You Are My Unforgettable Love

Chapter 1579 - Mo Xicheng Reinstated (52)
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Chapter 1579: Mo Xicheng Reinstated (52)

Mo Hai was taken aback by Li Shu’s determined attitude.

He looked at her and recalled the refined and cultured lady she had once been. He remembered the time more than twenty years ago, when she had obviously known that there was something going on between Yao Lili and him, yet she had accepted her and her son.

The Li Shu he had known back then had been a magnanimous woman. But now...

He could not have imagined that Li Shu would ever turn this petty.

Why would she target the shares?

Li Shu saw the expression on his face and gave a scornful laugh. “I suppose you’re hesitating?”

Mo Hai gasped and quickly said, “Of course not! But Li Shu, you have to know that even though Mo Zhi is Yao Lili’s son, he’s my son after all too! Legally, illegitimate children have a right to inherit the family estate. So if Mo Zhi refuses to return the money, there is nothing I can do.”

Li Shu found Mo Hai’s remark laughable.

She looked at Mo Hai and spoke unhurriedly, “When you thought Mo Xicheng was Yao Lili’s son, what was your opinion? You never acknowledged Mo Xicheng’s status. But now that the mistress’ son has turned out to be Mo Zhi, you’ve changed your mind?”

Mo Hai spluttered and tried to explain, “I didn’t mean it like that, I—”

Li Shu waved her hand before he could finish speaking. She interrupted him and said, “You don’t have to say another word, I understand what you mean.”

She looked at Mo Hai steadily and continued, “But I cannot face that son, who lied to me for more than 20 years. Every time I see him, I inevitably recall Mo Xicheng, who was tortured by that woman for so many years. Think about it carefully, since Mo Xicheng was a child, Yao Lili was very harsh with him. Even living next door to them, I could see how badly she suppressed him! At the time, I felt that perhaps Yao Lili didn’t want Mo Xicheng to outshine Mo Zhi, but what about now? When I think about how that woman treated Mo Xicheng in his childhood, I cannot find it within myself to forgive her! So Mo Hai, honestly, between Mo Zhi and me, you can only choose one.”

Her strong and clear voice caused Mo Hai to gasp and choke. Taking in a deep breath, he reached out for Li Shu’s hand and said, “Needless to say. If I have to choose, then I choose you.”

At this point, he turned to look at the butler and said, “Tell Mo Zhi to leave the villa now. He has to move out.”

The butler nodded immediately.

Mo Hai added, “And ask him when he is going to transfer his shares to Mo Xicheng.”

The butler nodded again.

Mo Hai looked as though he wanted to say something else but finally fell silent.

She cast her gaze down, noting his hesitation and reluctance in silence.

Then he sighed and told the butler, “Go now.”

The butler went away.

Mo Hai turned around, took the suitcase from Li Shu and said, “In the future, don’t mention divorce casually. We’ve kept our marriage after so many years. It has been so and will be so.”

Li Shu narrowed her eyes. Although she did not speak, she did not insist on leaving, but rather followed the man as he led her back to the bedroom.

As a rule, Mo Hai would not enter Li Shu’s bedroom. Hence, he stood at the doorway as he watched Li Shu enter her room and shut the door behind her.

He then quickly turned around and dashed downstairs, heading towards the apartment that Yao Lili and Mo Xicheng had used to live in.

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