Wortenia Senki (WN)

Volume 1 Chapter 18 - (Escape) 3
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Volume 1 Chapter 18 – (Escape) 3

Translator: HASUTSUKI, Editor: Thorrium.

Third days since he was summoned to another world.

“Take her back you said? Since they are riding a horse, to catch up to them would be…”

Hearing Sara’s words, Ryouma’s looked into the distance, in the direction where the thief had ridden off into.

The thief horse was already several hundred meters away from them.

“It is still possible.“

After Laura said that, she began her chanting once again.

“O wind spirit Shilf. Respond to my request. Tear that person to piece. Swift wind cutter, wind slash!”

When Laura finished her chant, she swung her right hand sideways, which caused a blade of wind to appear… which flew quickly towards the thief.


The sound of wind being slashed reached the thief’s ears.

“Wha… Damn it! Why he able to use magic?! Is he also a magic user?!”

While riding the horse, Ryouma face surfaced in his mind.

However, no matter how much the thief cursed him, the reality wouldn’t change.

Laura kept swinging her arms, and each time a blade made of wind would appear and fly towards the thief in alarming high speed.

“D-Damn it!” One of the blades of wind, finally caught the leg of the horse, which caused the horse to fall over.

“Now then… Let’s go.” Laura who’s succeeded in stopping the horse, offered her hand to Ryouma.

“O-Oh. Oi.“

Ryouma who began to run with Laura while holding hands began to notice an unusual phenomenon.

As he ran, it felt like wings grew from his legs, which made them able to catch up with the thief in little under 10 seconds.

As he looked back, Ryouma felt surprised by the speed witch he had just covered the distance.

(This girl… Did she use the same power as that old man? That wind she created a while ago, is without a doubt similar. But the power was different, just what’s going on??) <Note: Referring to how he was able to move fast>

“This is the power of wind magic. Master not aware of it?”

Sensing Ryouma’s confusion, Laura got curious and asked.

Ryouma was at a loss for words.

(Well, it’s not like I don’t know it about it. However, if I were to answer it without thinking, I will reveal to much… What should I do!?)

Faced with the silence Laura couldn’t help wondering.

(What in the world is up with this person… He possesses such martial art prowess, and yet he does not know about magical arts? That is impossible… Unless…)

It was common knowledge in this world, that people could use magic, as well as having some basic knowledge about it, even if they were unable to use it themselves. Magical arts had always been associated with strong men and women. so it was a great surprise that to Laura that Ryouma didn’t speak up.

Silence drifted between them.

“Big sis…“

Due to Sara’s subtle voice, the awkward silence between them finally disappeared.

“Did you get hurt? Sara?”

“Yes! But it’s nothing serious, I protected myself properly before the fall, so I’m fine.“

(Protecting herself?… That might be possible if it was a normal fall, but falling from a horse at highspeed, she shouldn’t be able to take such a fall, and still be able to get away with seemingly no injuries! Not by simply protecting herself…)

These sisters might actually turn out to be more skilled that what Ryouma had imagined.

“Is that so. By the way, Sara where is the thief?”

It seems like his leg got crushed under the horse, so he can’t move. What should we do, Onee-sama?”

“Let’s just ask master…“

The eyes of the two sisters directed toward Ryouma.

“Me?” (Well, I guess there’s no problem with this, I think?)

Ryouma didn’t feels there would be any advantages to keeping the thief alive.

“If you’re fine with my decision then, I will decide alright?”

Ryouma pulled his sword out as the two sisters nodded their head, he then walked toward the horse.


“Damn it! My legs! Gets off from me, you stupid horse!”

Along with the horse groaning voice, the thief curses could be heard.

“Y-You bastard…” The thief notices Ryouma’s face as he got closer to him.

“Oi! Don’t come…! Don’t approaches me!”

However, Ryouma did not stop. The thief face distorted as he saw the sword in Ryouma hand.

“H-Hei? Forgive me? What do you want, Is it money? I will give you the money! Or is it the women? You can have them as well!”

But still, Ryouma keeps advancing silently.

“Y-You bastard! Just because I acting modestly doesn’t mean you can get all smug! I’m a one among the 30 members of the [Red Moon group] you know?!”

Ryouma raised his sword in front of the thief.

“W- Wait! We’re not your ordinary thieves group! I’m part of the Zalda’s force! If anything happens to me, the Zalda Kingdom won’t stay silent you know!”

After listening to the thief words, Ryouma opened his mouth slowly.

“Are you a moron?”


The words from Ryouma who had been silent all this time caused the thief speechless.

“If I kill you, how are they going to know who’s the one that killed all of you? Can you inform Zalda kingdom if you’re dead?”

Toward Ryouma oblivious question, the thief’s face turned pale.

“Dead people can’t do anything you see. And besides, I had no intentions about keeping you alive.“

Finally understanding what Ryouma had said, and his own situation, caused the thief’s complexion changed.

“S-Stop! Stop it! I have a daughter!”

Whether in reality or novels, there’s no significant difference concerning villain manners.

Eat the weak, and ask for pity from the strong.

If Ryouma was a protagonist from some sort of Light Novel, he might hesitate, however, unfortunately for the thief… Ryouma isn’t that kind-hearted.

“Well, I don’t care even if you have children you know?“

He bluntly said that without changing his facial expression.


The man’s face filled with fear.


A ruthless iron sword was mercilessly swung down though the thief’s neck.

“Are you sure its fine doing it like that?“

“What do you mean? is there a problem?”

Laura called out toward Ryouma who began to put his sword into its sheath.

Apparently, Laura is usually the one who makes negotiation or talks on behalf of the sisters.

“No, it’s not like that. However, shouldn’t you have listened to him first?”

“No. I honestly have no interest in whatever he has to say… I don’t know whether he were speaking the truth or not, and now I won’t base any of my choices, on any false information he would have given me.“

“False information, hmm…”

A puzzled expression showed on Laura’s face.

Despite there’s no evidence, she didn’t think of Ryouma as someone weak enough, to just believe whatever someone would tell him, but rather he seemed to be someone who could fairly and accurately judge someone, and would act based on his judgement. But his actions seemed to be, that of someone who had a deep distrust toward other humans.

“I’m not a soft person who readily believe a thief words. Well, even if he was speaking the truth, it does not matter. … By the way Sara-san, it’s good that you end up fine.“

“Thank you very much. Master.“

While saying that both sisters bowed their heads.

Although Ryouma accepted their gratitude, he finally asked the question which he had been needing to ask for quite a while.

“It’s fine. By the way, I have a question. That master thing you’ve been calling me since a while ago, what do you mean with that? I have been wondering about that ever since you began calling me that Laura”

“Didn’t we exchange an oath, and sealed the covenant using blood a while ago? Since then you become my master, thus I have to call you master.“

Ryouma looked like one big question mark for a while, he began thinking it though…

After thinking for a while, Ryouma recalled the blood from cutting his ring finger that Laura had asked to do.

“By blood covenant, do you mean where I cut my finger? Back when our blood from the ring fingers mixed?“


And then, Sara who has been standing at the back appeared at the front.

“Master. Would you like to exchange blood covenant with me as well?”

“She’s right. Master, would you also make a blood covenant with Sara?“

(What happened here… what kind of absurdness is this?)

The sisters bombarded him with their proposals one after another, while making

Ryouma feels like he somehow was being forced. Ryouma unconsciously looked up toward the sky.

“Enough, enough!! I feel bad, please spare me. What about this… instead of making a covenant with you Sara, why don’t we just make it so Laura don’t have to serve me?.“

Whether it was because of Ryouma’s words was so unexpected, or if there was some other reason, sorrow appeared on the sisters faces.

“I-It can’t be. Do you hate us?”

Tears began to appeared in Sara’s eyes, while Laura showed a gloomy expression.

“No. It’s not like that.“

“Not like that?”

The sisters were looking up at Ryouma’s face with a piercing glance.

Due to the two being peerless beauties, their intense glances was capable of stirring Ryouma’s heart.

Ryouma immediately suppressed his unruly heart, and swallowed the words of acceptance that he was about to say.

“You girls, aren’t you going to wait for your master here?”

“Since I already exchange a blood covenant, I do not have to listen to that person orders anymore.“

Laura answered his question plainly.

“However, since Sara still has that person restriction spell on her, she won’t be able to move from this place. Therefore, I wish for Master to exchange a blood covenant with Sara as well.“

“Do that mean you girls can go to the town?”

The two nodded their head answering his question.

“”Yes, if we both exchanges a blood covenant…“”

(I guess I have no choice huh? After all, if possible I don’t want to leave these girls here either.)

He couldn’t help feeling a little bitter, even though he is being chased by the empire and its pursuers, he still managed to sticks his nose into other people business.

Although there were other ways to deal with the situation, he could not let the girls just be molested and then killed.

“I understand. For now, we will exchange the blood covenant. After that, we will organize the items from the carriage, take the valuables, the gold coins and other items of worth. Then we will head toward Aru town. If we go now, we will arrive around 20 o’clock. However, you guys must explain everything the moment we reached the town alright?”


Bright smiles of relief from the sisters’ expression reverberate within the forest.

After Ryouma had performed blood covenant with Sara, he turned around back and headed toward the carriage and inspected the items that the thieves had lined up previously.

“Oi oi. Isn’t this full of precious things?”

Other than a box filled with gold coins, there were many filled with hair ornaments and jewellery such as sapphire and ruby.

“When someone going to sell a slave, they have to decorate them first. How they look matter in regard to what kind of price can be fetched.“


Consider the size of the carriage; there should be room for than 10 slaves.

“This box filled with gold coins, is the profit from selling our comrades.”

If they were all as beautiful as the sisters, then it was not hard to imagine getting such sums of gold for them, truly it was no wonder they had profited this much.

Perhaps due to remembering how their friend had been sold, tears were slowly being shed from the sisters beautiful eyes.

*Crack… Crack*

Cracking sounds interrupted the three from inside the forest.

“Laura. Sara!”

Toward Ryouma voice, the sisters pulled out their swords.

Of course, it was the swords they had gotten from the thieves.

It is reasonably efficient for defending themselves right now.

(Is it a monster? or another thief?)

Then a human voice could be heard by Ryouma which betrayed his expectation.

“Master! Over here!”

From the forest a man.

The man then looked around and noticed Ryouma and the sisters existence.

“Ooh! how about the luggage? And the goods? Is everything all alright?!”

Following the man, another three men wearing armour appeared.

While the first man was getting closer, a voice could be heard from inside the forest behind him.

“It seems the thieves have already escaped one way or other, as for the luggage I can’t say if it’s still fine… however, the goods are here.“

“What?! That Laura and the other. Have they already been used?! Did the thieves already violate them? If they have already been used, their price will fall you know!?”

“There seems to be no issue; however, there might be a slight problem here.”

The man gazed toward Ryouma.

“What!? What kind of thing?”

“Master. Since the situation seems safe, please come out here first.“

“You sure it’s safe, right?”

After saying that, the sounds of branches being stepped could be heard.

(Is this guy a human?)

It was reasonable for Ryouma to have such thoughts.

The man appearing from the forest appeared to around 170cm tall and weighing around

200kg. All in all, he looked more like a walking pig then a human. And it was not like with sumo wrestlers, that had fat covering an impressive physics.

No, he was clearly big and fat due to excessive eating and drinking while not exercising.

He wears a sleeveless vest that didn’t cover his belly and Arabian pants that usually appear in the Arabian night stories.

(Is this person the slave trader? I guess I he fits somewhat I imagined about the person who ditched Laura and her sister like that…)

Ryouma couldn’t help judging the man-pig that suddenly appeared in front of him

(Hmm he probably he just escaped immediately, without even putting up resistance with his bodyguards, after receiving a surprise attack…

Otherwise, wouldn’t have been able to escape the blades of the thieves with such obese body)

“Ooh! You both are fine! I’ve been wondering whether you both had been raped and killed by the thieves or not!”

Saying such words, he approaches the sisters.

“Don’t come!”

Sara’s pointed her sword at him.

“I will stab you if you take another step!”

However, the slave trader and the escort guard only showed smiles filled with ridicule.

“Master. It seems like the young lady have gotten cheeky huh?”

“My goodness. It looks like they’ve forgotten that they are slaves. Was the training too weak?”

“You see, young lady. You might have forgotten but, the master over here is your owner, you know? You belong to this person. Yet, what are you doing pointed your sword toward the person you belong to?”

“Be quite! We’re not your possession anymore!”

“Gahahaha. Did you go insane? You both belong to me. You both are the valuable goods which I have polished for over five years.“

“Didn’t you abandon us and escaped by yourself!?”

“Isn’t that obvious? If I were to die because of sticking with the goods, there wouldn’t be any meaning to having goods… But if the goods that I throw away are still in the original position, well what’s wrong with picking it up again when I can return?”

Although their appearance was not bad, Ryouma felt disgust rather than pressure when sizing up the slave trader and the escort guards.

“Well~. Master. Let’s leave it at that first.“

“I guess so… No matter how strong they are, without a master present, they won’t be able to do anything.“

Apparently, they did not seem to think that Laura and her sister were already capable of using their power.

If Ryouma and the others could beat the slave trader, everything should be fine.

“That young man over there seems to have intervened with what had happened“

Toward that words, the eyes of those people turned toward Ryouma.

“I see, did you do such unnecessary thing? That means you’re their knight on a white horse huh? Well, whatever. I’ve suffered considerably damage due to the thief’s attack. Though having one slave is good enough to cover my loss… Oi! You guys, catch that young man alive! Since he has a good physique. He will sell well for physical labor. Ghua.!”

A shining silver ring cut into the slave trader neck.

The chakram from Ryouma hand flew silently and slit the slave trader throat and stopped him from talking.

Unrest immediately appears among the escort guard.

(Moron. You talked too much.)

Him talking without stopping with clear enmity toward your opponent, for Ryouma such conduct is nothing more than being foolish.

(It’s too the point of making me feels that he is doing it on purpose…)

Ryouma looked down at the dead pig, but right now, he’s in the middle of a battle.

Ryouma immediately erased the unnecessary thoughts from his mind.


The two sisters reacted toward Ryouma voice.

Laura and Sara immediately slipped through Ryouma’s side and attacked the escort guards who was still letting their guard down.

(Just as I thought…)

Something that Ryouma had imagined appeared in front of his eyes.

Each of the sister sword styles had their own characteristic.

Laura’s swordplay was focused on power, she used high-powered sword strikes. Every time her sword clashes against her opponent’s sword, the opponents sword got blown away, and with no change of speed, her sword slashes her opponent head.

While Sara’s swordplay is more inclined toward technique.

She diverts her opponent thrusting momentum with her sword slightly and then stabbed her opponent throat.

“W-What, you b*tch… how come you can use your power?!”

In an instant, the escort guards that left their guard down get killed by the sisters’ swords.

In front of Ryouma, only one man was left, the one that appeared first.


The escort guard persisted against the bloodlust emitted by the sisters.

“W-Wait a minute… Oi.“

Maybe because he finally realizes his current situation.

A flustered face appeared on that man face.

“Wait a minute, how come you guys can use your power? If the master is not here, you should not be able to use your abilities no!?”

Sneering smiles appeared on the sister’s face. They did not show any carelessness.

Their whole bodies were always prepared to respond instantly the moment the escort guard attacked.

“That person over there is our master!”

The sisters’ eyes were looking at Ryouma.

“That is impossible! A slave can’t change their master on a whim… they need to perform a blood covenant…”

“We already know about blood covenant, we have since we were young. our father has taught us about it, you see.“

Hearing Sara’s words, the escort guard face turns pale.

“What did you say?! Then why until now?!”

“There’s no need to explain it to you.“

While listening to Laura’s words, Ryouma approaches the man.

“Khu… Damn it! You better remember this!”

The man then performed his last gamble.

He chooses to run away since he thought it was disadvantageous for him.

(Though his judgment is not bad… I guess I can’t allow that to happen huh?)

While looking at the back of the man who ran away, Ryouma thought such words.

The man decided to run via the highway instead jumping back into the forest, perhaps due to there being monsters in the woods.

Even if it scared him, he should go there instead, due to that mistake, he will lose his life.

Ryouma took out a chakram from his waist bag, then threw to towards the mans head.



Following the sound of the chakram tearing the winds, a sound of it cutting into his head could be heard.

“Well them. There is various thing that I wish to hear, but for now, we will head toward Aru town first. You guys can tell me everything there.“

Ryouma said such words toward the two girls while collecting the chakrams.


After responded toward Ryouma, the two of them scattered about to collect all the valuables they had prepared earlier.

(It seems like although my intention was to help. it has turned into something troublesome huh?)

Ryouma sighed while looking at the two girls.

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