Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 1078 - Perfect Song...
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Chapter 1078 - Perfect Song...

An Tian had a mischievous smile on his lips and commented, "I’m sure my brother’s singing will make you all have a tour of deep down inside your hearts."

Everyone heard what An Tian said, but the sudden sound from guitar strings grabbed their attention. They looked at Jake, who sat in the tall chair holding guitar in front of the mic stand.

Jake looked at the other five before he started singing. Though it was Jake who had been forced to go there, Noah felt tense and turned silent.

An Tian noticed it and smirked.

Jake had to introduce first which song he would sing. He leaned closer to the mic and spoke.

"I’m singing- Love someone- by Lukas Graham." He then looked at his brother as his sight passed by Noah, "And it’s because my elder brother has forced me to and nothing else."

An Tian sighed, "Was it necessary to say it?"

"For him, it is," Lu Feng countered, "And stop troubling the kids."

An Tian smiled mischievously, "Just wait and watch."

Just then, they heard the soulful voice with a British accent which sounded s.e.xy to the ears.

[There are days, I wake up and I pinch myself]

[You are with me, not someone else]

[And I’m scared, I’m still scared]

[That it’s all a dream]...

Just as Jake stared, everyone around cheered up by making noises and clapping cheerfully. He looked handsome and dreamy that everyone would want to keep looking at.

The girls around could only see him, forgetting the one they came with, and the other ones didn’t mind it taking it sportingly.

No one could deny this handsome man sang well and turned the atmosphere into the romantic one where everyone focused on the song.

On the other hand, the four men sitting on the specious couch turned silent and looked lost in their world as the fifth one, An Tian observed them all.

[When you love someone, you open up your heart]

[When you love someone, you make room]....

An Tian looked at Lu Lijun and Noah as he mumbled, "Perfect lines."

Then he looked at his two lost in thoughts friends, "Ahh, next lines are for these two."

An Tian enjoyed the song while sipping on the wine. "Lovely song," he commented as he heard every line attentively. "Next lines are for everyone."

[Cuase you all I need]

[And you still look perfect as the days go by]

[Even though worst ones, you make me smile]

[I’d stop the world if it gave us time].....

An Tian noticed his brother, who looked at Noah once in a while when Noah avoided looking at him as if showing he was enjoying the drink.

The most affected person was Lu Lijun, who never looked like he would pay attention to the song.

Jake finished the song, and the entire place was filled with loud clapping. He returned to his place where he heard his brother.

"Well done, my brother," and then looked at others, "See what your song has done to everyone. I’m sure they thought about the person in their hearts."

No one replied to An Tian and avoided looking at him.

"I must say the person you sang this song for is the fortunate one," An Tian commented, and Jake looked at Noah, who looked busy getting more alcohol in his glass and acted as if he didn’t hear it.

"I don’t think so," Jake said and sat down.

"Are you guys done or still need time to get back here?" An Tian commented, and Noah, Lu Lijun, Lu Feng, and Jiang Yang looked at him.

"Noah, what do you think about how Jake sang?" An Tian asked.

"As usual, his highness was awesome," Noah replied, pulling out his usual pleasant smile and looked at Jake, "It’s sad you hid your talent from us."

"You might not like it if I show," Jake countered, and Noah looked somewhere else as he commented, "These drinks are not that good."

"Lu Lijun, are you fine?" An Tian asked.

Lu Lijun cleared his throat and said awkwardly, "Well, he sang really well."

An Tian looked at silent Lu Feng and talked to Lu Lijun. "Look at your elder brother. He is still lost in his woman’s...."

Lu Feng glared at An Tian, "I mean non-existing woman’s thoughts," then he turned to look at Jiang Yang, who silently enjoyed his drink, "And this gentleman here is reminiscing his long-gone love."

"Can’t I even do that?" Jiang Yang countered.

"Of course you can." Saying An Tian turned to Lu Lijun again, "Lu Lijun, I’m sure you were thinking about her. Such is the power of Lo...."

"An Tian, will you shut up?" Lu Feng said.

An Tian’s left Lu Lijun speechless and lost.

"Well, he is getting engaged, so what’s wrong in thinking about the woman he likes?" An Tian added.

This turned Lu Lijun shocked, and only he knew the reason.

"Excuse me," Lu Lijun stood up and left to go to the washroom.

An Tian smiled again to know why he left while Lu Feng gave him a killer gaze.

An Tian again turned to Noah, "You were so silent. Who were you thinking about?"

"No one. I was busy enjoying this," Noah raised his glass to point it out.

"The person in your heart might feel bad seeing you lying," An Tian countered.

"There’s no one," Noah added.

"There is no one because there are so many who he keeps dating like changing his clothes," Jake spoke, and Noah gave him a displeased look.

"Am I wrong?" Jake asked sarcastically.

"My Bad. His highness can never be wrong," Noah said and stood up as he waved at someone.

Everyone looked at the person he waved at. A woman in a stylish and hot dress walked towards them carrying a broad smile and hugged Noah.

Jake averted his sight and frowned inside as he knew what would come next and mumbled, "As expected."

"I didn’t know you were here," said the woman and then looked at An Tian, "You are here too."

An Tian nodded, and she then turned to Noah, "Would you mind dancing with me?"

"Why would I? Also, I need to treat Nicole’s friends nicely, or she would kill me," said Noah, and the two went towards the dance floor where few couples moved along the silent romantic music.

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