Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 11 Haha!! You Truly Inherited My Genes..
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Chapter 11 Haha!! You Truly Inherited My Genes..

Lu Qiang : "Grandpa!! There is no need for this. My stamina is excellent. Atleast you should trust your own genes." His voice was serious and he was looking straight into elder Lu Huan’s eyes. He didn’t look embarrassed or anything. He just decided to play along.

Everyone was used to the behaviour of elder Lu Huan but what surprised them most were the words they heard from Lu Qiang’s mouth. He never talked this much and that to as shamelessly as his grandpa.

Lu Huan : "I just want to make sure that, when a wild cat will cross your path in the future, you won’t spill your coffee out."

"Don’t worry grandpa I know how to tame a wild cat so that I won’t waste my coffee."

"Wild cats?? Are they good enough??"

"Just need to tame properly. Can turn into a better form, than civilised one"

"Haha!! You truly inherited my genes."

Nobody was talking except for these two as others were invisible. Their gazes were traveling from one end of the table to the other end, as everytime they heard one after another shocking statements from both the ends leaving them flabbergasted.

Lu Shuang : "Enough both of you!!! Food is getting cold. Stop talking and concentrate on your breakfast." Lu Shuang’s words were like a decree from a Queen, so everyone obediently started eating.

Suddenly they heard a footsteps, coming from living room towards the dining table. Everyone looked in the direction of the sound. A small figure entered into a dining room while running, stopped near Lu Qiang and hugged him tightly.

"Elder brother!!" A small figure said while hugging Lu Qiang. He looked at him with a bright smile and eyes sparkling like the bright stars in the night showing his inexplicable happiness.

Lu LiJun, was the second son of Lu Jinhai and the younger brother of Lu Qiang. He was the youngest and most loved member in the family as he was only 11 years old kid.

For Lu Qiang he had only three kinds of people in his life..

1st- Lu LiJun, 2nd- family members and 3rd- others..

Lu LiJun was the most important person in his life. Everyone knew how much he loved Lu LiJun!! His polite and soft voice, warmth in his eyes and the way he handle Lu LiJun was enough to prove that.

"Lu LiJun!! Where have you been since morning??, Lu Qiang asked caressing his brother’s cheeks with one hand and other hand on his shoulder. He was happy to see this little chipmunk.

"I was with brother Lu Feng. We were giving food to the fishes in the garden’s pond?" He said with smile on his face but suddenly his expressions changed and he asked with sad face, "Why didn’t you came for my birthday?? I waited for you. Then he lowered his eyes and looked down towards the floor.

"I know!! And I am really sorry that I couldn’t make it to your birthday." Then Lu Qiang hugged him gently, made him sit on the chair next to him and said, "Have your breakfast first then I’ll show you something."

"What’s it? brother Lu Qiang." He asked curiously and sadness on his face started to disappear.

"That’s surprise!!" Lu Qiang said with a smile and winked at his brother. Then started to fill his plate with food.

"Wow!! surprise!!! My....My birthday gift??" He asked with the hell lot of excitement.

"Mmm.." Lu Qiang nodded and said, " Now finish your breakfast first.

Lu LiJun started to dig his breakfast as fast as he could, stuffing his mouth without living any space inside. He looked adorable with his mouth stuffed with a food like a squirrel.

Lu Qiang: "Slow down, otherwise you will get indigestion." Then he gently patted his head with full admiration.

Lu Qiang’s behaviour was very different when it comes to Lu LiJun. Anyone could see the different dimensions of his personality when he is with Lu LiJun, such as loving and caring Lu Qiang, angry Lu Qiang, happy Lu Qiang, worried Lu Qiang, Upset Lu Qiang, talkative Lu Qiang, A kiddo Lu Qiang and many more. Lu LiJun was able to pull out all these personalities from his ice cold elder brother.

He treated Lu LiJun more like his son than his younger brother. All the decisions regarding Lu LiJun were taken by Lu Qiang only. He always fulfilled his demands, whatever it might be. Lu Qiang always wanted everything best for him. Everyone was worried that his love might spoil Lu LiJun but Lu Qiang was that much careful, as he wanted his little brother to become a good person. He always made him understand what is right and what is wrong.

For Lu LiJun, he too loved Lu Qiang more than anyone else, even his parents were secondary for him. His whole world revolved around Lu Qiang.

"What a beautiful sight to see!!" Everyone heard the voice from door of dining room, when they were busy in witnessing this show of affection between two brothers.

Everyone looked at the source of voice. Lu Feng, the one more handsome man from Lu family came to the dining room.

"When you heard that Lu Qiang is back, you forgot this brother and ran to meet him leaving me there alone. That’s not fair." And walked towards Lu LiJun.

Lu LiJun looked up at him and blinked his eyes like an innocent bunny. As his mouth was stuffed he couldn’t say a word.

Lu Feng looked at his round face looking cute because of his stuffed cheeks. He smiled and said, "I’ll pass it this once". He looked at Lu Qiang, gave him small smile and sat on the chair besides his mother.

Lu Qiang smiled back and continued paying attention to Lu LiJun, asking him to slow down and eat less. Lu Huan saw this and got irritated.

Lu Huan: "Let him eat all he wants. Don’t nag him too much. After all, In the near future he would be the one to produce great grandchildren for me when you would have been done emptying your coffee mug till its dry bottom."

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