Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 1172
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There are two chapters together.


On the way back to the Lu Mansion from the Wen corporate office, Xiao Min spoke, "Boss, the fourth young master might not like it if he gets to know it."

"No need to tell him," said Jiang Yuyan.

"I won’t, but if...."

"I will take care of it," Jiang Yuyan assured, "Giving them that land, in the end, will benefit Lu Corporations and strengthen Wen’s support to Lu Lijun’s position, so it’s a good deal. It’s good to put that land to some use instead of having it as a preserved treasure that does not yield anything. Moreover, what Wens had planned is perfect for that empty piece of land."

"It was a gift from the previous boss," Xiao Min said, his voice low and hesitant as he never wished to mention his previous boss in front of Jiang Yuyan.

"A person is important than a deserted piece of land," she replied coldly. After a short pause, she spoke again as her voice turned calm and soft, "I am sure your previous boss would be happy to see finally we put that land to some good use."

Xiao Min could only nod. If his boss, who hardly explains anything, had explained it in detail, then she had thought about it thoroughly.

Reaching the office, Jiang Yuyan resumed her work. The day passed by quietly for Jiang Yuyan, who was busy, and one stubborn guy was busier than her not to trouble her anymore.

Lu Lijun was busy with the project he had won recently, and it was enough to keep him occupied twenty four hours.

When the office hours were over, and Jiang Yuyan was about to leave, Lu Lijun went to her office. Knocking on the door, he entered inside only to see Jiang Yuyan had closed her laptop and looked like she had finished her work.

"Seems like my wife has finished her work early today," Lu Lijun said as he stepped towards her work table.

Jiang Yuyan didn’t reply and stood up to leave. There was no use in talking to him, so ignoring his ’wife’ remark was the best option for her. She believed if she stopped paying attention, one day, he would stop calling her wife.

"Don’t work for long," she said and was ready to leave, not even asking why he was there. She somewhere knew why he came to her. Work hours were over, and after that, it was like he got all the rights to annoy her.

"Will you wait for me if I won’t return soon?" Lu Lijun asked, blocking her way by standing in front of her.

She sighed and looked at him, "I have other important things to do."

He gave her a questioning look, "Important than me?"

"Hmm!" she nodded.

It didn’t bother him, "Till now, I thought I was the most important thing for you."

"You should stop being delusional," She commented and asked coldly, "Will you let me go now?"

Lu Lijun stepped aside quietly as if he was sad hearing that he was not important to her. Jiang Yuyan walked ahead but stopped at the door before she opened it to step out of the office.

"You are not a thing," she said and was about to open the door.

Feeling overwhelmed with her words, Lu Lijun hurried to her and stopped her from opening the door as he back hugged her.

Jiang Yuyan froze in her place as he was always so sudden with his actions and heard him say. "I won’t be back tonight. Don’t wait for me."

"Don’t stay awake for long," she said; her voice was low and calm. Moreover, she didn’t look annoyed with the back hug she got.

"Hmm," he agreed and let her go.

Jiang Yuyan opened the door and left without turning to look back at him while he waited there, till the door of the office closed. Those caring words from her were enough for him that he wished for nothing more.

Lu Lijun returned to his office, where Noah was waiting for him.

"Done saying bye to your wife?" Noah asked.


"Then let’s get back to work," Noah instructed.

"Ordering the boss, huh?" Lu Lijun countered.

"When the boss is about to lose his mind over his wife, assistant’s job is to remind him about the work," Noah retorted.

Lu Lijun gave him a meaningful glare, "Better than the assistant who had lost his mind for someone but didn’t want to admit it."

"For now, I am in a hurry to finish it so I can go from here and spend my night peacefully," said Noah coldly as he focussed on work.

"Jake will be late today. He went to another city, so you can be late too...."

’Another city?" Noah thought he didn’t know about it. Jake left early and without even having breakfast.

"What are you thinking? Don’t tell me; you two fought again....." Lu Lijun asked, seeing Noah dazed.

"I was not talking about going back home," Noah interrupted him, not willing to answer his question.

’So these two fought,’ Lu Lijun concluded and gave him a displeased look.

Noah sensed that gaze on him and said, "Nothing’s gonna change, so better not talk about it."

"I will wait for the day when you will come to me after regretting over what you are doing," Lu Lijun commented.

"I am done with regretting long back," Noah countered and instructed, "We should just focus on work."

Lu Lijun looked at Noah. He was sure Noah had changed. Jake was always around him, but Noah never acted like this. All these years, he maintained everything nicely, but suddenly he had started to change; it worried Lu Lijun to think whether it was a good thing or bad.


Ming Rusheng was in his office, working late as keeping himself busy with work was the only way he could divert his mind.

As planned, Wen Zac came to meet him in his office.

"So Mr. Ming is still busy working?" Wen Zac asked.

"And Mr. Wen is here to disturb me." Ming Rusheng replied, not even looking at his friend who had just entered the office.

Wen Zac sat in the chair opposite Ming Rusheng, across his worktable.

"What was so important?" Ming Rusheng asked, though somehow he guessed what it could be.

"Is everything fine with you?" Wen Zac asked.

"Hmm," Ming Rusheng nodded, still busy working.

Wen Zac could guess it was not the case as Ming Rusheng didn’t even look at him even once.

"Well, I was here to tell you something interesting," Wen Zac replied.

"What is it?" Ming Rusheng asked as his hands suddenly stopped working on the laptop’s keyboard.

"Lu Lian asked me to date her," Wen Zac replied, and Ming Rusheng finally looked at him but said nothing.

"Don’t you have anything to say?" Wen Zac asked.

"Good for you," is what Ming Rusheng said.

"That’s it?" Wen Zac asked.

"What more do you expect me to say?" Ming Rusheng resumed his work again and commented, "Now you don’t have to wait for my sister."

"Will you be fine if I date Lu Lian?" Wen Zac asked. "Don’t you like her? Did something happen between you two?"

"She must like you a lot to ask you to date her," Ming Rusheng countered.

"Are you sure about what you are saying?" Wen asked again.

Ming Rusheng glared at him. "What do you expect from me? Do you want me to say don’t date her? If so, then don’t date her, and if you want to, then go ahead. None of my business."

"Why are you so angry?" Wen Zac asked doubtfully.

"Because you are disturbing me in my work with the useless talk."

"Useless talk? Fine, I won’t," Wen Zac was calm and said again, "This is the last time I was making sure. If I am wrong about what you feel for her, then good for me. She is a good woman, and my father would be happy if I date her and later marry her."

"Who stopped you?" Ming Rusheng spoke as if he didn’t know what he was saying and what he even wanted to do.

"You are right; No one stopped me." Wen Zac agreed. After a pause, he said again, "Just to inform you, once I date her, I will make sure to marry her."

"Go ahead," said Ming Rusheng.

"I will."

There was a long pause as both stopped talking. Wen Zac finally broke the silence, "If you are done with work, how about drinks together?"

"I have work to do," Ming Rusheng replied.

"We don’t have to go out then," Wen Zac stood up and went towards the lounge attached to Ming Rusheng’s office.

Ming Rusheng leaned back in the chair as he closed his eyes to calm himself down.

Wen Zac brought the wine bottle and two glasses and put them on Ming Rusheng’s work table. "Like this, you can continue to work too."

Ming Rusheng opened his eyes and looked at Wn Zac. "Sorry for getting angry....."

"Pfft! Do you call it anger? Wen Zac laughed lightly, "You are losing your angry young man side. You are not like before at all who wouldn’t back down unless you punched someone at least once." Wen Zac poured the wine into the two glasses.

Ming Rusheng smiled lightly, "Do you want me to punch you?"

"Not today. I have to meet Lu Lian tomorrow," Wen Zac replied as he passed one glass of wine to Ming Rusheng.

Ming Rusheng turned silent as he accepted the glass.

Wen Zac waited for Ming Rusheng to react or say something about it, and the same happened.

"Lu Lian is spontaneous and can make decisions in haste," Ming Rusheng said as he looked at Wen Zac, who waited for him to finish. "You should give her more time before deciding on anything." With this, Ming Rusheng felt his chest tightening with anxiousness.

"I will. I will be patient until I see she is sure about it," Wen Zac assured and asked, "But are you sure about yourself."

"What about me? Don’t think too much," said Ming Rusheng as he emptied the entire glass of wine and turned silent.

Ming Rusheng knew, if it’s not Wen Zac, Lu Lian will go to someone else and date him. If her anger didn’t go down, she might end up marrying that person. Instead of letting her go to someone just because she was angry and that someone might not be a good person, Wen Zac was always a good choice.

Wen Zac was a good person, and if they married, he would be relieved to think that just because of him, she didn’t end up with any wrong person.

"I feel bad for you to think you are missing out on a good woman," Wen Zac commented.

"I feel bad for my sister for losing a person like you," Ming Rusheng countered.

"Even if we face the apocalypse, your sister would never show up, and I will die without even confessing even once. Better to move ahead and fulfill my father’s wish. Moreover, I know Lu Lian would be a good wife," said Wen Zac as he waited to see Ming Rusheng’s reaction.

"Hmm," was the reply he got from Ming Rusheng.

The two friends continued to drink till late and talked about the things here and there.


Noah and Lu Lijun continued to work for a long time till late.

"It’s enough for the day, you can go home," Lu Lijun instructed.

"You?" Noah asked.

"I don’t wish to trouble her tonight so I’ll stay in the office," Lu Lijun replied. Noah understood and left.

Lu Lijun knew if he returned home, he would go to her room. He didn’t wish to trouble her every night. Moreover, it was difficult to control himself when she was so close to him, and he didn’t wish to do anything that she would not want.

Lu Lijun leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes, trying to get some sleep but there was no way sleep would come to him.

He sighed deeply, "Nothing is more comfortable than her bed," he mumbled.

Not being able to sleep despite his efforts, Lu Lijun resumed the work.

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