Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 1081 - Dress Trial...
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Chapter 1081: Dress Trial...

Just a week was left for the engagement. Jiang Yuyan still didn't return, and Lu Lijun was busy handling all the work in her absence. He desperately waited for her to return. Since they fought, she left as if she didn't wish to see him, which hurt Lu Lijun the most. 3

The last week was restless for him, and he desperately wanted to know when she would be back. Xiao Min couldn't tell him the exact day as his boss even left him in the dark.

At midnight, Lu Lijun stood in the gallery of his room, staring at the sky blankly. Just then, a car entered the Mansion. The car didn't belong to anyone from Lu Mansion, so he wondered who the person was. 2

San Zemin stepped out of the car, and Lu Lijun understood the one he had waited for finally returned home. 1

San Zemin opened the car's back passenger seat door, and Jiang Yuyan stepped out. As if his wish was fulfilled, Lu Lijun hurried to go downstairs. 5

Just as he reached the living room, he saw Jiang Yuyan talking to the Butler and controlled himself.

Jiang Yuyan and the Butler saw him.

He turned to a calm and cold one from excited and hurried one as if he didn't see her and was there to do something important. 4

The Butler bowed to him, "Did the fourth young mater need something?"

Lu Lijun cleared his throat and talked without sparing a glance to Jiang Yuyan, "Need water in my room." 4

"I'll get it," the Butler left.

Jiang Yuyan turned to go upstairs, and Lu Lijun stood in his place. It looked like the two were strangers.

Jiang Yuyan stopped near the staircase as she remembered something. "Lu Lijun."

He turned to look at her, and she spoke, "Congratulations on your engagement." 7

It startled him. She opposed his engagement, so he expected to see her upset, but the way she wished him, her eyes, her words seemed genuine. 1

Seeing him silent, Jiang Yuyan didn't wait for him to say anything and turned to leave as she said, "Good night."

Lu Lijun continued looking at her retreating back. He felt uneasy for an unknown reason and didn't know what to do.

The Butler brought the water jug and said, "I'll take it to the room."

Lu Lijun didn't reply while the Butler stepped ahead to go to Lu Lijun's room.

When Butler reached the room, he saw the water jug in Lu Lijun's room was already full. 1

Just then, Lu Lijun entered the room but was busy in his world to think anything. Lu Lijun went to bed, and the Butler wished him good night as he left after turning off the lights.


The following day at the breakfast table, Ning Jiahui, who spent her past few days being busy with the engagement preparation, wanted to instruct everyone about something.

"Lijun, you and Liwei have to go to An Tian for the final trial of the dresses."

Lu Lijun nodded lightly.

"Lu Feng, I hope you don't have anything important on that day," Ning Jiahui asked.

"I'll make sure to be free," Lu Feng assured her. 2

Ning Jiahui looked at Su Hui, "What about Lu Han?"

"He and Qin Xiu would be here the day before."

Just as Ning Jiahui looked at Lu Lian, she spoke before her mother could, "Mother, everything is ready on my side."

Ning Jiahui turned to Lu Bao. She spoke while caressing her belly, "I'll be careful." 1

Finally, Ning Jiahui looked at the last person from the younger generation, "Yuyan."

Jiang Yuyan looked at her mother-in-law.

"I have instructed An Tian to prepare a dress for you," Ning Jiahui informed.


"You are not wearing the same black or white this time, and it's my final decision," Ning Jiahui interrupted her. 3

"But mother, I prefer..."

"No more words," Ning Jiahui spoke calmly, but she looked serious that Jiang Yuyan didn't dare to say a word further. 1

Ning Jiahui looked at the younger ones sitting around the table.

"Just because we elders let you do all that you want and have given you freedom, it doesn't mean you all stop caring about our opinions." 2

Ning Jiahui's sight followed them all as she passed the comment on everyone from Lu Lian, Lu Bao, Lu Feng, Lu Lijun, and Jiang Yuyan.

"One wants to resign from work when others fight to get such opportunity. One is always careless like a kid when she would be a mother soon. One doesn't want to marry even though we beg him. One is in a hurry to be a married man, and the one doesn't even care to inform about her whereabouts even though here we are restless with worry all the time." 11

The atmosphere in the dining room turned cold and silent. No one among the younger ones dared to speak while the elders said nothing as Ning Jiahui was right.

"You will get a call from An Tian when it's ready," Ning Jiahui informed.

Jiang Yuyan nodded only to hear one more warning from her mother-in-law, "Nothing will change in the dress." 2

Again Jiang Yuyan nodded lightly while lowering her head to eat the breakfast.

It was rare to witness such moments. Whatever Jiang Yuyan did or however she was to the world, she always obeyed elders in her family. When her mother-in-law, who always gave her freedom, turned into a scary lady, there was no way Jiang Yuyan would even look into her eyes.

It was not like Jiang Yuyan scared anyone, but it was the respect she held in her heart for the elders who always supported her and respected her wishes.


Lu Lijun and Liwei had to go to An Tian to get the trial of the dresses.

When the two reached An Tian's place in the evening, the attendant welcomed them.

An Tian was busy instructing one of his assistants. Seeing the two, An Tian went to them.

He looked at Liwei, "My assistant will help you. If there is something you want to change, let me know."

"Thank you," Liwei left as one assistant guided her way towards the trial room.

An Tian looked at Lu Lijun. "Well, I have someone who would help you."

Lu Lijun looked at him questioningly. Just then, someone put a hand on his shoulder and spoke, "That's me."

Lu Lijun looked at Jake, "Better than getting help from your brother."

"Don't forget I'm the one who worked hard to create the masterpiece for your engagement."

Lu Lijun ignored it, "Where should I go?"

The one assistant came to An Tian and asked as she showed one box with few broaches on it.

An Tian understood, "Use this one broach. Will look good with her dress."

"But she doesn't look pleased with the dress," said the assistant. 4

"It's fine," An Tian assured.

The attendant left to go towards an area that had trial rooms.

An Tian signaled Lu Lijun and Jake to go towards one room where Jake and Lu Lijun went. In a while, An Tian entered the room where Lu Lijun stood in front of the stylish dresser wearing a black tuxedo, and Jake helped him. 1

"Are you sure about it?" Jake asked; the underlying meaning was clear. 2

Before Lu Lijun could answer, An Tian, who just entered the room, spoke, "Such a handsome groom you would be. After your brother, you are the second one." 5

Lu Lijun said nothing, and An Tian stood in front of him to check if everything with the suit was fine and spoke, "Seems like after Lu Qiang and President Lu, you and Liwei would make the prettiest couple."

As if something struck Lu Lijun, he stared at An Tian, who looked unaware of what he just said, and continued checking the dress. 1

One assistant knocked on the door and entered the room after getting permission.

"Ms. Liwei asked for Mr. Lu to take a look at her dress," the assistant informed and left.

"Do I need to?" Lu Lijun asked. 5

"Of course. You don't know how much a woman likes it when a man tells her how good her dress is and how pretty she looks," An Tian replied. 1

Not knowing what to do or say, Lu Lijun asked, "Where?"

"Second room from the right," An Tian replied. 3

Lu Lijun left, and Jake spoke, "He is not even a bit interested in this but can't stop being stubborn."

"Stubborn? I see more of them around me," An Tian commented, gazing at Jake, to which he said nothing. 5


Lu Lijun looked for the second room from the right. One attendant just came out of one room that was the second room from his side, so he was sure it was the room.

Lu Lijun went there and knocked on it lightly.

"Come in," he heard the distant voice and entered the room. 4

"This zip is stuck. Help me with it," spoke the woman who stood in front of the dresser, trying to pull up the zipper on her lower back.

Lu Lijun recognized the voice and looked into the mirror. He didn't expect to see Jiang Yuyan there and froze in his place. 4

Not getting any reaction from the attendant, Jiang Yuyan looked through the mirror to check why that assistant didn't come to her, only to see Lu Lijun standing at the door.

Jiang Yuyan turned around immediately as her entire back was almost visible due to the stuck zip at her lower back. Due to it, even her sleeves hung below her shoulder, which she tried to pull over by one hand while her other hand was still busy holding the dress at the stuck zipper. 4

"You seem to be in the wrong room," she said calmly, knowing it sure was a mistake. 11

The young man in front of her didn't seem to be affected and stepped towards her instead of going out of the room. 9

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