Part 5
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Part 5

"-nim" is like honorific way to call people like "-sama" in Japanese


After His Majesty left, I stared at the porridge. It was still warm, and I sighed.

The thing…didn’t go as I planned. Actually it didn’t go as I planned since while back. Something changed after I confessed that I’m a man to the Emperor four months ago. I was about to die, but he didn’t let me. He send away all the servants and filled my palace with heavy lips people. And kept the fact that I’m a man in secret completely from the outside of my palace. And he took care of what I eat and what I wear. At first I was worried how he will change his mind, but now I argue with him about what I eat.

He is weird. When I first met him, he was like a cold blooded, but now occasionally he smiles. He is truly worrying about me. Then I remembered that I had to finish this bowl of porridge. I sighed, but I started to eat the porridge again. It got little cooler, so it was easier for me to eat, and finally I finished eating. I called the servant to clean up my bowl. And this one small girl came and started to clean up.

“Where is Soa?”

I asked, and this cute small girl nervously answered.

“Soa-nim went to the crop storage.”

“Why crop storage?”

“His Majesty ordered her to get some rice.”

“I thought we have a lot left…?”

I replied and the girl politely bowed her head.

“His Majesty ordered to give away the left over rice to the outside of the palace because it’s too old and get some new rice.”

After she replied, I sighed. This…

“When Soa comes, tell her to come see me.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Short after the girl went out, Soa came in.

“You called, Your Highness.”

“You went to the crop storage?”

“Because of His Majesty order…”

She answered politely, and her face was calm. She had a gentle face but except when she talks her lips are always horizontal, so she kind of looks cold. But I knew. Her eyes had little surprised emotion in it. She only makes that face when she does something I don’t like.

“Didn’t I tell you to tell me what he orders?”

“But…Your Highness..”

Soa quietly bowed her back and replied.

“It was His Majesty’s order. How can a person like me go against him…”

“Soa. We are talking about the different thing. I never told you to go against His Majesty’s order. I just told you to tell me what he orders.”

“That includes in what he ordered, Your Highness.”

“…His Majesty…? Told you not to tell me?”

I frowned and asked. And Soa answered very calmly.

“Yes, Your Highness. He said you’ll nag again… He told me to go without you knowing.”

“…I’ll tell him.”

“But, Your Highness. If you say that to His Majesty, I will get scolded..”

“…You know I won’t make you in a difficult stand.”

“His Majesty will get mad anyway. I have the responsibility of this palace. So for not able to taking care of the underling…”

“Ah… I won’t. It was my mistake to win you over with talking.”

Soa was the only servant who didn’t stay distant from me when I first came here. Even though she has a cold expression, she was very gentle. She always brought me cup of tea whenever I coughed or rub my back with a heated stone. She never disobeyed me, but she was smart enough to know how to go against my will. She was too young to be called as a woman, but His Majesty put her next to me probably because he knew she was smart.

I sighed and looked at Soa. Soa didn’t even turn her head, but she knew I was looking at her. She bend down her back more and said.

“Is there anything else you want me to do?”

“No, nothing. I don’t want to talk to you anymore. I will tell His Majesty after he comes.”

She laughed because of my sulking voice.

“Don’t just laugh. You probably have something to do. You can leave.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Soa bowed and was about to leave the room. I stared at her small back and said something that I kept it for a while.

“There is a ghost in Flower Fence Palace that tempts His Majesty?”

Soa stopped. She turned to me and bowed.

“I don’t know what you are saying…”

“His Majesty is keep going in and out of the palace where a concubine is dying. The servants were talking about that.”


“The ghost can’t be seen from other people’s eyes. Only His Majesty can see that concubine. Actually the princess from the small kingdom died from an illness, and only her spirit remained. That spirit is tempting His Majesty to do harm… Didn’t you hear any story like this?”


“His Majesty got tempted by the ghost, so he’s keep sending those rice and keep it rot there. He is often late for his government affairs and never visit the Empress.”


“…..What if the North Empire gets destroyed because of the ghost… Right now it’s only like this, but the spirit is remained because it’s holding a grudge. So it will….”

“Your Highness.”

Soa stopped my word and kneeled down and placed her forehead on the floor.

“Don’t… please, don’t say those things. I’m embarrassed.”

“People are funny.”


“Even though this is a small palace, it’s still in the imperial palace. How can a mere ghost enter the palace… And how can someone like evil spirit like me.”

“Your Highness.”

“People working in this palace even talk about the rumor. I don’t think His Majesty knows it yet.”

“…Why are you thinking like that…”

“If he hears people talking about how the empire will end, he won’t come here anymore. He said he will come again late today.”


“When His Majesty comes, tell him I finished my porridge and tell him I closed the window. Tell him that I went to sleep early today because I’m tired.”

“You are not going to see His Majesty..”

“If I can.”

I murmured after I sighed. I opened the window and looked outside.

Before His Majesty left, I told him I don’t worry about the bad rumors, but I do have ears. There is no way I don’t hear these kind of things. I closed my mouth because I was worried that some other people might get scolded. There was a rumor that Princess Sooyoung died because His Majesty suddenly limited the people who can access the palace and except for few servants, he sent them away. But still His Majesty always comes to this palace. That's why that kind of rumor spreads. I laughed because it was too stupid, but still I felt uncomfortable hearing those rumors. I can live well anyway with those rumors, but His Majesty is different.

I was in my thoughts, and Soa said okay and left the room.

That night, His Majesty came, but Soa told him that I was sleeping. He came into my room and checked if I was really sleeping and left the room. I heard him leaving, and I actually fell asleep.

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