World's Best Martial Artist

Chapter 848 846-I’m Good At Changing Faces
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"This is an opportunity given by the great emperor. How can it be decided in private!"

Just as Fang ping said this, suo Jia really flared up!

This was an Imperial token!

It doesn't belong to you just because you say so.

If that was the case, where would the great Emperor's face be?

Fang ping, however, looked at him. At this time, the fake smile was no longer on his face. He said coldly, "You're wrong! This is not a gift. To put it nicely, it's a gift. To put it bluntly, this is called the law of the jungle!"

Fang ping said sarcastically,"you guys should believe in this very much!" We are stronger than you, at least stronger than your Xuan Tianming! So, you have to hand over the treasure, understand?"

At this moment, Fang ping no longer hid anything. He said coldly, "I'll give you face and Exchange a few polite words with you! If I don't give you face, you have to give it to me. If you don't want to ... Fine. How can I allow people like you to hide in my bed?

"Now pack up and go as far as you can. Go to your catacombs and your heaven!

Earth doesn't need you!

You people are a threat to humanity, a malignant tumor!

"I, Fang ping, am telling you this bluntly. You've given me a treasure, but I see that you still have good intentions. What's with this test or whatever? if you continue to talk nonsense, I'll break your turtle shell!"


Everyone was furious!

Fang ping stood up abruptly and said in a cold tone,"Impudent? Wrong! This was the last bit of tolerance! "Like I said, the situation is different now. We're at war with the catacombs powerhouses at the front line. We'll never allow some powerhouses who don't know friend or foe to cause trouble at our rear!

If they found one, they would clear one!

You're not the first, and you'll never be the last!"

Xu Bing no longer smiled and said coldly,""Is there no such thing as hierarchy in the human world? In the presence of the great emperor, how can a mere golden body realm martial artist be so impudent?"

Fang ping crossed his arms, held his head high, and puffed out his chest. He was not afraid at all.

"Enough nonsense! Xuan Tianming wants to show his attitude. Whether he's a friend or a foe, it's up to you!"

"If they're enemies, then kill them!"

"If you're a friend, then show us what you've got!"

After Fang ping said that, he continued,"other than these treasures, Xuan Tianming has to pay a monthly fee to the human Emperor from now on. Energy fruits don't have grades. There are a thousand of them every month!

The rice planted in the fields was 10000 catties a month!

In addition, the people of xuanming heaven are not allowed to appear on earth without permission. If they dare to leave, they will be killed without mercy!"


Suo Jia was furious!

A golden body warrior actually dared to say such words in front of the great emperor!

Fang Ping's face was cold. He looked at him and said in a frosty tone,"If you dare to say one more word, I'll kill you today! A warrior who is hostile to humans like you should die!"

He didn't like this guy at all. His tone was as if all the martial artists in the world were trash, trash, and this already made him extremely dissatisfied!

This kind of person, no matter how strong he was, would not contribute a single bit of his strength for humanity!

He would only fight for his Emperor and himself. He would never fight to protect some trash!

This was the cult's philosophy!

At this moment, Fang ping suddenly had a realization. The cult's Pope ... Might just be an old antique!

Only these people would feel that everyone else was a burden and a waste. If they died, then so be it.

Ordinary people and elites were simply two different classes, two different races!

"That's why the evil sects advocate the preservation of the elites and abandon the idea of ordinary people.

As for the life and death of billions of people, what did it have to do with them?

At this moment, Fang ping truly and thoroughly understood these people's philosophy!

Their concepts were different!

If possible, he wanted to seek common ground while reserving differences and rope in some old fogeys, but they were worth it.

Some people were not worth it.

Moreover, without strength, how could they seek common ground while reserving differences?

Strength was the foundation!

Killing the chicken to warn the monkeys, establishing their might, and displaying their strength were all necessary.

There were even good and bad people!

Fang Ping's attitude of wanting to kill suo Jia immediately made everyone angry. At this moment, Qin Fengqing suddenly said,""Fang ping, before the Minister entered, he didn't ask us to be disrespectful to the seniors, right?"

The good cop is here!

Fang Ping's eyes sharpened, and he rebuked,"who are you to speak?" "I'm the Vice-Chancellor of mcmau, the true heir of the human Emperor. Who Do You Think You Are? "If you dare to interrupt again, I'll send you to the restricted zone of the catacombs to participate in the battle!"

Qin Fengqing's gaze was unfriendly, but he did not speak again.

Fang ping snorted coldly and looked at suo Jia and the others again. He said in an icy tone, "I've already said what I need to say, and I've made everything clear!

You ... It's time to show your sincerity!

"Don't think that you're being sincere by giving us some junk. I, Fang ping, have seen so many good things. Do you really think I'd care about this little thing?"

"Young friend," Xu Bing said slowly,"you're so domineering and treat the Emperor as nothing. This ... Is not an expression of goodwill!"

Fang Ping's tone was calm,"I've already restrained myself enough before I can tell friend from foe!" Otherwise, I wouldn't have said so much nonsense to you after I came in!"

"Do you want to fight or make peace?"

Fang ping questioned loudly!

Among the three of them, the only female rank-9 suddenly said coldly,""You dare to ignore the emperor's might? Even if xuantian heaven is not as good as it was in the past, you can't be so presumptuous!"


Fang ping suddenly laughed,"then let's be even more impudent!" We need to make way! "This place is connected to the catacombs. We need to pass through. At the critical moment, you must make way for us and let us pass! Impudent enough, right? However, this is a must!"

A new passageway!

A passageway that led to an unknown place in the catacombs!

Fang ping seriously suspected that it could lead to the restricted area!

Once that was the case, at the critical moment, he could bring the Paragon powerhouses into the restricted area and kill their way in. Perhaps there would be an earth-shattering victory!

Currently, the human experts could only enter through the passageway or the Imperial sea Mountain's passageway.

"However, this is all limited. The catacombs are also keeping an eye on it!

As long as they appeared and gathered, they would be discovered immediately!

However, a new passageway, a passageway that no one knew about.

Even without Fang Ping's ability to conceal his aura, if he could use his fastest speed, he might be able to surround and kill many true king powerhouses!

Not only that, Fang ping could even think of a way to lure some true king powerhouses to appear outside the passageway!

By then, uncle Zhang and the others could hide in xuanming heaven and attack at the critical moment. No one would know even if they were killed.

The catacombs were too big. Unless they killed too many and caused the world to change colors, no one would even know if a true king died.

The more he thought about it, the more important this place was!

If xuantian didn't give him a clear attitude today, he would take the initiative to attack!

If humans could do this ... Fang ping was actually more worried about the catacombs!

One had to know that the human experts were all guarding the defensive Sea Mountain!

Once Xuan Ming's goal was unknown, Fang ping would not be surprised if he joined forces with the catacombs one day.

If humans could besiege and kill the true Kings of the catacombs, could the true Kings of the catacombs not besiege and kill human powerhouses?

How many paragons were there on the ground?

Once they were surrounded, not only would they be in danger, all of humanity would be in danger!

This was a huge problem!

A super threat!

Even if he had to force these people to fall out with him, Fang ping felt that it would be worth it to understand everything!

They could even seize xuantian heaven to prepare for the humans 'counterattack!

"Junior, you want to borrow Dao profound tomorrow?"

At this time, Xu Bing no longer called him 'little friend'. He suppressed his anger and his expression was ugly.

If it wasn't for the fact that the great emperor hadn't spoken yet, he would have wanted to kill this man!

He was too arrogant!

"Not bad!"

"Do you know that this is the Imperial realm? even the ancient emperors didn't ..."

"There's no need to talk about the past with me!"

Fang ping regained his calm and said again, "I'll ask you one last time. Is Xuan Tianming a friend or a foe? If you're a friend, then we'll be friends. If you're an enemy, then we'll deal with you as enemies!"

"Fang ping!"

Wang Jinyang spoke up at this moment, saying softly, "There's no need to be so tense. Quickly apologize to the seniors. Before the Minister came, he didn't have the intention to be enemies with Heavenly Monarch Xuan Ming. We're all human powerhouses, but now that the enemy is right beside us, we're in a mess ..."

Fang ping said indifferently,"one of us?" That might not be the case! It was just a small request, but the other party was so hesitant and insincere! How do you expect me to believe that they're on our side? Heavenly Monarch Xuan Ming must have heard my words. Fang ping is not afraid of death!

None of the martial artists in the new martial era were afraid of death!

"If the great emperor thinks that Fang ping has gone too far, you can do it. You can also use my blood to bear witness to the great Emperor's friendliness!"

Fang Ping's expression was as if he was saying,'if you kill me, the human powerhouses will immediately start a war with you.' At this moment, Heavenly Monarch mysterious sky did not send any messages.

Fang ping, on the other hand, had long been prepared to unleash his aura in an instant.

Even though uncle Zhang had said that he could make it in time, he still had to be careful. It would be too easy for a titled battle pet warrior to kill him.


At the same time.

Suo Jia and the other two were transmitting their voices.

Suo Jia said angrily,"you deserve to die!" This person should die! How dare he ignore the might of a great emperor and act so arrogantly in xuanming heaven? do you think we can tolerate him?"

Xu Bing quickly said,'no! Since the great emperor hasn't said anything, I'm afraid he has no intention of making an enemy of the fake emperor ... This person is so rude, and he'll definitely die when the Great Tribulation arrives. Suo Jia, don't spoil the great Emperor's plans!"

"I'm so angry!"

Suo Jia was really too angry!

The emperor's might could not be offended!

A human realm warrior dared to offend a great emperor, his crime was unforgivable.

However ... He couldn't do it now.

He suppressed his anger, but Fang ping was deep in thought.

He even endured this. It seemed like ... He really had some ulterior motives!

If the other party were to kill him, he would definitely turn on him. However, Fang ping had been so arrogant. In Fang Ping's opinion, if Heavenly Monarch Dark Heaven really had no desires and was open-hearted, he would definitely teach him a big lesson, let alone kill him.

For example, if he was seriously injured, or if he didn't show up, the experts under him would teach him a lesson. These were all necessary.

But the other party did not!

He was actually enduring it!

According to Fang Ping's understanding of these powerhouses, sometimes, face was really important. However, now that the other party had ignored him and allowed him to scold them, this was not a good thing.

"The old man must have a plan! He probably won't dare to turn hostile now!"

"But it's not a good thing either!"

Fang ping snorted. Ever since that day at the Royal Sea Mountain, he had not seen a single ancient powerhouse make a move. He was not happy either.

Those people can't come out?

That's bullshit!

If it couldn't come out, how did the old cat come out?

He didn't see the old cat being struck to death by lightning.

Fang Ping's respect for these ancient martial arts practitioners had completely disappeared at this moment. The one from Xuande Grotto-heaven might be considered friendly, at least, Fang ping felt so.

The other grotto-heavens did not have anything good!

The grotto-heaven was a little better, at least some people from star suppression city came from there.

The so-called experts of the 33 heavens were even more despicable!

They had even entered the human world and knew that humans were in a Great War. They knew that humans were weak, but none of the powerhouses had stepped forward!

Even if they didn't participate in the battle, was it difficult to send some martial artists out to teach martial Dao?

Powerhouses like Xu Bing would rather seclude themselves here and never consider going out to teach even one person!

A hundred years ago, China had really gone through a lot of hardships!

Fang ping had to admit that Star Town City had done a great job in this matter!

If the two patriarchs of star suppression city hadn't started the martial arts era, the human world would have been conquered!

"The merits of stars Town City doesn't mean that all the other old fogeys have merits!"

Fang ping had told himself time and time again that he had to separate Star Town City from the boundary region!

These two things couldn't really be seen as one.

Even if Zhan Wang and the others came from the mortal world, he couldn't think like that.

Fang ping glanced at suo Jia and the others who were holding their breath and laughed hideously. The more they endured, the bigger their scheme!

I'd like to see what you guys are up to!

The next moment, he knew.

Xu Bing suddenly sighed and said,"forget it, forget it. Since you don't trust us, young friend, I can't explain myself." I will request the great emperor to send me to the mortal realm to fight as a sign of Xuan Tianming's sincerity. What do you think, young friend?"

Since you suspect us, we'll take the initiative to ask for a fight!

It just so happened that the great emperor was still asking them to go out, and they were just thinking that it might not be appropriate to take the initiative to go out.

Now was the perfect opportunity!

Since you want us to show our sincerity, then it should be enough for us powerhouses to go out and fight, right?

Fang ping raised his eyebrows slightly and said,"seniors, do you know that a war has broken out?"

Xu Bing frowned as well. Did Fang ping ... Mention this just now?

He thought for a moment and quickly said,""We didn't know about this, but didn't little friend mention it before?"

"Is that so?"

Fang ping said playfully,"I think I said that humans have a great enemy ... Forget it, let's not talk about it!"

As expected!

They knew!

He had always known!

He didn't go into detail about the war, only that there was a powerful enemy.

Xu Bing's reaction wasn't slow either, and he quickly said,""Little friend, you've even taken out the true king's body, how could this old man not know?"

The two of them had been at daggers drawn, but the atmosphere had eased up again.

Fang Ping's smile returned, and he asked,"Senior, are you preparing to go out and participate in the battle?"

"Not bad!"

Xu Bing sighed."We've been asleep for countless years. Xuantian heaven has only just opened the realm gate. We don't know what happened in the human world. Since the humans are in trouble, how can we ignore it?"

"The current situation is very dangerous! Not to mention the Dao of origin, it wasn't even the first time that a true God had died. Not long ago, a large number of true gods had died. Seven of them had died in one day! Seniors, do you really want to go out at this time?"

"Seven true gods have fallen!"

Everyone was shocked!

Suo Jia was no longer angry, his face filled with shock.

Seven true gods died in one day!

Had the war in the human world reached such a level?

The next moment, everyone thought of something. The world was about to be in chaos, and perhaps all parties were preparing.

The more it was like this, the more time was of the essence!

Then all the more reason to go out!

They weren't too clear about such a big event like the death of seven real gods.

They weren't sure, but some of them could sense it.

In the sky, Heavenly Monarch Xuan Ming was in deep thought.

No wonder he felt that the great Dao had changed the last time.

However, the information was still a little late. He only sensed it after the battle of the real gods broke out. Now that it was not long before the great change, he had to make arrangements in advance. At the next moment, Heavenly Monarch Xuan Ming transmitted his voice,""Give him the treasure! This person's status shouldn't be low, so don't make him your enemy for the time being!"

He then continued,"Qin...Qin Fengqing can be used as a leverage!" After he got out, he would use his power to quickly get to the side of the fake emperor and the others. He would tell Qin Fengqing that although the opportunity had been taken away, there was still a chance! As long as he's willing to help, I'll give him a hand!"

Heavenly Monarch Xuan Ming transmitted his voice for a moment, he thought for a while and said,""After we get out, it would be even better if we could borrow the strength of the human Emperor! It might be more advantageous for him to kill some old friends with his power!

Remember, you can reveal the realms where the venerable sovereigns are, but I don't know if they're still alive ..."

"The experts in the heavenly passage paradise must also try their best to obtain detailed information! This includes the experts in the land. We must investigate them thoroughly!"

He transmitted his voice for a while, and Xu Bing quickly replied,""Great emperor, Qin Fengqing doesn't seem to be highly regarded by the fake emperor in the human realm ... Why don't we take this opportunity to befriend Fang ping?"

"Or the other two?"

"No! Those two ... There's something wrong with them. I feel that something is wrong. "As for Fang ping, the fake emperor and the many true gods have their own plans. There are too many karma, so he can't interfere without permission."

He could sense that something was not quite right with li Hansong and Wang Jinyang. As for the sense of familiarity, he felt a little, but it was not deep.

He probably didn't know her, but he might have seen her before.

However, these two people were indeed inappropriate. It was best not to come into contact with them.

As for Fang Ping, he could not do that.

Since the other party could represent the fake sovereign to enter xuanming heaven, it was obvious that he had a deep relationship with the fake sovereign. Although the fake sovereign had not become a real sovereign, he was still at the monarch level.

? Not to mention, the other party was related to the gray cat!

The cat and the dog ...

At this moment, Heavenly Monarch Xuan Ming suddenly thought of the heavenly Hound.

The heavenly Hound was so powerful that even he was frightened!

"The heavenly Hound ... What a pity!"

At this moment, Heavenly Monarch Xuan Ming's mind was filled with scenes of the last battle in the past. The scene of the heavenly dog swallowing the sky and devouring the sun, the scene of its dominance!

At that time, the heavenly Hound was invincible.

Unfortunately, even so, he still couldn't break through the emperor's path and died on the spot.

The old cat and the old dog ... The old cat was still alive.

Since this cat was related to Fang ping, it was best not to come into contact with him on his own accord. It could easily cause big trouble.

Among the four of them, Qin Fengqing was still the most worthy of investment.

And it was also suitable!

"This person only has the desire to become stronger. The only thing he lacks is opportunity! I'll give him that chance!"

Xuan Ming said calmly,"the stronger the better. Chaos is coming. Once this person becomes a true God during the chaos, he will be a variable!" He had thought that this person was related to the true God of the human realm and could be used ... But now it seemed that the true God's clone from the last time was not his.

However, it didn't matter. Fate ... Was always similar!

Some people are destined to shine, just like in the past ... Just like those people ..."

Xuan Ming's words were vague and he stopped transmitting his voice.

He had explained everything that needed to be explained!

Since Xuan Tianming had already been discovered, it was time for him to come into being!

It was time for him to prepare for the next step.


After Heavenly Monarch Xuan Ming's voice transmission ended, Xu Bing also said with sincerity,""Little friend, we are also from the human world. Now that the human world has encountered a great disaster, it's fine even if we die ..."

At this moment, Fang ping was like a completely different person from before. He laughed and said,"Are the seniors really willing to go out and participate in the battle?"


"That little brat apologizes to all the seniors for what happened just now!"

Fang ping bowed, looking as if he had no other choice. He smiled bitterly and said,"Seniors, please forgive me. I couldn't control myself before. I thought that you had already known that humanity was in trouble, but you just sat back and did nothing.

But now that he thought about it, he probably really misunderstood.

The seniors were willing to fight at this time, so how could they be the kind of heartless, animal-like people!

If they had known that humans were suffering, the seniors would have come out of seclusion to help!

"All these years, millions of people have died in the war in Sino nation alone, and countless powerhouses have been injured or killed ..."

Fang ping sighed."When I think about how those people lost their lives in foreign lands and their blood flowed like rivers, some people just watched as if they were watching a show, watching the ups and downs of the situation. It was clearly them who caused the disaster, but they didn't care. That's really too chilling!"

"These people are really worse than animals!"

Fang ping cursed loudly!

Who was the one who caused today's disaster?

The more he knew, the more he had seen through some things.

The disaster in the catacombs was not caused by the people of the neo martial era!

If all the old antiques had died, it would not be a big deal, but when people were dead, the disaster would naturally be borne by the later generations.

But he didn't die!

Not only were they not dead, but they were still conscious and knew what had happened. They did not care about it. Fang ping called them animals without any psychological burden!

At this moment, he had the same thought as old Zhang!

Don't become an Emperor!

No, don't become a Paragon. Once you become a Paragon, if you can take care of these people, then take care of them one by one!

As he cursed, Fang ping looked at the youngsters who were still a little frightened and laughed."These people are so young. I think they probably have the same thoughts as me, don't they? Little friends, have you seen tens of millions of people die?

Corpses were everywhere!

Rivers of blood!

If you had the ability to save people, would you?"

Fang ping chuckled like he was teasing a child."If the seniors are willing to go out this time, then take some young people with you and let them see the outside world. Don't worry, even if we die in battle, we won't let these young people go to the battlefield to die!"

Xu Bing frowned at those words.

A hostage?

But soon, Xu Bing smiled."That's what I was thinking. Since the mysterious heavenly heaven has opened, it's only right to bring them out."

The moment these words were said, not only were those youngsters not nervous, each and every one of them was a little excited.

To the human realm?

What was the human realm like?

All of the young men and women had looks of longing and anticipation on their faces.

Fang ping laughed when he saw this. This was good. A bunch of children who did not know anything would be duped however they wanted in the human world!

Old antiques were hard to deal with, but young people weren 't!

If Xu Bing and the others really came to the human world, they would not do as they wanted. When the time came, he would make sure that everything was arranged properly.

Fang ping glanced at the teenagers with a smile on his face and continued,"Are Heavenly Monarch Xuan Ming's descendants still here?"

Fang ping smiled."Why don't we bring the descendants of the great emperor with us? the seniors were the leaders of humanity in the past. Once they appear, they'll definitely be able to inspire the people and make humans fight even more!

However, the great emperor shouldn't be able to leave. If the descendants of the great emperor leave, it'll be the same. To us, they'll all be the leaders of the ancient humans!"

"This ..."

Xu Bing hesitated. Fang Ping's heart jolted. There really was such a thing!

"The Thearch's son has been in seclusion for many years," Xu Bing said quickly."I'm afraid he can't leave ... Please forgive him."

"That's such a pity!"

Fang ping felt a little regretful. All sorts of thoughts emerged in his mind. After some consideration, he decided not to fall out with them now.

However, he still had to position old Zhang!

At least, he would know where Xuan Tianming was!

He would think of a way when he left. If he were to release his Qi now, it would easily attract Heavenly Monarch Xuan Ming's attention.

"This time ... It might be an opportunity!"

Fang ping suddenly had a feeling that after this, xuantian heaven would not be the only place to be born!

All the old fogeys were probably about to make their move.

"Before the last passageway is opened?"

Fang ping had some enlightenment. He glanced at Xu Bing and the others. They were all coming out!

This era was indeed full of good and evil.

The ancient martial arts practitioners that were almost invisible in the past were now starting to show up.

However, he had to manage it well. If he used it well, it would be helpful. If he didn 't, it would be a disaster.

In a few words, both sides had confirmed everything.

As for the conflict just now, it was as if it had never happened.

Xu Bing began to lead Fang ping to the treasure vault, ready to retrieve the treasures.


Qin Fengqing and the rest had strange expressions. You guys ... Brought him to the treasure vault?

This is crazy!

You can just take out the Three Treasures and give them to him, but you still want to bring him into the treasure vault to get them. Are you showing off, don't care, or are you really crazy?

Do you really think that he doesn't like those things?

Wang Jinyang sighed softly. These guys could not have been fooled by Fang ping into thinking that this guy did not care about anything other than the ultimate treasure, right?

It was very possible!

Fang Ping's attitude just now was as if he did not care about the treasures that the great emperor cared about.

With this attitude, if the treasures in the Treasury were not too high-end, Xu Bing and the others would probably think that Fang ping would not be interested.

"I hope there aren't too many items!"

Old Wang sighed in his heart. Fang Ping's eyes turned red with greed when he heard too many words. 'Wait for a thief to come after me, no, a Bandit to come after me!'

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