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Chapter 309 - 240. Schemes and Plans by Plato.
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Chapter 309 - 240. Schemes and Plans by Plato.

Queen Cecelia’s sister Rona and others were quite mesmerized by the new drama that was being played at the Floating Castle.

Rona who was seated beside Joel exclaimed as she watched the show, "This show Hamlet is a very good drama which explores intriguing aspects of life. I wonder why we didn’t have such dramas and screenplays in Aelius? What do you think Joel, Plato? Anyway, who wrote this screenplay? I would like to meet such a talented artist."

One of Joel’s butler couldn’t help murmur, "Well, most of the screenplay that is born is killed at its birth by the Radiant Church in the name of Blasphemy, Honor and what not or some who survive are pushed down by certain old men at the court who want to retain the positions as chief Writers of Court when it comes to dramas."

Rona was about to scold Joel’s butler but Joel too nodded with his butler and spoke, "Your Majesty, He isn’t wrong you know? Just take the recent ban by the Radiant Church on Theatres, Bards and anyone that criticizes them of their conduct. Royal court had to agree with the Radiant Church’s offer since Lord John was spreading scandals about Prince Hector and the Royal family by secretly funding them. I guess it was sky’s plan from the start to gain all the influential people from Aelius to Sky. And it is only now that the Ban on Newspapers and others is lifted up since we are going to sign a Peace Trade deal with Sky."

Plato who was quiet until now spoke after hearing Joel’s opinion, "Joel you are partially right and partially wrong. One of the major reasons is the Radiant Church for sure but another major reason is the rigidity and control over literature in Aelius by most of the noble families in their regions, not the influential old writers. Most of the influential writers would want their art to flourish and not be bogged down as it is done currently. As far as I know, the Royal family and nobles mostly use their (Influential Writers) writ to sanction anyone who is an eyesore to them via major theatre owners. Here at Sky, I have not seen that to be the case. Quite a lot of theatres here have sometimes shown dramas where they are depicting big politicians, Policemen, people from Judiciary, etc. as antagonists without any consequences from the authorities. And this has freed people who were quite worried about offending the authorities at Sky. So I guess this is one of the major reasons why people pursuing arts, medicine and other things are choosing to migrate to Sky. However, you can’t depict real Personalities and defame them since you can be sued till Bankruptcy by them. Well, most of the things are detailed in the laws which I had gone through previously and I think that they are quite good."

Plato smiled as he looked towards John and spoke, "But I am sure this situation in Aelius will change in a few years because of the arrival of Printing machines and newspapers which Lord John started a year back. As for this Play of Hamlet, I heard from Mr. Donovan previously that it was personally provided by Lord John."

Rona nodded as she heard Plato’s analysis. Rona was quite surprised after she heard Plato, "No wonder he is called a man of multiple talents. I just hope that we can reconcile with him and take the soldiers and nobles from our factions back. That Kid Hector just had to antagonize the wrong person and now we are in this shitty mess. Now he is even trying to dabble with the wrong guys. If he can have a calm mind then he may become fit for politics. In Politics, he should know that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Anyway, don’t let anyone over here know of my identity since I am traveling under the radar."

Both Joel and Plato nodded as they agreed with Princess Rona when it came to her views on politics.

John who was just two rows ahead of them heard their conversation. Because of his improved hearing, he heard them and couldn’t help but cough a few times due to his embarrassment of plagiarizing because he had simply taken this play from earth since he wanted the show to be a success.

The System timely mocked him after coming back online after John’s upgrade, [Even your conscious says that you are plagiarizing. Why don’t you simply accept that you have lost against me?]

[Updated Status:

Name: John Sky.

Status: Human to Evolved Human.

Physique: Comparable to Demons and Devils alike while at the same time the system has modified your meridians better than others. 2 times as compared to demons and devils and 4 times as compared to humans.

Titles: Child of Chaos(By all the Alien Entities), King of Sky Kingdom (Uncrowned), First King of Men (given by your subjects for removing slavery), Troublemaker (By the alien entities called Gods), Irregular.

Powers: Small Status check of everything with enough mana (Evolved eyes), Multitasking (Currently able to multitask 12 things at a time.), Super strength, Super Stamina, Sharp Shooting, Two-handed swordsmanship, Dagger Techniques of Vlad, Ghost Steps, Strategize, Potioneering, Pharmacist, Alchemist (Pill Concocting), Weaponsmith.

Short Teleportation, Super Scanning, Super Speed, Super Regeneration, Summoning (Sealed), Super Senses, Ultra-high reaction Speed. Super System Mode (Sealed), Cloning (Sealed), Space Shift (Range of 100m). Shapeshifting (Sealed). Resistant to medium grade poisons. Resistant to diseases and curses. ??????, ?????

Status: Lifted the Curse of Irmela by evolution. God of Fate has taken an interest in you.

Other powers are not needed to be known by the host. Access to Advance System Shop is open to you and Items and Technology can be bought from there with System points. There are 4 Gift Boxes remaining in the Inventory which are yet to be opened. You currently possess 145 Million System Points.]

John smiled as he looked at the upgraded status. He thought as he looked at the status, ’Goddamnit, That Mecha’s price has been raised to 400 Million points by this unscrupulous system. Who knows what other traps will be laid even If I buy the Mecha. It seems there were quite some benefits after taking the Ancestral Blood of the demons. From this Upgrade, I can feel that I have gained a lot of Powers. The Super System Mode, Summoning, Cloning and Shapeshifting seems to be sealed. It looks like certain conditions need to be met for using those skills. Hmmm... I can even do a status scan of the People in my vision range. Now, this was an unexpected boon. What a surprise! it seems that Guy Arzaz who came with Bidder is much stronger than Plato. I wonder how he compares with Master Vlad. Watching his Mask, I guess he is undercover currently just like Princess Rona. I should open the Gift Boxes and see what does it have in store.’

After Confirming the Ok button, The first Gift box was opened.

[Opening the first gift box...

You have obtained a complete set of Basic knowledge and manufacturing blueprints of products for Plastic, Rubber and other Variants of Arkon that can be used in place of Rubber.]

John thought as he looked at the rewards, ’Quite an unexpected and timely arrival. Plastics and Rubber products will surely revolutionize this world as they did in my previous world. Lets see the next box.’

[Opening Gift Box number 2...

Wait for a few seconds...


You have obtained a complete set of Computing Hardware knowledge comparable to earth’s present timeline. Well, it is quite basic since other worlds have already improved their technology]

’Hmmm... It was still quite a good gain. All I need to do is buy the Software Knowledge from the System since I already have Hardware manufacturing knowledge. Who knows maybe this guy deliberately gave me the basic Computer hardware knowledge so that I start purchasing from his shop. Anyway, it will still be good for now.’

[Opening Gift Box number 3...

Wait for a few seconds...

You have obtained the Basic Mechanical Engineering Knowledge set.]

[Opening Gift Box number 4...

Wait for a few seconds... Argh... Argh...

You have obtained Basic Aerospace Engineering. Damnit, I gave the wro (ng Gift)..... I misspoke, those guys up above just want to see what is going on no matter what. Hmpf. I can’t even enjoy at peace.]

Once again the Irmela’s Angel who was trying to pry open and look at John’s territory was jolted back as his Crystal Ball Broke apart.

The Angel spoke angrily, "This is the fourth Crystal Ball in 2 days which broke apart without any breakthroughs. It is just like when we are trying to look at the Royal Palaces of Dwarves, Elves, Devils or Demons. It is as if he is no longer a human. Maybe we can use this fact against him."

John thought in surprise as he looked at the knowledge he received, ’It looks like the System mistakenly gave me Basic Aerospace Engineering knowledge. And though it looked like a gift box however most of the time the System manipulated the outcomes of the gift box. Anyway, it was a good result. So Currently my gains are:

* Basic Knowledge and Manufacturing Blueprints for Plastics, Rubber and other Variants of Arkon.

* Basic Knowledge of Computer in relation to Hardware.

* Basic Mechanical Engineering Knowledge.

* Basic Aerospace Engineering Knowledge.’

Rona thought as she looked at John and other ministers who were quietly discussing something. She looked at Plato and spoke, "Plato, What do you think of other moves of Hector since he has lost our family support? And are you sure that you don’t want to support him currently?"

Plato smiled as he looked at Rona’s hesitance and spoke, "The day I moved against him was the day I finally decided to cross paths against him. So there is no doubt of change in my stance your highness. As long as Prince Hector doesn’t learn to control his emotions I won’t be supporting him since Aelius would be doomed under such a ruler. It is better for Queen Cecelia to start supporting her other child i.e. the Seven Prince. And I am sure even your own family has come to the same conclusion when it comes to Prince Hector and his reckless ways."

Both Joel and Rona sighed as they nodded after hearing his firm answer.

Plato thought and murmured, "Currently, Prince is trying to contact the Slave King i.e. Duke Von LongBonder since he won’t have the full support of the Radiant Church his elder Brother. I am just worried that Duke Von may pull bigger tricks using Hector’s Reputation and unlike last time with better preparations."

Joel and Rona were quite shocked because Duke Von’s name had long been spread in most of the countries.

Joel spoke quietly, "Hey Plato, isn’t Duke Von the one who helped the Dwarf king slaving the dissenters when he came to power. As far as I know, even Sky’s Chief Researcher Tornwall and other Dwarf researchers were also included in that purge."

Plato smiled as he nodded with agreement and spoke, "Well, I will be scheming with Lord John for that this time around. I will also be making sure that Lord John has all the information required against Radiant Church as well as Nobles who support Sla... I misspoke, I mean Slave King."

Rona and Joel got chills up behind their backs as soon as they heard of Plato scheming against the Slave King and Pope David of the Radiant Church.

Plato continued as he thought of his plans on making Sky, Radiant Church and the Slave King fight against each other, "As far as I know, his Majesty John will agree with this scheme even if he knows of my agenda since this will anyway help him reduce the influence of the Radiant Church and the Old Nobles who are in favor of the status quo of Slaving system. So you guys shouldn’t worry for now and just watch the show. Even his majesty Lionheart wouldn’t want to dirty his hands in this fight between the 3 factions."

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