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Chapter 83: Prepare to Break the Contract

Translator: Zayn_

“This unknown snake-faced auntie.”

He stood in front of Song Qingyou.

“May I ask which hospital you went to for plastic surgery and accidentally cut off your brain? 1 suggest that you go to the doctor to seek compensation. If you offend someone one day because a part of your brain is missing, you can still use the compensation money from the hospital to live the rest of your life!”

Qiu Yu took a few deep breaths and finally calmed her anger.

“Even if I’m not famous, I’m still better than a newcomer like you who doesn’t even have a piece of work!”

“But I’m young!” Xu Mingrui sneered. “Auntie, you look like you’re almost fifty, right?”

Qiu Yu had just turned 30 this year. Age had always been a taboo for her, but now someone was saying that she was almost 50! If this wasn’t the company, she would definitely beat this b*stard to death!

“What’s the use of being young?” She gritted her teeth and sneered. “Why don’t you take a look at the script you wrote? Even if you film for a few hundred years, you won’t be able to produce anything good!”

“Also, look at how much investment you’ve managed to pull in. With your investment, you can’t even hire actors, let alone special effects, right? Little kid, do you think filming a TV series is child’s play?”

Xu Mingrui: “Aren’t you happy to be called an auntie? You’re old. How can you understand the aesthetic standards of young people?”


Qiu Yu almost fainted from anger.

She turned her head and saw Song Qingyou flipping through the script and watching the show. Was she a treating her as a circus monkey?!

Song Qingyou noticed Qiu Yu’s gaze and couldn’t help but smile.

Actually, she did not expect Xu Mingrui to be so vicious. After all, he looked quite honest when he paid for the fare, but in the end, he was a little hedgehog.

Qiu Yu saw Song Qingyou laugh and felt that she was mocking her.

The manager behind her patted her arm in time to remind her not to be rash.

Qiu Yu sneered angrily. “Ha! Young man! A child director and a wooden vase, acting like a dragon and a phoenix. I want to see what good things you can shoot!”

After saying that, she was about to leave.

Song Qingyou turned on her phone to record. “If Director Xu and I really do produce a good series, what will Miss Qiu do?”

Qiu Yu stopped in her tracks. “You guys?”

The word ‘disdain’ was almost engraved on her face.

Song Qingyou was unmoved. “Miss Qiu, have you started filming a new drama recently?” freewebnovel.c om

“Of course!” Qiu Yu scoffed. “My job is to be an actress. Of course, I have to film every day. It’s not like some people who only become famous by participating in variety shows…”

“Miss Qiu is right.” Song Qingyou nodded seriously.

“I see that you seem to hate actors who can’t produce outstanding works.”

“How about this? If the viewership ratings of the new drama that Director Xu and 1 are filming do not exceed Miss Qiu’s new drama, I’ll just leave the industry. If it’s the opposite, Miss Qiu will leave the industry.”

Qiu Yu’s manager frowned and refused. “The company has a contract. If Xiaoyu leaves the industry, won’t she have to pay compensation for breaching the contract? This won’t do.”

“I also have a contract.” Song Qingyou smiled. “Miss Qiu, you’re not scared, are you?”

“Are you sure you’ll work with him on the new drama? Are you sure you won’t work with other directors?” Qiu Yu asked.

“I mean what I say.”

“Alright then!” Qiu Yu ignored her manager’s attempts to stop her. “I’ll accept this bet. When the time comes, you have to do what you say!” fre ewebn ovel

“Brother Li, let’s go!”

Song Qingyou and the others could hear him blaming Qiu Yu for being disobedient.

Chen Lan, who had been stunned for a long time, finally came back to her senses.

“You don’t want to be an artist anymore, do you? Have you prepared the penalty fee for breaching the contract?”

Song Qingyou shook her head.

“If you didn’t, why did you make a bet?” Chen Lan was speechless. “Isn’t this digging a hole for yourself?”

“Let me ask you, do you know what Sister Yu’s new drama is?!”

“I don’t know.” Song Qingyou had even forgotten about Qiu Yu, let alone the drama she was going to film.

“It’s a tribute drama for National Day! The male and female leads are both popular actors! The production team even won several awards last year!”

When Chen Lan finished speaking, she was like a doctor announcing that the patient could not be saved.

“Go and think of a way to prepare the penalty for breaching the contract!”

Even Jiang Zhihan felt that Song Qingyou was too impulsive.

However, he could help with the penalty.

When Xu Mingrui heard this, he also felt that something bad was going to happen.

“Miss Song-”

“Call me sister.” Song Qingyou raised her hand.

Xu Mingrui’s face was too tender. It was weird to hear him call her Miss.

“Sister.” When Xu Mingrui faced Song Qingyou, he was especially honest.

“I’m still very confident in my directing skills, but the problem is that this is a Xianxia drama…The investment is only… 10 million.”

The Xianxia costumes and special effects would probably cost more than ten million yuan.

Moreover, many Xianxia dramas nowadays hired high-paid celebrities, and the investments were at least a few hundred million…

“And this script…My friends all say that 1 don’t have the talent to write a script, but 1 spent a long time writing it. I just really want to shoot it…”

“Ten million is not a problem. I can work part-time in the post-production.”

Song Qingyou felt that with her special effects skills, she might be able to write a few theses.

“You know how to do post-production?” Chen Lan was surprised. “Why haven’t you mentioned this before?”

“But it’s useless to say it.”

Chen Lan felt that Song Qingyou was probably half-baked, so she didn’t think too much about it. She turned to Xu Mingrui and asked, “You said that the director is fine, but what about the producers and editors?”

“It’s all me.”

H 11

Chen Lan looked at Song Qingyou, and the meaning in her eyes was:

‘See, 1 told you there was something wrong with this production team!’

After all this time, it turned out that it was a rich second-generation heir who had spent money to fulfill his dream of being a director.

Wouldn’t that be the end?

Song Qingyou didn’t respond to Chen Lan and suggested that they go to a nearby cafe to have a chat.

As soon as she sat down, Song Qingyou tapped on the script on the table.’The biggest problem is actually the script.”

“I flipped through a few pages just now. Your writing is indeed not good.”

Xu Mingrui instantly wilted and said honestly, “So you’re rejecting it? But that’s not right. If you don’t cooperate with me, then the bet won’t be considered valid.”

“Who said 1 refused?” Song Qingyou smiled. “I mean what 1 say. I’ll work with you. What I meant was, will you accept making changes to the script?”

“Other than that, 1 can also work part-time in post-production. The condition is that 1 have to take 20% of the dividends from this drama.”

To get such a high dividend without investing a single cent was equivalent to getting something for nothing. However, it was still uncertain whether Xu Mingrui’s drama could make money.

Xu Mingrui lowered his eyes and thought for a long time before asking, “Changing the script? Or something else?”

“No matter what it is, you can take a look at the revised script. If you’re not satisfied, we can discuss it again.”

Now, the two of them were in the same boat.

Song Qingyou wouldn’t cheat him.

After thinking it through, Xu Mingrui stood up and extended his hand solemnly. “Happy cooperation!”

Song Qingyou shook his hand back.

When she went back, she could not help but rub the cat’s head and said in a relaxed and happy tone, “Zhizhi, 1’11 be able to earn money soon!”

Seeing the smile on her face, Jiang Zhihan had mixed feelings.

How was he going to tell Song Qingyou that Xu Mingrui had always been a hot topic since he was young, and that he couldn’t do anything…

The investment of ten million yuan would probably be wasted by him..

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