World-shaking First Daughter: Powerful Medical Princess

Chapter 16 - Glamorous
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Chapter 16 Glamorous

“There is an assassin. Catch him!” The soldiers rushed to the man in black from the front yard.

The man in black saw so many soldiers coming to him, and he was about to grab Su Muge. Su Muge tended to avoid him, but it was too late to escape. She was finally caught by the man in black and controlled before his chest, and the sharp point of his sword was against her neck.

“Don’t push me, or I’ll kill her!”

Su Muge closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She told herself to be calm!

The soldiers hesitated for a while when seeing Su Muge was caught, but instantly they relaxed.

For them, saving a common person was less important than catching an assassin aiming at the princess!

“Catch him, and he must be alive!”


Su Muge didn’t expect them to save her, but she was still angry when hearing that. She bit the man on the hand when he didn’t pay attention to her.

“Ah!” The man in black cried painfully. Muge kicked his face with her elbow and pushed him away to escape.

The man in black didn’t chase her but flew out of the inn.

Su Muge saw a crimson silhouette flashing in front of her as soon as she stood steadily. It’s so fast that she didn’t see clearly whether the figure was male or female!

The man in black shuttled between the streets. When he just felt that the man behind was far away, he was to be attacked by a formidable power.

He became tense and was about to speed up. However, after a “bang”, he was thrown a few meters away.

“Splash!” The man in black spat out some blood.

The man in black opened his eyes widely, looking at the man approaching him in panic.

“Ouch!” He intended to bite the poison hidden between his teeth, but suddenly his jaw was twisted.

He stared at the man in the dark in fear.

“Take him and let him confess.” Xia Houmo said calmly.

“Yes.” Zuoqiu lifted the man up and disappeared in the dark corner of the street.


Su Muge hid in the kitchen of the inn. Gradually, the sound in the inn was louder and louder, and the fire was put out by the soldiers.

Day breaks. Muge walked out of the kitchen after ensuring it was safe.

She noticed that the fire started from a room on the second floor. Luckily, they discovered the fire early, so it didn’t take a heavy toll.

Su Muge didn’t plan to stay long so she took her bag, ready to leave.

She came to the lobby, and there was a line of soldiers tightly guarding the place. She was curious about who had booked the whole inn yesterday.

When she entered the lobby, all soldiers stared at her alertly.

“Who are you?”

“A customer of the inn.”

The leader frowned. “All the customers left yesterday. How could there be any others! She is suspicious. Catch her!”

Several soldiers stepped forward and surrounded her.

“Wait for a moment, sirs. She did live here yesterday. Please release her.” The innkeeper came in from the backyard and said with a flattering smile.

The soldiers stopped their actions.

“Thank you, sir.” Then Su Muge was about to leave.

She just made two steps and glanced that an elegant figure was walking down the stair, with her arm held by a maid.

“Your Highness, it must have scared you last night.”

“A sudden fire is really fearful. Is His Royal Highness OK?”

Su Muge stopped a bit but didn’t turn back. When she was about to go on, she felt that there was something blocking the light in front of her. Looking up, she saw a tall and slender figure coming in.

He stood there against the light as if he was coming wearing the morning sunshine.

The light golden sunshine glowed on his chiseled side face, making people enthralled.

Su Muge had met lots of handsome men in her previous life, but, this man, was glamorous!

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