got disappointment in return. Finally he decided to give up on him.

Lu Feng didn’t hate Lu Qiang either. It was just that, he was happy in his own world. It never bothered him what others said or how they behaved with him. He was just too ignorant to everything. Lu Feng was a bright Student with masters degree in accounts and finance but after completing his education he never tried to do anything for his career let alone giving attention in the family business. He just wanted to live a care free life.

Although having all these bad qualities, he always maintained the distance with women. There were lots of women who tried to make their way into the Lu family by seducing and climbing into Lu Feng’s bed but he never entertained anyone. He didn’t like to be in the company of women except for the women from his family.

_____ ______ ,______

At Jiang residence..

Jiang Yang and Jiang YuYan reached their home. It was luxurious apartment at one of the few expensive areas in the capital. The apartment was huge and interior was made in European style. It was bought by Jiang Peizhi few years back as he was planning to settle down here after retirement. And he also wanted a nice place for his kids, if in future whenever they would be back in China.

"Finally you are here my little chipmunks!!" Jiang Ruolan welcomed her kids with warm smile and hug. Jiang Ruolan was very beautiful and elegant woman. She was slim and fair with beautifully carved features. Nobody could predict her as she looked very much younger. Jiang YuYan took after her mother and grew up into a beautiful lady. Jiang Yang was like his father tall and handsome.

As they entered the house, Jiang Peizhi came out from his study and greeted them with warm fatherly hug. Everyone one walked to the huge semi circular sofa in the living room and sat there.

Jiang Yang : "Woohoo dad!! This is an amazing place to live. Too stylish and luxurious." Said while laying lazily on the sofa stretching his legs to the floor.

Jiang Peizhi : "Indeed!! It is. Afterall I had to plan and design everything to match my wife’s palatial standard." Then he winked at his wife who was sitting next to him. She just replied with a smile.

Both of them looked at their parents and then each other and smiled. They knew how much their parents loved each other.

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