Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 1080 - Care By Hurting EaChapter Other...
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Chapter 1080 - Care By Hurting EaChapter Other...

This chapter is long equal to two chapters.


An Tian, Lu Feng, and Jiang Yang came out too and witnessed it all. Just like Lu Lijun, they didn’t meddle between Jake and Noah.

Once Jake passed out, An Tian went to the three and instructed Noah and Lu Lijun, "Take him home."

Noah and Lu Lijun were already up to it, but Noah stopped and looked at Jake’s hurt hand, which still bled. Noah was silent, but one could see he was hurt inside too. He wrapped his handkerchief in Jake’s hand, and then the two took Jake with them.

"Shouldn’t you take Jake home?" Lu Feng asked.

"If I do it, these two would be distant from each other, and it would difficult to get them back together. My stubborn brother won’t go back to him after punching him for no reason," An Tian replied.

"You shouldn’t have let it happen then," Lu Feng frowned.

"Let them suffer. A little bit of it is important to let them face reality," said An Tian and added, "Same goes to your baby brother too, so stop being his godfather."

Jiang Yang heard it and said, "Lu Lijun? He seems fine as he took an important decision in his life. He is smart, unlike his elder brother."

"Those invisible antennas on your head are really out of service for since long," Lu Feng mumbled.

"If I activate them, you would be the one in trouble," Jiang Yang countered as he smiled teasingly.

"No need, keep it rotten just like this," said Lu Feng.

"Why? Is my darling still scared of me?" Jiang Yang teased.

"For now, let’s pay attention to them."

Saying Lu Feng was about to follow the younger ones, but An Tian stopped him.

"For tonight, let’s go to my home. You can be there to fulfill your god’s role next morning."

These three went to An Tian’s home while the other three went to Noah’s home.


Noah and Lu Lijun set Jake in his bed. The two were tired after dragging the drunk and heavy guy with them.

"I’ll get water," Lu Lijun went to the kitchen while Noah pulled out the first aid box from the drawer c.h.e.s.t in the room.

Sitting at the edge of the bed, Noah observed Jake, who looked hurt even when he was in a deep sleep. The frowned lines were still on his forehead, which disappeared when Noah c.a.r.e.s.sed it.

Lu Lijun returned with the two glasses of water when he saw what Noah was doing. It was clear that Noah felt Jake’s pain, too, but he didn’t want to show it.

Sensing Lu Lijun was back, Noah retreated his hand from Jake’s forehead and held his hurt hand. The handkerchief wrapped in his hand was soaked in the blood entirely.

"Water," said Lu Lijun.

"Keep it there," Noah said, not willing to let go of Jake’s hurt hand as he started cleaning it.

Even in a deep sleep, Jake g.r.o.a.n.e.d, feeling the burn caused by the disinfectant. Noah c.a.r.e.s.sed his hand gently and blew on the wound to make him feel better.

Lu Lijun could only witness this act of care and had nothing to say.

Once Noah was done and covered Jake with a quilt, he stepped out of the room.

"What are you doing, Noah?" Lu Lijun asked.

"It’s late. We should sleep," said Noah coldly.

"Why are you doing this?" Lu Lijun didn’t stop.

Noah turned to look at Lu Lijun, "And what about you? Why are you hurting yourself and others too?"

"Don’t change the topic," Lu Lijun turned cold too.

"You should first think about yourself and then dare to question others," Noah countered, and Lu Lijun stopped saying further as it would only lead to hurting arguments.

"You can sleep in my room or wherever you want," Noah instructed and went to his room.

Lu LiJun didn’t follow him and went to the sofa in the living room as he lay on it, staring at the ceiling.

Three friends who were like each other’s shadows for all these years had some personal issues that they want to deal with independently.

Noah continued sitting in the bed, resting his back at the headrest and staring at the wall blankly. No one would even know what goes in his mind and why.

Lu Lijun, too couldn’t sleep and continued staring at the ceiling blankly.


The next morning, Lu Lijun woke up and saw the quilt covering him. he was sure Noah must have done it.

"Good morning," he heard Noah, who went to the kitchen to get water.

"Morning," Lu Lijun replied and asked, "Is he awake?"

"After drinking gallons of alcohol, how can he?" He opened the bottle and poured it into the glass, "Get fresh. I’ll order breakfast."

Lu Lijun went to Jake’s room. Jake was still in a deep sleep, and Lu Lijun didn’t disturb him. When Lu Lijun returned after having a shower and wore the new clothes, he saw movement in bed.

Jake was awake but seems like still in a daze due to a hangover.

"You are home," Lu Lijun informed, and Jake looked at him.

Just then, the two heard some noises and felt them coming closer. It didn’t take them much time to realize what it was.

"We thought to have breakfast together," said someone to Noah, and that was Jiang Yang.

"Where is the drunk guy?" An Tian asked.

"In his room," Noah replied and informed, "I’m going to get my parcel at security."

Once Noah left, In no time, the three came to Jake’s room, who sat in the bed ready to get annoyed by his brother.

"Good morning, my wasted brother," said An Tian and passed him one small bottle after unlocking its lead, "You will feel better."

Jake accepted the bottle and had just one sip quietly, only to hear something shocking from his elder brother.

"Don’t worry. Just your heart is broken, not your hand."


Jake coughed out everything. Not just his mouth but what he drank came out of his nose too.

Lu Lijun went to him and passed him tissue papers while the other two smiled.

Jake cleared his face and looked at Lu Lijun, "Can we exchange our brothers? I promise to obey you forever."

"Your brother is right. Your hands are important when you are single," Lu Feng interrupted them, and it was another shock for the younger ones.

Jake sighed, "You can keep your brother, Lijun."

"They are right, though," Lu Lijun countered, and it shocked Jake that Lu Lijun shamelessly sided with them.

"I hope your brother would say the same thing to you," Jake frowned.

"He doesn’t need to. He knows I take care of my hands," Lu Lijun replied, and the light laughter sound filled the room.

Jake pressed his templed, "You guys..."

"Don’t be so hyper. This is how us single souls can survive," Jiang Yang added.

Jake felt like his hangover will be worst if he stayed with these brazen people and got to out of bed to go to the bathroom.

"Good decision. We won’t disturb you," An Tian said again.

Jake glared at his brother and raised his wounded right hand to show him, "For now, my working hand is hurt, and I’m not lefty. You can help me with your strong hands if you want."

"You go ahead; I’ll send your guy," An Tian replied only to hear the loud noise door slam after Jake entered the bathroom.

"Wherever he goes, the doors of the home are always in danger," An Tian commented, and others could only laugh at what they had done with Jake.

"It’s fun teasing him. Isn’t it?" Jiang Yang asked.

The others nodded, and Jiang Yang spoke again, "I missed when I used to tease my darling to his bones."

"You can still do it. He is our punching bag when it comes to teasing," said An Tian.

"He was single at that time," Jiang Yang spoke.

"And still I am," Lu Feng interrupted the two while Lu Lijun looked at his brother questioningly.

"So you mean I can still tease you, Darling?" Jiang Yang concluded.

Lu Feng frowned, "Go to the bathroom and get that shit out already."

"Why don’t you help me?" Jiang Yang teased.

"Now I know how Jake felt," Lu Feng mumbled annoyingly, and the others laughed.

Noah returned with the parcel that had been delivered to security the previous night in his absence.

He came to Jake’s room. Not seeing Jake there and seeing others laughing, he asked, "Where is he?"

"To get the shit out?" An Tian replied, and others laughed again that Noah didn’t understand.

"You can give him a hand if you wish to," Jiang Yang spoke, and Noah understood what they meant. "He is capable enough to help himself."

"How do you know?" An Tian gave him a questioning look.

It didn’t affect Noah, and he replied shamelessly, "Aren’t we all capable?"

"He sure is your and Jiang Yang’s brother. Poor Jake," Lu Feng commented.


When Jake came out after having a shower, his room was empty, and he heard the voices coming from the living room. When he heard Noah’s voice, his body tensed, not knowing how to face him.

The previous night he was angry at him and even punched him when Noah did nothing wrong. Jake was aware that he couldn’t force his feelings on Noah, but he lost it sometimes despite controlling himself.

"It was better when I stopped drinking," Jake mumbled and concluded. "I should stop it again, or I’ll lose him."

Noah liked girls, and he couldn’t change this fact, and he was helpless. Jake remembered when he saw Noah kissing the girl and how it angered and hurt him.

"I should stop being around him when he is with girls. I should leave him alone to live his life," one more conclusion he drew.

Jake came out of the room to see everyone sitting around the breakfast table while serving in each other’s dish.

Jake went to them and looked at Noah hesitantly, but Noah was normal as usual and instructed, "Sit here." Noah pulled out the chair for him.

It eased Jake, and he sat next to Noah. Others were not surprised by it as they were used to the ignorant behavior of these two. One moment they would fight, and the next moment it would be like nothing happened.

"How’s your wound?" An Tian asked.

"It’s fine," Jake replied.

"I’m not asking you. You are not the only one hurt here," An Tian countered.

Jake understood what his brother meant and looked at Noah, but his lips’ hurt corner was on another side.

Jake spoke, "Let me see."

"it’s nothing," Noah countered

Jake stopped eating as he put the spoon down. Holding Noah’s face at the jaw tightly to make him look at him, Jake saw the blood clot at the corners of his lips.

Does it hurt?" Jake asked.

Noah held Jake’s hurt hand that rested on the table and pressed his wound harshly.

"Ahh..." Jake w.h.i.n.ed and retreated his hand that held Noah’s face.

"It hurts at least less than this," Noah commented.

Others could only sigh at the two. They cared for each other, but the way to the care was through hurting each other.

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