Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 10 I Am Handsome Since My Birth...
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Chapter 10 I Am Handsome Since My Birth...

Everyone was stunned with what they heard.

Lu Qiang : "__" (cough**"cough)

Lu Shuang : "__" (I wish, if he had bone in his tongue)

Lu Jinhai : "__" (nobody can beat father)

Lu Jiahui : "__" ( thank god!!! Other kids are not here)

Lu Chen : "__" ( I should have stayed back in the room)

Lu Hui : "__" ( I think my ears are going to rot soon)

Butler : "__" ( why I always forget to carry my ear buds?)

Lu Qiang was stunned after hearing this even if he was used to this kind of conversation between his father and grandfather. He looked at these blatant personalities from his family.

He knew what was going to come next, so he said with a straight face and a sharp voice, "It wasn’t me. A wild cat crossed my path."

He then continued, "And I don’t have such weird habbits. I am perfect in everything I do." As if he was not affected by his father and grandfather’s bold words.

Then he turns to move upstairs to his room, suddenly stopped in between, turned back and with no expressions on his face he said, "Don’t worry grandpa. I won’t disappoint you with your dream." Then he turn back and left, leaving everyone shocked.

After hearing this last line, everyone was stunned and stood frozen on their places staring at Lu Qiang’s back untill he disappeared from their sight.

This is the first time ever Lu Qiang said something like this. Everyone knew he never ever dated anyone or showed interest in any girl as if he was aloof to such kind of human relationships.

He was too young only 24 yrs old. It was an age when boys usually roam around with girls and enjoy their life but he never did that. What happened suddenly?? He himself mentioned about grandfather’s dream and indirectly confirmed that he is going to fullfill it. There must be only one reason, he must have taken liking to someone. Now everyone was curious.

Lu Qiang entered into his room, removed his jacket, tossed it on bed and entered in the bathroom. When he was standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom he touched the stains on his shirt and said, "It seams like grandpa is going to jump with happiness soon." There was a pleasant smile on his face.

After getting fresh, Lu Qiang headed downstairs. Everyone was waiting for him at breakfast table eagerly, because of what he had said before.

It was a big wooden dining table, able to accommodate whole Lu family and few more guests too. Elder Lu was sitting on the chair at one end of the table, which meant for the head of the family. On his right side was sitting Lu Shuang, his second son and his wife. On left side Lu Jinhai and Lu Jiahui were sitting.

Lu Qiang was wearing a white shirt and blue pant with his suit’s jacket in one hand. He was looking fresh after taking shower with hairs still quite damp but had no expressions on his face. Everyone was staring at him without blinking an eye, like never seen him before, remembering what he said back then. Nobody dared to ask anything but stare at him.

Lu Qiang walked towards dining table ignoring their gazes. He put his jacket on the back of the chair which was exactly opposite to elder Lu Huan, at the other end of dining table and sat down with a calm and compose expressions.

Atmosphere was silent as everyone was busy with making their own assumptions. There was only a sound of servants doing their work.

Table was filled with a delicious dishes like chicken steamed buns with soup, tofu pudding, rice noodles with meat, peanut butter chocolate smoothie with banana and flax, pancakes with eggs, wontons, tea and some fruits.

Servants served the dishes then everyone started to eat. As Lu Qiang was having a bite he sensed the gazes coming in his direction. He stopped and looked up in the direction of these curious sights.

Everyone was still looking at him observing his actions. As Lu Qiang looked up everyone got alarmed to their own actions and started to look here and there as if thief got caught while doing a deed.

Lu Qiang frowned, put his chopsticks on table which made a sound "tthud". He then leaned back in the chair, crossed his hands in front of his chest and passed his gaze across the table. Then he asked with serious tone "Is there anything wrong?? Everyone shooked there head in a sync, as if they have practiced it.

Lu Shuang, "No!! Not at all dear. It’’s just that you are looking very handsome today and we are happy for you."

Everyone nodded in an agreement.

Lu Jiahui: "Yes!! Yes!! Grandma is right, Lu Qiang" and smiled awkwardly as hiding something.

"Handsome!!!, Lu Qiang paused and said, "yes!! I am!! since my birth."

Everyone: "___" (flattery don’t work on him)

He continued and asked, "Then what are you people happy about?" He knew why everyone was behaving like that. So he just mocked their reasoning.

"Haha!! That’s true. You are really very handsome. After all you are my grandson", Lu Huan said with a pride and tried to made him forget his question.

Others: ".....," (Never forgets to blow his own whistle) and looked at Lu Huan.

Lu Huan then continued, "But you are looking quite weak to me. You should take care of your health to increase your stamina."

"Stamina??" As usual Everyone knew, where this conversation was heading now, so everyone just kept quiet.

Lu Huan then called the butler and said, " From now on you will make all the nutritious food for Lu Qiang that will improve his health and stamina."

Butler was quite embarrassed, took a glance at Lu Qiang and nodded saying, " Yes Master". Butler Xu Dui was working for Lu family since he was very young. He looked similar in age to Lu Jinhai. He saw Lu Qiang growing up in front of his eyes but still felt embarrassed.

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