Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 1076 - Wait For Me...
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Chapter 1076 - Wait For Me...

Lu Lijun stepped out of the bathroom, feeling angry as the cold water couldn’t help his temper to disappear.

While going through his wardrobe, he couldn’t decide what to wear and threw out all the shirts one by one after checking them. It was more like his mind was busy thinking and getting angry at something else.

’How dare she run away from me? I told her even if she wants to, I’ll bring her back and make her suffer.’

Gritting his teeth with these angry thoughts he continued emptying his wardrobe while throwing the shirts with hangers.

Finally, there was no shirt left. Angrily, he shut the door of the wardrobe and sat on the couch while leaning forward and running his fingers through his damp hair.

’President Lu, just wait and watch. I’ll get you back here by all means. You can never go away from me.’

Contemplating over so many things he continued sitting there. In some time, Lu Feng came to his room, getting ready for breakfast.

Looking at the mess created by the clothes on the floor, Lu Feng understood his brother was angry over something.

Lu Feng picked up the shirts one by one and started to arrange them back in the wardrobe and asked, "Do you want to be without any clothes?"

Lu Lijun looked at Lu Feng. Lu Feng smiled and said, "You can be without clothes as it’s still summer but make sure to be in your room or the women in our home will get a cultural shock.

Lu Lijun observed himself. He had a towel wrapped around his waist and spoke, "I’ll make sure to keep this towel at least."

Lu Feng got his clue that he could now talk to his brother normally and asked, "What angered you this time?"

"I didn’t like those clothes," Lu Lijun stood up and went to the wardrobe as he looked at the shirts Lu Feng arranged.

Lu Feng pulled out one shirt, "Wear this for now. We will go out and buy new ones."

Lu Feng’s presence calmed Lu Lijun and he obeyed what his brother said.

The two went downstairs for breakfast where others waited for them.

"We have decided to carry out an engagement next month," Lu Jinhai informed, "Are you fine with it, Lu Lijun."

"Next month? We can have it next week," said Lu Lijun.

"What’s the rush? It’s too early?" Ning Jiahui interrupted.

"I don’t mind this week even," Lu Lijun added coldly.

"There are lots of preparations we have to do so it will take time," Ning Jiahui countered.

"One week should be enough, and I hope till then President Lu can manage to return so we don’t have to wait for long," Lu Lijun spoke.

"We don’t know where she is and when she would be back. We can wait for her to return and then decide," Lu Jinhai spoke.

"Do I need to decide important events in my life based on when President Lu is available? It would be next week and President Lu can be here if she wants to or can just skip attending it."

His behavior had started annoying everyone. They tried to keep up with it but now it was getting out of hand.

"Lu Lijun, just because we agree with what you say and let you do what you want, it doesn’t mean we are bound to listen to everything you say."

"Then let’s cancel the engagement," Lu Lijun said casually and ate his food.

"Cancel? Do you even know what you are saying?" Lu Jinhai raised his voice.

"Whatever I say, there is always a problem with it. It would be next week or it would be canceled," Lu Lijun declared.

Not having to say anything, others silently ate breakfast. Lu Feng said nothing as he knew there was no use.


Lu Jinhai talked to Mr. Wen and they agreed to have an engagement after two weeks as they needed time to prepare. Lu Lijun didn’t complain as it was better than having it after a month. He was sure Jiang Yuyan had to return wherever she was to attend it.

The news spread faster about the engagement and everyone waited for it as it was one more big event in the business world as the two top business families would be the relatives.

The Preparations started when Lu Lijun and Liwei had to go to An Tian for their engagement dresses to be prepared.

As usual, An Tian directed his workers to create everything faster in a week.

Days started to pass by when more than the engagement day, Lu Lijun was waiting for Jiang Yuyan to return.


At some unknown place, in the other country.

It was night and Yuyan sat in the gallery of her room, looking at the sky and greenery ahead which brightened under the moonlight.

A young woman wearing a black knee-length formal dress. entered the room with the food cart carrying snacks and the wine bottle with two glasses.

"President Lu, would you like to have it in the gallery?" asked the young woman.

Jiang Yuyan nodded.

The woman carried it to the gallery and served the wine in both glasses. She didn’t know what she was asked to have two glasses when President Lu was alone but she did it without asking a question.

"Would you like to have some music?" The woman asked.


The woman went to the music player and played the silent song that matched Jiang Yuyan’s mood.

She picked up the wine glass and raised it to the starry sky, "Happy wedding anniversary, Lu Qiang."

She was calm and seemed to like her time alone away from everyone.

Having sips of wine she closed her eyes for a moment as the lines from the songs caught her attention. While listening to it, the images of all the time she spent with Lu Qiang flashed in front of her eyes since the moment they first encountered at the airport.

There was a peaceful smile on her lips which slowly turned to a painful one as the memories passed her mind. Tears rolled down her eyes as she opened her eyes and looked at the sky.

’I know we have promised to spend our time together and I’m late. I’ll finish everything faster and accompany you soon. Wait for me. Soon, I would be with you as you planned for us. We will be together forever.’


To get an idea of the music that Yuyan listened to and to get her feelings, you can go through the song RUNAWAY by AURORA

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