Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 1079 - Old Happy Memories...
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Chapter 1079 - Old Happy Memories...

Lu Lijun excused himself for the washroom, but he went somewhere else. He went out of the Pub and went to the gallery on that floor as the Pub was inside one of the luxurious towers.

With his heart still beating faster after what An Tian said, Lu Lijun almost ran to go away from there. He breathed deeply to calm himself and looked ahead blankly and down towards the city.

Everything brightened up with numerous lights, from small shops to skyscr.a.p.ers. Standing at the height from where everything looked so far, he felt relaxed and secured as if he was away from all the worries. It was more like it was his attempt to run away from something that scared him, the realization that he didn’t want to accept.

"..... What’s wrong in thinking about the woman he likes?" An Tian’s words buzzed in Lu Lijun’s ears, and he thought, ’Why did I think about her? Why her?’

Asking himself the same thing, Lu Lijun stood his hands resting at it and leaning down helplessly as he closed his eyes to let that chaos pass through of his mind but happened otherwise.

Just as he closed his eyes, Jiang Yuyan’s smiling face appeared in front of his eyes again. He opened his eyes, his heart reaching its limit, and he stepped back in shock.

’It was a mistake. It’s happening just because I’m angry at her and want to see her back,’ Lu Lijun concluded to get rid of any other possibility and thought, ’Let her be back, and once I see her suffer, it won’t happen.’


Inside the Pub, Noah was busy with the woman he just met while Jake continued drinking, avoiding looking at them.

"Jake, take it slow," Jiang Yang warned, seeing how fast Jake emptied the glasses after glasses.

An Tian said nothing, busy enjoying his drink. Seeing Jake not listening to what Jiang Yang said, Lu Feng looked at An Tian, "He is your brother. You should say something."

"He is not a kid to tell him what to do," An Tian replied, not affected by seeing his upset brother.

"Being an elder brother, you should...."

"We all have gone through a rough time, so let the younger ones face it too. Don’t ask me to be a god for them just like you," An Tian countered.

Lu Feng sighed, and Jiang Yang agreed with An Tain, "He is right."

Lu Feng looked at Jiang Yang, "Weren’t you so protective to Yuyan when..."

"I did, but in the end when the worst came to her, she was the one to decide for her life." Jiang Yang interrupted him and mumbled as he took a sip, "Now I don’t even get to know what she is going through."

An Tian didn’t comment on it as he was aware of Jiang Yuyan’s situation. Moreover, there was nothing Jiang Yang could do for his sister, so there was no use in telling him and making him sadder.

"Mr. God, I think you should go to your brother," An Tian said to Lu Feng.

Lu Feng looked around and realized Lu Lijun didn’t return, so he stood up to leave.

"He went out," An Tian informed as he saw Lu Lijun going towards the exit.

When Lu Feng reached outside, he saw Lu Lijun standing at the gallery, staring out, and went to him.

"What are you doing here?" Lu Feng asked, standing next to him.

"Fresh air feels good," Lu Lijun replied.

"It sure does," Lu Feng agreed and stood quietly by his side for a while.

He then looked at Lu Lijun, who looked unusually calm, and asked, "Is there anything that’s bothering you?"

Not replying to it, Lu Lijun asked, "Why do we hate someone?"

Lu Feng looked ahead and replied, "Because that person has hurt us, and hating them makes us feel better."

"What if even when we hate them, it doesn’t make us feel better?"

"Then we don’t really hate that person but force ourselves in believing it."

"And why would one force to believe it?"

"Because they don’t wish to accept the reality."

Lu Lijun looked at his brother questioningly. "Reality?"

Lu Feng looked back at him and commented, "Sometimes the things we can’t see clearly in the daylight; they are clearer in the night," Lu Feng looked towards the downward city, "Just like this city, which is so chaotic in the day but calm and prettier in the night."

It puzzled Lu Lijun, and Lu Feng patted his shoulder, "Once you are done, come inside."

Puzzled, Lu Lijun stayed there and continued looking at the view ahead. He closed his eyes as a while ago he was startled seeing Jiang Yuyan.

He was calm, and one by one, Jiang Yuyan’s images flashed in front of his eyes. It was not the same cold Yuyan, but she was the one from the past who used to look at Lu Lijun with love and affection.

She smiled at him, fought with him, got fake angry at him, argued with him, and so on. All those forgotten and buried moments flashed again in his mind, and he realized how much he missed everything.

He opened his eyes and didn’t know what to think or feel about it. One thing was sure, nothing was like before, and it could never be. Things had changed a lot; he had changed and Jiang Yuyan too.

Lu Lijun returned to the Pub where he saw his one friend was busy finishing the entire stock of alcohol in the Pub while the other was busy with one woman.

He sighed, thinking, ’I just left for a while, and these two are back to square one.’

"Jake stop it," Lu Lijun held his hand that had the wine glass.

Jake shrugged his hand, and Lu Lijun held it again as he glared into the drunk man’s eyes, "If you love him this much, go tell him instead of torturing yourself."

With his half-opened eyes, Jake looked at Lu Lijun, "Then why don’t you tell her too?"

In shock, Lu Lijun let go of his hand and turned silent.

Lu Feng and An Tian understood what he meant, while Jiang Yang ignored what they talked about.

"That asshole." Cursing, Jake turned to look at Noah only to witness him kissing the woman with him.


The glass in Jake’s hand was crushed in pieces as he held it tightly in anger.

"Jake," Lu Lijun exclaimed and held Jake’s hand, who still stared at Noah.

Everyone followed his sight and got to know why he was angry. An Tian finally came to him and checked his hand.

Jake shrugged his hand, "I’m fine." and stood up, "Leave me alone," instructed the drunk man as he stood up.

With his slow steps, Jake walked towards the exit of the Pub, as the blood from his hand continued to drip on the floor. It caught the attention of people who he came across, and they recognized him as the one who sang a while ago.

Lu Lijun stood up to follow him, assuring others, "I’ll take care of him."

Noah saw Jake leaving and even noticed his hurt hand.

"I’ll be back in a while," informing the woman, Noah went to Jake, who already stepped out of Pub.

Lu Lijun followed him closely, not disturbing Jake but being ready to handle him if he fell down.

Noah came to Lu Lijun, "What happened?"

Lu Lijun glared at him, "As if you don’t know."

Not replying, Noah went to Jake while Lu Lijun stayed back.

Noah held his hand, "Jake, your hand is hurt."

Jake stopped and looked at him, "So is my heart."

Noah ignored it and pulled out the handkerchief to wrap his hand.

Jake pulled his hand away, "Go back to your woman. Don’t spoil your night for me."

Noah held his hand back, and this time Jake pushed him and punched in the face, "Show your fake concern to someone else, you asshole."

Noah, who was pushed back due to the punch, didn’t feel the pain even though blood was at the corner of his lips.

Jake stepped ahead but missed his footstep and couldn’t balance. Before he could fall, Noah held him.

Jake again pushed him away, "Stay away from" and fell again.

Noah didn’t give up and kneeled to get Jake up. Lu Lijun joined him, and the two got him up, only to see Jake passed out already.

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