Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 1077 - Celebration...
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Chapter 1077 - Celebration...

Out of the two weeks for engagement, one week almost passed by but Jiang Yuyan still didn’t return.

The entire week he was silent and sulking most of the times that scared the employees as they could see their future was not any better under the leadership of the fourth young master.

Noah and Jake worked with him but no one asked why he was like that as the answer was obvious.

As it was Friday and weekend, Noah and Jake offered Lu Lijun to come out with them. Lu Lijun had nothing to do so he agreed.

They went to the pub where the other trio already waited for them.

The atmosphere in the pub was silent as it was the musical night where one band and the singer played nice songs on the demand of customers. Even those who could sing offered to sing a song and enjoyed it.

"What are they doing here?" Lu Lijun asked, seeing An Tian, Lu Feng, and Jiang Yang sitting on one corner of the pub where the spacious couch was arranged to sit.

"They are not strangers," Noah commented and stepped to go towards the other three as Jake and Lu Lijun followed them.

Seeing Lu Lijun from a distance, An Tian spoke, "Seems like the kid is not happy seeing us here."

"Who would be happy seeing a mind reader like you," Lu Feng commented and looked at Jiang Yang, "You too, though your skills are rotten now."

"I live with new policy now- Ignorance is bliss," Jiang Yang countered.

The younger three reached there and sat on the one side of the spacious couch.

"Finally you are here," An Tian commented and added, "Party is on you as we are here to celebrate before you get engaged."

"Celebration?" Lu Lijun glared at Noah.

"Man, don’t be stingy. You are getting engaged and it’s something to celebrate about. Don’t spoil the mood here," Noah said, ignoring how displeased Lu Lijun was.

"I’m proud you are doing things faster than your slow elder brother," An Tian commented and looked at Lu Feng, "Learn from him."

"I better not," Lu Feng said as he ordered the drinks.

"Congratulations, Lu Lijun," Jiang Yang.

Lu Lijun just nodded lightly and continued being quiet.

The drinks arrived and as usual Lu Lijun had to get only a cold drink while others enjoyed whatever they liked.

They enjoyed the nice music being played and while talking in between.

"Last time I enjoyed someone singing was Lu Qiang’s wedding," An Tian said and Jiang Yang agreed, "Both Lu brothers were awesome."

Jiang Yang looked at Lu Lijun, "Do you remember them singing at Yuyan and Lu Qiang’s wedding?"

Lu Lijun nodded.

"Yuyan was happy when Lu Qiang sang for her. It was something to remember forever," Jiang Yang added.

Lu Lijun didn’t know how to react. Whenever there was talk about Yuyan and his brother, he chose to be silent.

Jiang Yang continued, "It was their wedding anniversary. I’m sure she must have missed him a lot."

Lu Feng looked at Lu Lijun and then looked at Jiang Yang, "Let’s not talk about it."

Jiang Yang agreed, "Those happy memories hurt now."

"Right. So let’s talk about how we can celebrate Lu Lijun being a committed man now," An Tian spoke and looked at the younger three, "So who would sing a song among you three?"

Lu Lijun looked away while Noah spoke, "I don’t want the pub owner to lose money when everyone would run away after listening to my lovely voice."

"Jake, go ahead. It’s for Lu Lijun," said An Tain. He looked as if he had expected it.

"Don’t expect it from me," Jake denied firmly. "I can’t sing."

"Really? But I remember watching one video where someone sang really well," An Tian countered.

"I was forced to do so," Jake replied.

"So you don’t want to," An Tian asked, his sight carried a warning that Jake could understand.

An Tian looked at others, "Let me tell you all something about my little brother."

Everyone’s attention turned to An Tian while Jake waited to see what his brother was up to.

"When Jake just entered the middle school, my mother asked him to learn Piano. You know, it’s a must thing for the Prince to learn but this guy threw all kids tantrums saying he doesn’t love music or those musical instruments. He once even broke the piano when my grandmother forced him to."

Noah and Lu Lijun didn’t know it as it was before these two met him or either this guy didn’t tell them about it.

An Tian continued, "The guy who only loved to play soccer and hated music, suddenly during his senior year of high school, he held the guitar and learned it on his own."

Lu Lijun and Noah looked at Jake as the two were surprised hearing it.

"How come I don’t know?" Noah asked.

"Neither I," Lu Lijun added.

"Suddenly starting to love the things that we hated. Do you know what does it mean?" An Tian looked at everyone.

"That means he did it for someone special," Jiang Yang answered and looked at Lu Feng, "Lu Feng is an example. He learned the guitar for someone special and even sang in her wedding."

Lu Feng glared at him.

"I wonder if what Jiang Yang said makes sense then who was that special person?" An Tian asked as his sight passed across the other two.

"There was none," Jake said.

"You two must know it," An Tian asked Noah and Lu Lijun.

"We don’t know," both said together.

Lu Lijun had nothing to do with it while Noah turned silent.

An Tian ignored them, "Wait what was the song that you sang. The lyrics were so heart-touching. I’m sure it was for..."

Jake stood up and glared at his brother, whose mouth was needed to shut as soon as possible "What do you want me to sing?"

"The same song," An Tian replied.

Jake went towards the music band and informed them about he will sing the song.

Lu Feng sighed looking at An Tian and Jiang Yang who enjoyed seeing Jake annoyed and fl.u.s.tered.


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