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Chapter 308 239. Bickering between Grandfathers and Grandsons.
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Chapter 308 239. Bickering between Grandfathers and Grandsons.

Meanwhile, Trevor and Carl who were standing with Jack and Joseph were quite stunned after watching today’s show.

Trevor looked at Plato and then the surrounding officials of Sky and understood that these glass marvels were shown to the people for the first time and that he should grab this opportunity.

Knowing the urgency, Trevor asked Jack who smiling smugly watching Trevor and Carl, "Jack, it seems that you knew about this event from the start, don’t you? Anyway, are these glass articles open to export and if so how do we contact the right suppliers or manufacturers and there is also a need for safe packing. Then maybe we can collaborate and discuss various things on this deal."

Jack understood as soon as he heard Trevor and thought, ’It seems Grandpa is talking to me on equal terms today for the first time. Very well, I shall suck him dry since he spoke first and also since my interests lie in Sky first so it is appropriate for me to do this.’

Carl too came back from his fantasy and got into action as he tried to converse with Joseph on various topics as he slowly got on the main point, "Joseph, it seems both you and Jack hold high positions in Lord John’s Cabinet since you aren’t quite surprised by today’s show? Don’t you? I wanted to know your views about my previous letter."

Joseph tried to control his anger after he watched his Grandfather’s shameless bootlicking skills. He thought as he looked, ’Doesn’t he have any shred of shame? Isn’t this the same as when he used to bootlick certain Dukes in Capital? He just makes me more and more angry. Anyway, knowing his nature this is very hard to change. Well, it still feels good that he is treating me on the same level as the dukes back in Aelius.’

Watching Joseph’s frowning face Carl understood what was going on in Joseph’s head and spoke in a crude but humorous manner, "What is with this frowning face as if you are disgusted by me like I have not bathed for days. Isn’t it good that now you are independent from the family? If you were dependent on the family then it would have only created more problems for you since your businesses would have been attached to the family business and you would have to provide the shares for it to the family like your brothers. Before leaving for Sky you had already settled the accounts with money and businesses so your current situation is at least better for you."

Joseph trying to gauge his grandfather, spoke bluntly, "It’s not like you had any choice in that matter since my brothers or even the Aelius Royal family wanted to gobble up a lot of my business. so don’t act like family expelled me for my well being without notifying me first when you started gobbling up my businesses in the name of treason. And don’t tell me that the Morgan Family did not gain anything when I was expelled from the family. You guys gained a lot of Political Support from the Central Dukes, Princesses, Duke Blackwolf and other nobles that was gained by offering some of my businesses share, maybe about 30%-40% was offered to the nobles if I am not wrong, while my brothers and sisters gobbled up about 25%-30% with the support of elders while my father was left with pennies i.e. about 20% and the rest was gobbled up by the family, Am I right? It seems you ate something bad on your way. Why is face red with anger? Don’t you want to curse at me right now? And what do you mean that I settled the accounts? You guys forcefully settled the accounts without my consent."

"Moreover, you guys earned a lot in Mulberry, sand or other raw material business which I used to do i.e. sell those materials to North-frontier town directly. Now you guys simply sell it via Nobles and other intermediaries which you think I am not aware of. Well, everyone had a good share in the pie previously when I was expelled. This time, I will be sucking you dry for not notifying me of the expulsion as I would have been better prepared if that was the case. I also want the names of the ones who first proposed and tried to expel me from the family previously. This should also include the names of nobles who tried to influence the Morgan Conglomerate. I am not someone who will take this insult lying down."

Carl’s face was almost black as he heard Joseph because that was exactly the case.

He thought as he heard Joseph, ’It seems this kid can’t be fooled easily by presenting a bad scenario like a good one. I also forgot the fact that this guy can use the information network of Ghosts or even the Chambers of Commerce of Sky to keep an eye on family matters. It was good that I tried my best to shield Frank from other Elders or else this kid would tear my whole face.’

"Anyway, back to business, our contracts will depend on a deal-to-deal basis. I will be strictly following the usual protocols in regards to state matters while you can still deal with me when it comes to my personal businesses. But don’t think that I will give any concessions."

Carl thought as he heard Joseph, He still had his usual smile while trying to bottle up his anger, ’Damnit, this guy says he will follow all the protocols but at the same time wants the names of nobles and also the elders in the family who lobbied first to expel him. I am sure he will blacklist them for various reasons when it comes to business with Sky. Who knows, he might even blacklist them in the immigration list which was proposed just recently by the Sky Parliament. If they are blacklisted in the Immigration list then I will be chewed out by them. I hate it, I hate it. I hate doing such a thankless job. Anyway, Sorry Max, you will be sacrificed first. And Elder Brown you too will be sacrificed since you lobbied most fiercely and also he got on my nerves for the various projects which I wanted to be done earlier about 3 years in the past. Fuck you. I lost 3 years worth of profits in various projects because of your delay and bickering.’

Carl smiled as he agreed with Joseph’s authoritative tone which was usually done only to the Dukes or Nobles with a lot of power.

Carl’s Butler, Trevor and others couldn’t help but chuckle and look at the duo.

Jack sighed and murmured, "Are they really Grandfather and Grandson? because from the looks of it. I think they look more like strangers."

Trevor sighed and spoke, "Just for more profits, he isn’t even keeping his face. This guy will remain as shameless as he was in the past. I guess I understand his situation since he isn’t representing himself alone while a lot of people are waiting to grab his position in the family. Anyway, Joseph, you let me watch a good scene today which was usually the other way around about 20 years back when I visited your family palace."

Trevor looked at Jack who was thinking the same and spoke bluntly, "Don’t expect me to bootlick like that shameless guy over there for mere more contracts. I value my face more than profits. You should be clear on the choice you made when you were expelled. While your businesses are still in the hands of your Mother and father and only a part of the business share is given to Duke Howard and Marquis Willow over there to protect it from the Court and the Royal Family. The same would have been applied if it was others in your position. I don’t like such sort of politics in the family since we already have enough problems."

Carl meanwhile didn’t give 2 hoots on Trevor’s comments as he continued with his smile and talked business with Joseph, he thought, ’What do you know about these mere more contracts? These mere more contracts give the most benefits unlike others. Just some side small contracts from the Royal Palace are enough to fill the coffers of middle-sized businessmen in Aelius. All you know is to make poisons, sell information, assassinate or other side businesses in which you got lucky when you started dabbling in them. I can be as shameless as I want since I don’t care about face on small matters.’

Jack nodded as he understood his Grandfather who was always strict on the outside but soft in the inside when it came to important matters.

Jack nodded and spoke, "Well, we will go according to the laws of Sky. You wouldn’t need to worry about Nobles or anything of that sort if you are going to do business in Sky. I think you already got reports about the business environment over here by your people. Business here is truly based on competition, networks and other skills. Well, you can also get exclusive deals if you can provide timely information on the movements of the Radiant Church and food supply in the borders and other sorts of deals that are quite generous. If your company is good in service then you may become a regular supplier of raw materials due to quality to the Government of Sky directly. This may also benefit you in getting better prices when negotiating with them. You can also reject it if you want to so there is no compulsion but there are a lot of lucrative contracts over there when it comes to information."

Trevor nodded affirmatively as he heard about the business and political climate from Jack and also his spies.

Trevor thought as he heard Jack, ’True, I have not seen the kind of hooligans which are usually seen in other countries that harass small-businesses usually. Maybe I should invest more from what I intended to invest previously. Even my spies here have not reported about any sort of problems faced in business by hooligans or local authorities. As long as laws are followed you can carry on your work and business without any interference’

Jack continued as he tried to see and amuse himself by watching Trevor’s facial expressions, "When you asked my views on Medical Research Center owned by Snake Family in Sky then there shouldn’t be any problem since there are already 2 other big private players in the medicine sector in Sky but there should be sufficient trials and results cannot be faked. In short, what you proclaim about the medicine on the product label cannot be faked or else the company can be sued for the same by the prosecutors. You would also need to be aware of your competitors who would use the media to slander each other."

Trevor furrowed his brows as he asked Jack to confirm, "Don’t those 2 other private players fund the local Authorities or politicians to gain their private backing? Additionally, won’t the private players become a hindrance for the State-owned enterprises because of the competition."

Jack smiled as he too wanted to confront John about this previously when John privatized a lot of sectors. Jack smiled and spoke, "Well, Lord John has a different view since he likes competition and he feels that the monopoly of any sort of sector won’t bring any innovation and only make the state corporations fat without any responsibility. As for the profits of State Corporations? He doesn’t care since Government would anyway get the timely taxes. He feels that the market should judge which is a good company and which isn’t. You can think of this measure as keeping a leash on State corporations so that they don’t slack all the time."

Trevor nodded and murmured as he understood why John made these decisions, "More like keeping a balance on both the sides. This is anyway a good measure since Private Players and state corporations will keep each other in check."

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