World-shaking First Daughter: Powerful Medical Princess

Chapter 31 - Encounter
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Chapter 31 Encounter

Su Muge walked into Peachblossom Courtyard, and was surprised at the things in the room.

There were new satins of the latest fashion, some fine desserts and lady’s stuff.

Did Su Lun send these?

“Eldest Miss, you’re back.” Yueru came in with a shiny quilt.

“Where did these things come from?”

“They were sent by Madam.”


Su Muge raised her eyebrows. The quilt held by Yueru was the finest by its look. In the whole Su mansion only that family of three could use this kind of good fabric, An sent these to them now, how could she be so nice?

“Yes, Madam said these were for the eldest Miss, our madam and the young master.”

“Go over them carefully and keep them if you find nothing unusual.”

Yueru nodded with understanding. “Don’t worry, Eldest Miss. I have looked over everything carefully. I also unpacked the quilt to check and found nothing wrong.”


Su Muge went to Zhao’s room to see her and little Wenmo. After Yueru picked up those stuff, Su Muge then went back to her own room, closed the door, and put the things she bought earlier on the table.

“How’s the man doing now?” she thought to herself. In fact, she was also curious about the result of using super power when she had been poisoned.

Poor June didn’t know he was a guinea pig.

Less than an hour after Su Muge left, June’s companion found him.

April squatted down and was about to feel June’s breath, June bit his finger.

“Ouch, bro, you’re still alive!”

“Pooh, I have a long life!” June snorted. Half an hour ago, he thought he might have died this way, but God sent the female miracle-working doctor to save him!

The female miracle-working doctor was really powerful. That arrow surely hurt his organ, but he didn’t feel too much pain except for his weakness.

May glanced at the two of them, and picked June up carefully.

“All right, stop that. We should hurry back and report the result to the lord.”



At night.

“Crack!” A sudden thunder woke Su Muge up.

The wind outside was blowing hard, making the open windows cracked with the sound of “bang”.

Su Muge got up and closed the windows.

After a while, there was a heavy rain outside, and the raindrops fell down on the ground making a salty fishy muddy smell.

Su Muge couldn’t sleep well all night.

When she woke up the next morning, the rain outside was not as heavy as last night, but it wasn’t too light. The sky was gray, and showed no sign of the rain’s stopping.

“Eldest Miss, you woke up.”

Yueru walked into the room with breakfast. There was a dish of steamed bread roll, two side dishes and a bowl of meat porridge. It seemed simple, but was much better than the spoiled porridge and the inedible hard steamed buns before.

“How was the Young Master last night? Was he scared?”

“I went to check this morning. It’s said he woke up for a while last night, and later Madam asked the wet nurse to take him to her own room since she had been worried. So he slept well after midnight.”

Su Muge nodded, since little Wenmo was brought back, Zhao looked more energetic than before.

“Eldest Miss, Madam sent somebody to tell us that later the human trafficker would come with the servants, and you can pick up some of them.”

There was a sound from the female doorkeeper. Since the staff in Peachblossom Courtyard was way too few, there was not even a third-class maid who could pass on message.

“I see.”

Su Muge dressed up and arrived at the front yard after a quarter. Since it was still raining, her clothes were wet when she was there.

An and Su Jingwen sat in the hall of the front yard, talking about something, and Su Jingwen didn’t look well.

“Madam, Second Miss, Eldest Miss is here.”

Heard that, An squinted at Su Jingwen. Although Su Jingwen didn’t want to, she still slightly adjusted her mood.

Su Muge went into the hall, and greeted them with a slight bow.


“Here you come. Sit down first. The others will come in a moment.” An looked gentle and nice, which was completely different from her ferocious appearance the day before yesterday.

She had shredded all the pretenses of cordiality, but could still welcome Su Muge with a smile now, what was she up to?

Su Muge kept her countenance. “Thank you, Madam.”

Su Jingwen stared at Su Muge the moment she came in, and the hatred in her eyes really couldn’t be ignored.

She knew this bitch had gone to Meng mansion with her father yesterday!

A few minutes later, the human trafficker took about twenty people to the outside of the yard.

An looked at Su Muge. “Here they are, and you may choose first.”

Hearing what An said, Su Jingwen who was sitting beside her couldn’t keep her calmness and was about to say something, but An stopped her.

Su Muge sat still. “My sister is younger than me, how can I vie with her. Let her choose first.”

Before An could say anything, Su Jingwen stood up. “You said it yourself.” And then she walked outside before An could stop her.

Su Muge glanced at An calmly, and went out too.

There were about twenty girls at the age of thirteen or fourteen standing in the yard. Su Jingwen lifted her chin, walked among them, and finally chose three beauties who also looked smart.

Looking at the three people chosen by Su Jingwen, An eased her eyebrows slightly.

“Muge, it’s your turn.”

Su Muge looked among them, picked up six girls and stepped aside.

“I’m done.”

An looked at those people selected by Su Muge with a slight twinkle in her eyes. “You should take good care of the eldest Miss, and there must be no slackness, understand?”


Su Muge didn’t stay any more. She took the six newly selected maids back to Peachblossom Courtyard.

The six maids stood in a row in the room, with their heads lowed.

Su Muge picked up the tea cup on the table and took a sip while her eyes glancing around those maids.

“Did you have a name before?”

The six maids fell on their knees. “Eldest Miss, please name us.”

Su Muge glanced at those maids one by one. In fact, during the selection, Su Muge could tell that at least half of those twenty maids were born and grown up in Su mansion, but An didn’t make it clear.

Among the six she picked, three of them were born and grown up in Su mansion. Being protected by their family, they looked different from those who came from the outside no matter in manner or appearance.

“You, you, and you are named Xinche, Xinjing, Xinlan, respectively.” Su Muge pointed at the tallest one, and the other two with round faces. The tallest one was called Xinche, the round-faced one with small eyes was called Xinjing, and the round-faced one with big eyes was called Xinlan.

“Eldest Miss, thank you for naming us.”

“As for you three, I won’t give you names.”

The three maids heard that, thought Su Muge was dissatisfied about them, and hurried to make kowtows in fear.

“Relax, I don’t mean to abandon you, but I really don’t need so many people here. I will send you to serve the eldest madam.”

Those three maids listened with slight relief.

Two of those three maids were bought from the outside, and they were afraid of being abandoned by Su Muge. If so, they would have to go back to the human trafficker and keep living a miserable life.

“Serving in Peachblossom Courtyard, your life won’t be too hard as long as you keep one word in mind, loyalty. You should pay all your loyalty to your masters, otherwise, I will make you deeply understand what treason means to you!”

Su Muge’s voice wasn’t loud and she looked calm, but the sharp eyes made them shake subconsciously.

“Yes, we dare not to be disloyal.”

“Fine, Yueru, take them to settle down.”

“Yes, Miss.”

After they left, Su Muge took out some medicine. She then took a silver needle to prick her finger and dropped the blood into a sterilized porcelain dish.

Afterwards, she poured out a pill from a porcelain bottle she carried. The pill was given by that fake Taoist priest which could restrain the toxin in her body. In any case, it’s necessary to make some pills to restrain the toxin before she could make the antidote.

Su Muge stayed in the room until evening. By this afternoon, she had already figured out more than ten kinds of drugs in that pill, and with another day, she could find out about all kinds of drugs. As for the dosage, she still needed sometime to figure it out.

“Miss, maid Meihua came to send a message that Madam asked you to have dinner with them.” Outside the door came the voice of Yueru.

Su Muge was so tired that she stretched out and put away her things.


Su Muge startled at the dishes served on the table when she arrived at Zhao’s room.

“Mom, why are there so many dishes today?” With chicken, duck, fish and meat, that’s sort of everything.

Zhao was in an embroidered dress today, sitting on a chair. “Madam asked someone to send these, and said it was the last day of the month of confinement after I gave birth to Wenmo. She wanted me to maintain my health by having those nourishing food.”

Su Muge raised her eyebrows. Was An so considerate?

Wasn’t this attitude too weird?

“Since they’re delivered, let’s eat them.”

Su Muge had a bowl of soup, and severed it to Zhao after she smelled and ensured it’s safe.

Zhao was in good mood recently, and her food wasn’t too bad, which made her more energetic with her skin becoming much whiter and delicate.

After a warm meal and a nice talk with Zhao, Su Muge went back to her own room.

Perhaps because she’s too tired, Su Muge fell asleep in a daze after bathing.

In her sleep, Su Muge felt something wriggling in her skin. She wanted to catch it with her hand, but as soon as she reached it, it ran to another place. She was so upset that she wanted to open her skin and pull it out.

“Eldest Miss, Eldest Miss wake up please...”

“Fuck off, you damn thing!”

Su Muge suddenly opened her eyes and gasped.

“Eldest Miss, what’s wrong with you? Don’t scare me.” Rising from her fall in scare, Yueru rushed forward nervously.

Su Muge raised her hand to wipe the sweat on her head. She opened up the quilt and sat up. Looking out of the window, she found it was still dark, and the rain last night hadn’t stopped.

“What’s up?”

“Eldest Miss, just now, the Lord sent somebody, asking you to go to the study room immediately.”

Su Muge frowned. “Now?”

“Yes, now.”

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