Wife is Fierce, Don't Mess With Her!

Chapter 22: Military Camp’s Rule (1)
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Chapter 22: Military Camp’s Rule (1)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Why are you crying? Isn’t it just enlistment? It’s only three months! Why are you sad?!”

A girl seated next to Gu Qingjiu was chewing gum.

She scoffed out loud at the sight of Gu Qingjiu being so weak.

The girl was wearing a fashionable knitted jacket and a pair of tattered jeans. The weather was terribly cold, yet the girl looked like she wasn’t cold at all.

Her hair was long and the ends of her hair was dyed in rainbow colors. She looked like a gangster as she chewed her gum. Her get up somehow made her give off a wild and unruly impression. She was comparable to those young gangster girls in Gu Qingjiu’s school.

She looked pretty that her face looked moist as a radish that had just been dug out. She was so fair her skin was glowing.

She looked like she was about the same age as Gu Qingjiu.

Gu Qingjiu’s emotions slowly ebbed away after she couldn’t see her mother anymore. She was originally not good with talking to others, so when she heard the girl speaking, she merely looked down to play with the Buddhist beaded-bracelet on her wrist. Qi Yuefeng had just given it to her and said that it was the Gu family’s heirloom.

She said that it was to protect and bless Gu Qingjiu.

“Hey, why aren’t you speaking?”

Seeing that Gu Qingjiu had looked down to play with the beads on her bracelet, her aura calmed down after she spoke to her as compared to when she was still sad moments earlier. Yu Bao’er instantly felt that this person seemed to have changed faces and it was rather interesting.

However, no matter how much she talked to Gu Qingjiu again, the girl still mostly ignored her. She had only turned around to glance at her. Her eyes seemed rather deep and dark. If Yu Bao’er didn’t take a closer look, Gu Qingjiu would still seem indifferent and dazed.

“Have you always been so indifferent?”

Yu Bao’er took out a piece of tissue and spat the chewing gum onto it.

The other people in the vehicle were all slightly shocked at this girl. The rules in the military were so strict and everyone knew that they had to cut their hair after entering camp. Yet, she still dared to dye her hair! She looked so coy and flamboyant. How did she even get enlisted?!

Yu Bao’er ignored all the eyes on her. She seemed to have been hooked onto Gu Qingjiu. Seeing Gu Qingjiu ignoring her, she went even further by poking Gu Qingjiu’s elbow. “Are you mute? I’m asking you something!”

Finally, Gu Qingjiu was slightly annoyed. She merely shrunk closer towards the window beside her, and then she replied, “There’s no need to reply.”

Her voice was calm and it sounded like it was a how one would react having been bitten by a mosquito. It neither ached or itched.

Yu Bao’er was instantly unhappy.

“Why isn’t there a need to reply to me? Do you not like me?”

When Yu Bao’er said so, she was checking out Gu Qingjiu as well.

This girl was actually fairer than she was!

She had been praised for her fair skin since she was young. Yet today, she finally saw how someone else could outdo her, and it was after she saw this girl. Although she was slightly plump, her skin was really good. She was so fair it seemed like she was glowing. Her cheeks were chubby as well, and Yu Bao’er wanted so much to pinch it...

Yu Bao’er swallowed, then after, she suddenly realized that her thoughts were slightly dirty.

“Students, students, please all look over!”

Suddenly, at the front of the vehicle, a male instructor dressed in a camouflage uniform clapped his hands together. The moment he spoke, he caught everyone’s attention.

“We’re going to the new recruits’ training camp of the 79th Regiment of the Third Division of Dayi City’s Army and it is right next to the military area. You will stay there for three months. Your fates will be decided in three months time. So, please listen to my following words very seriously and carefully. Don’t treat the camp as any other place. The first rule of the camp is that you must follow your superior’s instructions!”

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