Worldwide Simulation Era

Chapter 178 - The Three Rewards of the Main World!
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Chapter 178: The Three Rewards of the Main World!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Qiye frowned.

“I’ll look for it when I have the time.”

As he spoke, Lin Qiye turned into an afterimage and entered the cultivation room.

After isolating himself from the outside world, three dazzling golden rewards appeared in front of Lin Qiye.

The balls of light made him feel relaxed and happy.

Lin Qiye smiled. “I never thought that after taking revenge, I would be rewarded handsomely.

“This reward is even more powerful than simulating ten times!”

Lin Qiye smiled.

“Devour the Heavenly Tribulation Origin of the main world!”

With a thought, the Heavenly Tribulation Origin turned into a golden light and went into Lin Qiye’s forehead.

The dense tribulation energy turned into millions of golden dragons and drilled into Lin Qiye’s limbs and bones!

Then, they spread out and guarded Lin Qiye’s billions of cells.

In the legends, 36,000 Gods were guarding the 120 human body joints.

Although it was impossible to confirm whether this rumor was true or false, every cell in Lin Qiye’s body now had a golden divine dragon guarding it.

They occupied the cells. Using the power of the Heavenly Tribulation Origin to baptize Lin Qiye’s cells, hundreds of millions of joyful sounds turned into electric currents circulating in Lin Qiye’s body.

Lin Qiye’s soul trembled as if he had ascended to heaven!

At the same time, an even more powerful golden divine dragon coiled within his bones.

Its quality was much higher than the milky-white divine lightning, thus devouring it.

Then, every bone in Lin Qiye’s body flowed with a dense divine dragon aura, as if they were transformed from a divine dragon.

“So this is the Clear Void Divine Lightning Dao Bone? It has surpassed the Diamond Spacetime and touched the boundary of an immortal. It is a minor immortal quality!”

Lin Qiye let out a deep breath.

The wings behind him flicked open and turned from milky white to a shining golden color.

“My wings turned golden. Then, the God Chen Yihou has invited were the future me…”

Lin Qiye was astonished.

“But the future is uncertain. How can Chen Yihou invite me down? For example, I couldn’t have predicted that I would encounter a new species of high-grade demon, nor could the main world…”

Lin Qiye was somewhat puzzled but couldn’t find the slightest clue.

He could only shake his head.

“I’ll find out in the future.”

Lin Qiye didn’t hesitate too much and merged the second ball of golden light, which was 100 wisps of Holy Violet Genuine Qi, into his body.


As Lin Qiye moved, the 100 wisps of Holy Violet Genuine Qi turned into a purple-gold light and flowed in Lin Qiye’s heart, gradually condensing into a small bone.

The bone was only the size of a fingernail, but it emitted a fluctuation that made Lin Qiye’s heart palpitate.

After all, he needed ten years to condense a wisp of Holy Violet Genuine Qi even under the Golden Dragon of Fortune’s blessings.

He would need 1100 years to condense 110 wisps of Holy Violet Genuine Qi.

It could be seen how rare the Holy Violet Root Bone was!

If it weren’t for the reward from the main world, Lin Qiye wouldn’t even know how long it would take to condense the Holy Violet Root Bone!

Looking at the small bone, Lin Qiye’s eyes flashed with a smile.

“The Holy Violet Root Bone can add an invisible layer of defense to my fate. At this moment, facing the Wolf Lord’s fate attack, I have nothing to fear even if I don’t have the Golden Dragon of Fortune to block it.”

Simply put, Lin Qiye now had a layer of magic shield and could be immune to magic attacks from the fate level.

It was comfortable!

Lin Qiye beamed.

Of course, being immune to magic damage was only one effect of the Holy Violet Root Bone.

His healing and killing effects had also improved significantly!

In the past, when he had only ten wisps of Holy Violet Genuine Qi, using it to kill people was equivalent to a bullet.

But now, when he incorporated the Holy Violet Genuine Qi into the Wind and Thunder Sword Qi, it was like a missile.

If a late-stage Nascent Soul Realm cultivator was ambushed, he would still be gravely injured by it!

Lin Qiye nodded his head in satisfaction.

“Good. The two rewards not only allowed my Dao Bone to reach the level of an immortal but also allowed me to condense a portion of the Holy Violet Root Bone! I have two more trump cards.

“These two trump cards are not ordinary items! They have raised my talent to a terrifying level!”

Lin Qiye’s eyes burned.

The confidence in the depths of his eyes became even stronger.

“But this wisp of Immortal Qi…

“With my cultivation as a Gold Practitioner, I can’t covet it. At the very least, I have to wait until the late-stage Platinum rank.”

Lin Qiye looked at the map.

In the end, he gave up on the idea of exploring it immediately.

It was too dangerous outside the city.

Star City was 2000 miles away from Li City, and he had to pass through three black fog swamps.

Once a mere Gold Practitioner entered, they would definitely die. Even a Platinum Practitioner would have a slim chance of survival.

However, that was a wisp of Immortal Qi that could raise the Dao Repository Technique to a true immortal level.

Lin Qiye pinched his finger bone.

He felt an immense desire deep in his heart.

“Should I go or not?”

Lin Qiye, who had always been cautious, had an unprecedented crazy idea in his heart.

However, Lin Qiye still restrained his greed after pondering for a long time.

“The Immortal Qi is hidden in the underground temple. Without a map, other travelers shouldn’t find it. I don’t need to worry.

“Let’s wait until I improve my strength.”

Lin Qiye stared at the map.

Then, he put the map away.

“How about entering a simulation now?”

Lin Qiye’s eyes were bright. He quickly landed on the soul anchoring square, took a deep breath, and prepared to go for a simulation.

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