With My System, I Can Even Tame Gods

Chapter 293 New Sect
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This was what he had been expecting when he had thought of the Hidden Dragon Sect ancestor's treasures.

There were piles of treasures that were placed in front of him.

There were many herbs, artifacts, spirit stones, and many other unknown things that were placed in front of him.

This was the accumulation of several hundred years for the Hidden Dragon Sect, so it definitely wasn't disappointing.

Of course, Lin Fan knew that it was impossible for him to take everything since it would hurt the Hidden Dragon Sect itself and the members would complain. It wasn't as if he could just kill everyone with the Soul Seal since he still needed them, so he would have to listen to their complaints in the end.

These people still had a use.

Lin Fan started using his Appraisal Eyes and making his way through the treasury, looking for good things to take with him.

That was the one advantage that he had over others, he would be able to accurately tell what everything in this treasury was as long as he looked at them.

He went through and picked out a few things that he liked, but he left most of the things in the treasury there.

He didn't have a use for most of the things that were currently there, so it was safer just to leave these things in the treasury for now. He would have access to them at any time since he was now the Hidden Dragon Sect "ancestor".

Once he finished taking the things he wanted, he left the treasury and found that the sect master, the elders, and their disciples were all waiting for him.

Seeing Lin Fan come out, the sect master asked, "Ancestor, what should we do now?"

That was the most important thing that they all cared about right now.

The only instructions that they had from the ancestor before this was to close up the sect and wait for the five holders of the Mark of the Hidden Dragon to arrive.

Now that all five had arrived, they were waiting for their next instructions from the ancestor.

But Lin Fan didn't want to deal with this just yet since he hadn't fully figured out his plan just yet.

So he waved his hand and said, "Go and rest for now, I'll hold a meeting in the morning. I need to rest this new body."

The sect master and the others clearly looked like they had something to say, but since it was an order from the "ancestor", they had no choice but to swallow their words and wait as per the "ancestor's" orders.

Lin Fan was quickly shown to the best room that they had and there was a banquet and girls that were prepared for him. But unlike the first banquet they hosted for him, this time the girls were terrified of him.

It didn't take long before the news of the ancestor's return in a new form had spread through the sect.

There were too many people that knew about this already and they would naturally spread this to make sure that no one offended the ancestor. Everyone who had been picked for this banquet looked like they were prepared for death.

So when Lin Fan dismissed them with a wave of his hand, they acted like they had been pardoned.

That was just how much influence and dread the Hidden Dragon Sect ancestor had in the Hidden Dragon Sect.

While Lin Fan looked like he was relaxing, he didn't let his guard down for a single second.

While they had prepared a banquet for him, Lin Fan didn't see the sect master or a single one of the elders there. It was clear that they were using this banquet to distract him while having a meeting of their own.

But Lin Fan had already prepared for this.

He had snuck several of his mosquitoes onto the bodies of the elders and the sect master, so he was able to spy on their entire meeting.

"What do we do now?" One of the elders said in a voice filled with dread.

There wasn't a single person that answered him as they all hung their heads.

After a long period of silence, all of them turned to the sect master for an answer.

They had already gotten used to relying on the sect master for situations like this since he was the one that had been with the ancestor the longest. The sect master was the ancestor's first disciple and had been with him for the foundation of the Hidden Dragon Sect.

But at the same time, he was the one that had the deepest impression of the terror of the ancestor.

After another long period of silence, the sect master finally said in a hesitant voice, "The ancestor…he seemed very strange today…"

All of the elders revealed confused looks when they heard this.

They knew that the sect master had been with the ancestor the longest, so he was the one that knew the ancestor the best. If the sect master was saying something like this, there had to be some kind of evidence that went with it.

If there was something wrong with the ancestor, could it be…

The elders were all silent as they waited for the sect master to finish his thoughts.

After a long time, the sect master suddenly gave a sigh and said, "Regardless of what it is, we just need to do what we need to do. We all know what will happen if we defy that devil, so we can only listen to his orders."

Hearing this, all of the elders gave a nod of acknowledgement.

Once again, the room fell into silence.

After a long time, one of the elders suddenly gave a bold suggestion, "If he seems different, could it be that he's weakened? After all, he is in a new body, so he shouldn't be able to adapt to it that quickly…"

Everyone suddenly became tense when the elders said this.

They weren't fools, they could guess what this elder was implying…

But none of them dared to say it out loud.

Seeing everyone looking at him, this elder suddenly gave a gulp and said in a bold voice, "If he isn't as strong as before…could it be that we have a chance to…"

Before he could finish, this elder and all of the others in this room suddenly felt a pain coming from deep inside of them.

They immediately recognized what this pain was and immediately shut their mouths. All of them dropped to their knees and put their heads to the ground as if they were apologizing for something.

It was only after a long time that the pain finally disappeared, but none of them dared to get up or even relax their nerves. They just tensely laid there on their knees with their heads down.

Only after several minutes did they finally get up and cautiously look around themselves.

When they confirmed what they were looking for, the sect master and all of the elders suddenly glared at that one elder who had given that bold suggestion with death glares.

This idiot!

He had almost cost them all their lives!

The elder also had a look of despair on his face since he knew that from now on, he would be the one that everyone avoided. At the same time, he would be the one that the ancestor would mark since he was the one that had made this suggestion.

It was very likely that he would be killed soon once the ancestor had finished using him…

In the banquet hall, Lin Fan let out a secret sigh of relief.

It was a good thing that he had been cautious and snuck those mosquitoes onto the elders.

If it wasn't for that, he might have died without even knowing what had happened.

After all, if the sect master and the elders had really plotted to kill him, he wouldn't have been able to stop him.

He wasn't the real ancestor of the Hidden Dragon Sect, he didn't have a profound cultivation base. He was nothing more than a lowly cultivator in the Foundation Realm.

If those Golden Core Cultivators were to attack him without him being aware, he would have been killed before he was even able to react. Please visit f𝙧𝒆𝚎𝘸e𝚋𝓷o𝘷𝚎𝒍. co𝑚

But he didn't relax after quelling this possible assassintion.

He knew that there were still others in the sect that resented being controlled by the Soul Seal like this and would do what they could to break free of this control. He was basically in a situation where he was surrounded in danger from all sides.

This was not the ideal situation, but at least it was a path where he could leave this Hidden Dragon Sect.

But at the same time, there was a thought that he had…

The next morning, the sect master and all of the elders gathered early in front of the residence that Lin Fan was staying in.

Long before he even woke up, they were standing there waiting for him to come out.

When Lin Fan finally came out, he was surprised to see all of them standing there waiting for him, but he acted like he didn't see a thing as he walked past them.

Seeing this, the sect master and the elders all quickly followed behind him, but they didn't say a thing.

Lin Fan then asked, "Has the entire sect been gathered?"

The sect master nodded when he heard this and said, "All of the sect members have been gathered in the main square."

Lin Fan nodded after hearing this and kept walking without stopping.

He had received a tour of the sect before going into the trial, so he at least knew where this main square was.

As they were walking along, all of the elders revealed worried looks as they looked at the sect master. They didn't dare give these looks to the ancestor because they knew what would happen if they did.

Receiving all of these looks, the sect master hesitated for a while before coming forward to ask, "Ancestor, what are you planning on doing with the sect?"

Lin Fan didn't answer at first to keep up the prestige of the "ancestor", but then he suddenly said, "I want to gather up everyone and tell them that…"

He paused there deliberately and it got the effect that he wanted.

The sect master and all of the elders became tense after hearing this and were fully paying attention to him, waiting for him to finish his words.

After a minute, Lin Fan finally said, "We're going to start a new sect."

The sect master and all of the elders revealed shocked looks when they heard this.

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