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Chapter 82: Don’t Go For The Audition

Translator: Zayn_

When they arrived at Jiayi Media, Xu Mingrui parted ways with the two of them.

Song Qingyou looked at her newly-received balance and suddenly thought, “Sister Lan, what do you think about me driving a taxi? I specialize in picking up rich people like him!”

Jiang Zhihan turned around and was speechless.

Chen Lan parked the car and came over. “Not to mention that rich people basically have their own cars, and not to mention whether they’re willing to ride in your evil car, you should at least have a car, right?”

She patted the car door and emphasized, “This is my car! Mine!”

Song Qingyou shrugged. “Then forget it.”

The two of them stood in the parking lot and talked. The company’s vice president, Yang Xiao, saw Chen Lan through the glass and asked his assistant to call Chen Lan over.

“You come with me too.” Chen Lan tugged at Song Qingyou’s sleeve. “I’m here to meet President Yang. He’s the deputy general manager of our company.”

Song Qingyou followed.

Yang Xiao had just finished talking to someone. When he saw Chen Lan coming over, he immediately asked, “Chen Lan, right? Did your subordinate Song Qingyou recently receive an audition invitation for a supporting role in a TV series?”

“There is such a thing.” Chen Lan nodded. “President Yang, do you have anything to say?”

Yang Xiao didn’t even look at her. “Don’t go for the audition. The role for that drama has already been decided.”

“But President Yang, 1 haven’t received any news…” Chen Lan was a little confused.

“I’m informing you now.” Yang Xiao had an impatient expression and did not want to say anything more.

“Who’s the candidate?” Song Qingyou interrupted.

Yang Xiao raised his head, and a look of surprise flashed across his eyes. “You are?”

“President Yang, this is Song Qingyou.”

“So you are Song Qingyou. Miss Song.”

Yang Xiao’s attitude took a 180-degree turn as he said in a gentle voice, “1 don’t know who will be the actor for that role either, but Miss Song, don’t worry too much. You have a good appearance and the potential to become famous. Although you don’t have the chance to audition this time, the company will arrange other jobs for you.”

As he spoke, he took out a name card that smelled of perfume and handed it over.

Someone from the same company also specially handing over a business card… it made the meaning very obvious.

Jiang Zhihan didn’t even think about it and slapped it away.

“Look at your cat!” Chen Lan quickly went forward to pick it up. “I’m really sorry, President Yang. The pet is insensible.”

“It’s alright.” Yang Xiao took out another one in a good mood.

“Miss Song, if you have any questions, you can talk to me in private.”

Chen Lan quickly took the business card and stuffed it into Song Qingyou’s hands. “You’re too kind, President Yang!”

The smile on Yang Xiao’s face deepened as he walked out of the company.

“Song Qingyou-”

Chen Lan turned her head with a happy expression.

Then she saw Song Qingyou throw the business card into the trash can and wipe her hands with a tissue.

Chen Lan widened her eyes. “What are you doing? Did you just throw away the business card that President Yang gave you?”

“I have nothing to communicate with him.”

Song Qingyou’s gaze was cold. “Or is it that Sister Lan doesn’t like him and wants me to beat him up?”

“Don’t.” Chen Lan waved her hand. “You can throw it. It’s fine even if you tear it into pieces and throw it away.”

As long as they didn’t cause trouble, everything was fine.

“Sigh! What was going on? The only chance for an audition was gone… Then are you still going to that training class today?”

“Go!” Song Qingyou didn’t look disappointed at all. “Why wouldn’t I go?”

As an actor, improving one’s acting skills was an entire career.

How could she stop learning without filming?

“I still have to think of a way to film and earn money to raise Zhizhi!”

Song Qingyou raised the cat and shook it. “Zhizhi was really good just now!”

‘How was it good? Both of them had thrown away Yang Xiao’s business card. Where were they going to film and earn money?

Chen Lan rolled her eyes, unable to say a word.

When Jiang Zhihan heard the words “raise Zhizhi,” he realized that he had been living off a woman ever since he turned into a cat.

To a fake cat like him, this was really not right.

The next time he woke up, he would return the favor.

Just as Song Qingyou and Chen Lan were about to leave, Chen Lan’s phone rang.

“It’s President Yang.”

Chen Lan mouthed and quickly answered the call.

Song Qingyou waited for a long time not far away before Chen Lan came over.

“President Yang said that the company has arranged a drama for you to play the female lead.”

Song Qingyou saw that her expression wasn’t right and asked, “Is there a problem with the script?”

“It’s not that there’s a problem with the script.” Chen Lan’s face fell. “It’s the director, producer, and screenwriter who are the problem!”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know either. President Yang only said that he’s a new director and doesn’t have any works… Qingyou, President Yang is waiting for you to find him. You…”

Song Qingyou didn’t want to listen to Chen Lan’s suggestion and said, “Get someone to send the script over first.”

“Script? Are you really going to accept it?” Chen Lan had a ‘you’re crazy’ expression on her face. freewebnovel(.)com

“Why not?”

A familiar voice suddenly appeared, causing the two of them to turn around.

The person who asked the question was Xu Mingrui, whom they had just met today.

He walked over and handed a stack of documents to Song Qingyou with a serious expression.

“Hello, Miss Song. It’s a pleasure to meet you again. Let’s get to know each other again. I’m Xu Mingrui, a new director.”

“This is the script I’m preparing to shoot. I hope you’ll consider the female lead position.”

Xu Mingrui had never seen Song Qingyou’s work, so he naturally didn’t know how good her acting was.

However, as a new director, he had very few actors to choose from.

At the very least, Song Qingyou’s appearance was very much in line with the female lead’s setting.

Song Qingyou held the script and was about to speak when the sound of high heels came from the company door.

The two people who came in were obviously an artist and a manager.

The young woman was wearing heavy makeup and her face looked like a snake’s.

Behind her was a slightly plump man.

Chen Lan reacted quickly and went forward to greet him. “Sister Yu, Brother Li.”

Song Qingyou couldn’t remember who it was, so Chen Lan pushed her. “This is Qiu Yu, Sister Yu. Say hello to her.”

Qiu Yu crossed her hands. “What’s this? Some people feel that they have become famous and don’t even recognize their seniors in the company?”

“Qingyou just came back from the island and hasn’t recovered yet. Please forgive her, Sister Yu.”

Qiu Yu snorted and looked at Xu Mingrui. “Who is this? Why haven’t 1 seen him at the company? Are you the one who brought this newbie?”

“No, he’s a director, a newcomer director.”

Qiu Yu suddenly laughed. “Song Qingyou, you’re not going to work with this new director, are you?”

After asking, she glanced at the script in Song Qingyou’s hand and smiled even more happily.

“I think I’ve seen this script somewhere before. Brother Li, you showed it to me, right? We even laughed for a long time because this script was so bad! At that time, 1 was thinking, which actor would accept such a script?”

“I didn’t expect you to pick it up! 1 thought that you would be able to make a comeback after coming back from the island! But this is the result? I say, don’t tell me you’ve taken a fancy to this kid’s face?”

The moment the word “kid” came out, Song Qingyou didn’t have any reaction, but Xu Mingrui couldn’t hold it in anymore..

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