Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 1075 - Her Advice...
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Chapter 1075 - Her Advice...

Ming Rusheng back hugged her, "I have something to tell you."

Lu Lian could guess what he meant, but she was not in a hurry and said, "Not now."

It puzzled him, and she continued, "This time, I don’t want you to say or do anything that you would want to take back like before. If you do, I couldn’t handle it."

"I won’t take it back," he assured.

"But I want you to take your time and think it over again," she insisted.

"There are other things too, those I want to tell you, but I’m scared you might hate me."

"The last thing I want is to hate you," she said, and Ming Rusheng loosened his hold on her.

"I’ll take a leave," she said and left while Ming Rusheng let her be.

Once she left, Ming Rusheng went to his chair and sat while leaning back as he closed his eyes.

After talking to Lu Lian, Ming Rusheng was puzzled about what to do. He was sure she wouldn’t forgive him, and it scared him to lose her forever.

’Should I consider Yuyan’s advice?’ he thought.


(Flashback of Jiang Yuyan and Ming Rusheng meeting)

Ming Rusheng got information about Jiang Yuyan’s whereabouts and went to see her after getting permission from her.

He stayed in the same hotel as her. Once she was free from work, the two met in the evening in the hotel’s cafe.

As the two sat around the table, opposite each other, Jiang Yuyan asked, "Mr. Ming seems troubled with something."

"I would like to talk to Yuyan and not to President Lu," Ming Rusheng spoke.

His visit and what he talked about didn’t surprise Jiang Yuyan. When she got to know he wanted to meet her, she already understood what it must be.

"Go ahead," she instructed.

"It’s about Lian."

"Hmm," Jiang Yuyan nodded casually.

"I like her, and I want to be with her."


Seeing Jiang Yuyan calm and not surprised over it, he asked, "Don’t you have anything to say about it?"

"The decision is yours and hers."

"You don’t mind if I marry her?"

"Why would I as long as Lian is happy?" she said calmly, but the next moment the sweat words coated with warning came out. "But, I’ll mind if you make her cry. I’ll make sure to pay back with interest."

"What happened in the past..."

"I’m too busy to hold grudges over some silly mistakes," Jiang Yuyan interrupted him.

Ming Rusheng knew she had forgiven him long back. But hearing it from her and talking over it was a relief as they never talked about it ever and continued their lives quietly.

"Thank you," he said.

Jiang Yuyan didn’t reply to it and asked, "If I had stopped you, then would you have let her go?"

Ming Rusheng nodded, "I owe you, and I would have respected your wish."

"Is it important than your feelings for Lian?"

"If you can’t forgive me, then she wouldn’t forgive me either."

Jiang Yuyan knew it was the truth, and her opinion mattered a lot.

This much talk was enough for Ming Rusheng to understand Jiang Yuyan had permitted him. Moreover, they were not that close to spend time together without having much to talk about.

"I’ll take a leave," Ming Rusheng stood up and bowed lightly; after all, she was President Lu.

"I’ll advise you not to tell her anything. Let the things buried in the past," Jiang Yuyan spoke before Ming Rusheng would leave.

Ming Rusheng turned to look at her, "I need to tell, or I wouldn’t be in peace with her."

"Decision is yours, but later don’t expect me to help with anything."

"I won’t," he assured and left.


Few days passed by when Lu Lian and Ming Rusheng worked together, maintaining their professional stance. Whenever he saw her, the thought of losing her would strike his mind, and he couldn’t think about what to do.


Lu Mansion.. Morning time...

Everyone was in the living room. It was the weekend, and the family had to plan the coming event, Lu Lijun’s engagement.

A week passed by, but Jiang Yuyan didn’t return.

"Why is Yuyan not back yet?" Elder Ming asked and frowned, "Why does she have to work this much?"

"Father, her work is over, and she left France two days back," Lu Jinhai informed.

"Then why is she not home?" Elder Lu asked.

Lu Lijun, who returned with Lu Feng from jogging, heard it. It surprised him to think why she was not home. ’is it because she spends her weekend out?’ he thought but heard something shocking again.

"No one knows where she went," Lu Jinhai informed.

"What do you mean?" Elder Lu’s tone was high.

"She left France but didn’t return to China. All I know she is fine," Lu Jinhai informed.

"She must want to go somewhere alone. She never had a chance before. Let her be," Grandma Zhao Shuang added.

"I’m not against it if she goes somewhere. But we should know where she goes. What if something happens to her and we don’t know about it?"

"Calm down, Grandpa. She has the best security with her," said Lu Feng, who stood next to Lu Lijun.

"This week, in a few days, it’s her and Lu Qiang’s wedding anniversary....." Ning Jiahui stopped, and others went speechless.

Elder Lu didn’t argue over it. "Let’s not disturb her then."

Lu Lijun, who was busy wondering where Jiang Yuyan must be, heard his mother mentioning the wedding anniversary and didn’t know what to think about it.

Lu Feng put his hand on his shoulder, "Let’s get fresh."

Lu Lijun nodded, and the two brothers left to go to their rooms.

Lu Lijun went to have a shower. Though the water was cold, his mind was hot with angry thoughts that troubled him.

’She didn’t even bother to tell where she is and lives the way she wants.’

He punched the wall in front of him and frowned as if he was entitled to know each and everything about her.

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