When A Snail Falls in Love

Chapter 12
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Chapter 12

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Love at first sight” might be a little over the top, but Ye Zixiao was very sure that he was in fact attracted to Xu Xu.

On that fateful day on the sunset glazed grass, the agitated, petite lady barking orders while her hands were covered with blood orders had struck a chord in him. He was won over by the fact that she was cool, energetic, and also very cute.

‘If you like somebody then do something about it,’ was the simple principle that he followed.

Later on, he had badgered her for a day, but she had not even looked him in the eye. Initially, he had felt frustrated and uninterested in her, but he noticed something as he stood behind her whilst she crouched on the grass for over an hour at the crime scene. When she stood up, her legs were clearly numb, so she staggered for a bit before she could finally stand up straight again. Then, she stamped her feet repeatedly on the ground so that the blood would once again flow to her feet.

At that moment, he felt discontented. ‘If she becomes my girlfriend, how can I let her work so hard? I must pamper her so that she can do whatever she wants. She won’t have to cover her hand with blood or examine the aftermath of a killing. She’ll live wonderfully every day.’


It was a cloudy night and the dim lights barely cut through the darkness.

Ye Zixiao acted as if nothing had happened between them before when he extended his hand out to greet Xu Xu. “Hello, Miss Xu, we’ve met before. I’m Ye Zixiao.”

Xu Xu frowned, but as she was about to dismiss him, she looked up and saw her brother’s gentle and encouraging expression.

She suddenly remembered what Ji Bai had told her before. “Xu Xu, it’s necessary to understand the ways of the world.”

She also recalled her brother’s words. “Since you’re already here, you should show me some respect and at least finish the meal.”

After a brief silence, she slowly extended her hand. “Hello.”

The look of victory could be seen shining in Ye Zixiao’s beautiful eyes. He took her tiny hand in his but was slightly taken aback as it felt unexpectedly cold and smooth. The next second, she forcefully withdrew her hand.

The three of them sat down and Xu Juan went through the menu whereas Xu Xu merely stared at the table.

Ye Zixiao said, “Miss Xu, what are your hobbies?”

Xu Xu was not really planning to acknowledge him, so she gave a half-hearted reply. “Outside of my work, I have no hobbies.”

Ye Zixiao raised his eyebrows and smiled. “What a coincidence, me too.”

Xu Xu fell silent.

Xu Juan cast a sideways glance at the two of them then smiled.

Ye Zixiao continued asking, “I heard that you studied criminal psychology, what is it about? Is it as interesting as they make it look in American dramas?”

Xu Xu replied, “I mainly researched three areas in university. The first was on developing a database containing behavioral models of criminals in China. The second was regarding the effect of China’s family environment on adult criminals’ behaviors. Thirdly...” She went on to list a bunch of extremely technical theories.

Ye Zixiao nodded repeatedly as he listened to her. There was a faint smile on his face as he was doing so, and his eyes continued shining.

Xu Juan sighed. “Why did you put it in such a complicated way, I don’t understand anything.”

Ye Zixiao nodded. “I didn’t understand it either, but I feel that Xu Xu explained it very well.”

Therefore, regardless of what he asked next, Xu Xu only replied with a lazy “Hmm”, “Yes”, or, “I don’t know.”

Halfway through, Xu Juan went to the washroom.

Since it was just the two of them, Ye Zixiao smiled at her but Xu Xu went straight to the point. “This blind date is meaningless, I won’t accept you.”

However, Ye Zixiao was neither surprised nor mad, instead, he looked very kindly as he nodded his head.

Then he spoke. “Xu Xu, I know that my actions from before were quite offensive, which probably gave you a bad impression of me. In addition to this, I even obstructed your work as a criminal police officer. I apologize.”

He had already made a sincere apology and Xu Xu was not a mean person, hence she nodded. “I accept. I didn’t take it to heart, so don’t lose any sleep over it.”

Ye Zixiao’s smile widened even more, putting his pearly white teeth on full display. “Since the two of us are over the past and since I’m your date for your blind date tonight, I hope that you’ll give me a chance by getting to know me first before deciding if you’ll reject me or not.”

“I’m twenty-five this year, healthy and have neither bad habits nor criminal records. I am very financially sound, so you’ll be well provided for in the future. I graduated top 10 in my class overseas and also have an excellent tested IQ score, which will be beneficial for our kin.

“However, above all that, the most important thing is that I’m fond of you. Be aware that if we start going out, I’ll take this relationship seriously.

“So, will you consider?”

Xu Xu was stunned.

It was the very first time that somebody had confessed to her with such a long, serious speech. On top of that, everything he said was reasonable.

In truth, Ye Zixiao came prepared. He specifically asked Xu Juan about Xu Xu’s preferences, and although Xu Juan would not go so far as to help an outsider, he was willing to offer him some advice. He told him, “My sister likes to analyze everything, so don’t treat her like your typical vain and pompous lady – you have to move her with your sincerity.”

After thinking long and hard about it, Ye Zixiao had come up with this speech. Turns out, it really did engage with Xu Xu’s logical side, so she listened attentively to what he said.

Upon seeing her startled, Ye Zixiao appeared to be elated and asked, “Can I take your silence as an unspoken yes?”

Xu Xu rubbed between her eyes. “I’m sorry, I’m quite tired and my head isn’t clear, it’s affecting my decision making. Let me gather my thoughts and mull it over for a few minutes, then I’ll give you your answer.” She then looked at the time on her watch before going deep into thought with an expressionless face.

Ye Zixiao was in disbelief, but at the same time was quite amused. ‘She’s actually focusing to think about it.’

If anybody else had done it, Ye Zixiao would have sneered and left. ‘Even if I’m the one going after her, why do I have to be a fish on the chopping block whilst waiting for a woman to decide my fate?’

This time, however, his date was Xu Xu, so he knew that she was not intentionally trying to humiliate him and was not doing this out of arrogance. She was genuinely thinking seriously...

Furthermore, love was not such a technical issue, yet she had actually said, “My head isn’t clear, let me gather my thoughts and mull it over.” The way he saw it, she was clearly convinced but was currently hesitating, right? If she is hesitating then was he, Ye Zixiao, not good enough?

Although he was having these thoughts, when Ye Zixiao saw her furrowing her brows, he could not help but feel nervous.

After about a minute, Xu Xu looked up. She was extremely calm as she said, “I’ve thought about it and I’m sorry, but I can’t accept this.”

Ye Zixiao’s expression changed slightly as he asked almost immediately, “Why?”

Xu Xu hesitated for a while before she softened her tone and answered, “Thank you so much for trying so hard to get me. You offered great terms, but I don’t really like men like you. Terms can be improved, but preferences cannot be controlled. I’m sorry.”

When Xu Juan returned, he saw Ye Zixiao leaning against the back of his chair whilst looking outside the window. He looked terrible. Xu Xu, on the other hand, was scrolling through her phone with her face looking slightly red.

Xu Juan did not say anything. He sat down and immediately started discussing business-related matters.

Over the course of the night, Ye Zixiao never talked to Xu Xu again and Xu Juan no longer tried to matchmake them. Xu Xu simply stayed on her phone and listened to their conversation quietly.

On the way to their car after the dinner, Xu Juan said, “Xu Xu, wait for me in the car, I’ll smoke with Mister Ye for a while.”

Xu Xu nodded then quietly left. The two men lit up cigarettes before Xu Juan said with a faint smile, “My sister is a straightforward person, she’s not good at human interactions, which could partially be due to the fact that I’ve spoiled her. Don’t worry, I won’t ask her to join us for dinner in the future.”

Ye Zixiao knew what he was doing – Xu Juan was trying to lessen the damage of the failed blind date, so as to give him a way out.

He took a look at Xu Xu who was far away, then replied with a laugh, “If you don’t mind, I’m not willing to give up yet, after all, faith moves mountains. As her brother, I trust that you won’t interfere with your sister’s freedom to make friends, right?”

Xu Juan was quite surprised as he laughed. “Alright, I won’t interfere. The choice is completely up to her.”

In truth, Ye Zixiao was quite mad at Xu Xu. He felt that she was too stubborn and did not show him any respect.

Nevertheless, after calming down, he also felt dissatisfied. He believed that he would be able to win her heart no matter what.

Perhaps his desire to emerge victorious was causing him to have such thoughts. He was well aware that her rejection was, in fact, making him even more interested. He did his best to justify his feelings though. ‘What’s the matter? It’s completely justifiable for a man to pursue a woman.’

From Xu Xu’s point of view, she had already settled things with Ye Zixiao, but she had no idea that he was actually planning to make a comeback. In the meantime, though she still had to train during the early mornings, she could rest at home for the remainder of the day, so she soon recovered quite well.

On Sunday afternoon, she even made a pot of porridge for herself. Since she lived alone, there was still half a pot left even after eating until she was full. She did not like to waste food, so she was thinking of bringing it to the police station the next day as her breakfast. Even so, she would not be able to finish it, so she naturally thought of Ji Bai and sent him a message. “I cooked some porridge and there’s extra. Do you want some tomorrow morning?”

Ji Bai quickly replied. “What type of porridge?”

“Red bean porridge.”


The following week went by quickly as Xu Xu adapted to the devil’s training. Although the two of them exercised together every day, they did not talk much and ran at their own pace. Eventually, Xu Xu grew smarter and whenever she brought breakfast, she would also prepare a serving for Ji Bai too.

Usually, their interactions were limited to work-related matters. However, after Yang Yu’s case was closed, there were hardly any cases left.

In order to avoid causing a panic, the police station had yet to announce the case to the public, thus most of Lin City’s citizens remained clueless about it. There were very few people who knew of the razor blades in parks. Those that did, on the other hand, brushed it off as a prank by youths, so the case did not really have any effect on society.

Nonetheless, everyone in the unit heard that Captain Ji was putting Xu Xu through strenuous physical training. During lunchtime, they even comforted Xu Xu despite being in the presence of Ji Bai, telling her that although the process was cruel, it would bring great results. They told her that the last time had Captain Ji picked on a subordinate’s physical condition was three years ago – the guy was a comparably thin man who was forced to run thirty rounds every day. He went on to become the pillar of the eastern branch, a tough man with eight packs who was able to both run and fight.

Xu Xu nodded to indicate that she was taking their advice.

It was also then that Yao Meng found out that Ji Bai had been personally training Xu Xu every day.

She did not join in with the teasing like she usually did. Instead, she looked at Ji Bai who was smiling faintly, and Xu Xu who was blushing slightly, and fell silent.

She felt rather uneasy as a mixture of appreciation, dissatisfaction, and some feeling of inability towards Ji Bai swelled in her heart. It was a lonely feeling that made her feel like she had been isolated.

In reality, that feeling had started growing inside of her since the day of Ji Bai’s return.

She clearly remembered that he wore a black windbreaker that day. He looked very tall and was much more good-looking than any man that she had ever seen. From that moment, she idolized him as an outstanding person, both in terms of appearance and talent.

If she were to set a goal to strive for, then Yao Meng would strive to become a person like Ji Bai. This was partially due to the fact that they were both the same kind of person, were both gifted appearance-wise, and were both equivalently capable.

Despite all this, this person whom she looked up to so much and who held a high position in the force had taken Xu Xu as his apprentice, whereas she was forced to work under Officer Wu who was on the brink of retirement. Once again, her place in the police station was lower than that of Xu Xu’s.

In addition to this, Ji Bai even trained with Xu Xu every morning, and they were always together for basically the whole day. Her instincts also told her that something would eventually happen between the two of them.

This was something that she hoped she would be wrong about. In fact, she was desperate.

As Ji Bai did not stay in Lin City, he was almost always the last to leave after work. Xu Xu, on the other hand, often stayed back late at night too, normally because she wanted to complete the tasks assigned by Ji Bai. That night, Yao Mei stayed back as well. She knew that it was a blind and irrational move, but after hearing about Ji Bai personally training Xu Xu in the morning, she did not want to leave after noticing that the lights in Ji Bai’s office were still on.

Finally, it was half past nine and Ji Bai turned the lights in his office off and walked out. When Yao Meng heard his footsteps, she did not look towards his direction. Instead, she turned off her computer and stood up to pack her bag with her head lowered.

Ji Bai glanced at Xu Xu who was busy typing with her head buried in her computer screen, then looked at Yao Meng. “Why aren’t you leaving yet?”

Yao Meng smiled at him and said, “I’m about to leave. I had some unfinished work just now.”

Ji Bai walked over to Xu Xu then stopped. “You’re still not leaving? Will you be able to wake up tomorrow?”

Only then did Xu Xu notice the time. She looked up at him and nodded, then started packing.

After the three of them walked downstairs, Xu Xu and Ji Bai headed towards their cars in the basement whereas Yao Meng wrapped a scarf around her and rubbed her hands together. “I’ll be going first then.” Right after this, she turned around and started walking, feeling disappointed and mocking herself in the process, due to the fact that she was putting on a poor act. That being said, Ji Bai did not notice anything.

“Wait a minute.” After a few moments, Ji Bai’s low voice was heard. Yao Meng’s caught her breath as she turned to look at him and felt her heart start to race.

“They’re no more buses at this hour. How are you going back?” asked Ji Bai.

Yao Meng scratched her head awkwardly and replied, “I lost track of time... I’ll see if I can get on a night bus.” She looked at Ji Bai, but when her eyes met his, she looked down again, afraid that he would notice the overly-obvious look of hope in her eyes.

When Ji Bai saw her lowering her head embarrassingly, he smiled and looked away. “Let Xu Xu send you home since it’s on the way.”

Xu Xu was stunned, as was Yao Meng.

Xu Xu looked at Yao Meng. “We live in the same direction?”

Yao Meng paused for a while then stated her address.

Xu Xu thought for a while then realized that it really was on the way. “Let’s go then. We can leave together if we work overtime again in the future.”

Ji Bai drove into the night and headed north, whereas Xu Xu drove Yao Meng southeast. Yao Meng rubbed her face and said with a smile, “Captain Ji even knows where we live.”

Xu Xu replied, “Mmm.”

“Is Captain Ji very strict?”

“Of course.”

Yao Meng laughed. “He’s usually very gentle though. Is it fun training with him?”

Xu Xu felt that her question was quite odd. “Fun?” She shook her head. “I don’t know, we don’t talk much.”

Yao Meng was stunned as she smiled and said, “I was planning to exercise too, I’ll join you next time then.”

Xu Xu turned to stare at her expressionlessly.

Yao Meng’s heart tensed up, but she suddenly heard Xu Xu ask, “Are you sure that you want to wake up at four every morning and run ten rounds, with no breaks on weekends? Think it through.”

Yao Meng suddenly broke out into laughter. She reached out to pinch her face then said, “Xu Xu, sometimes you’re just so cute that you just make me want to pinch you.” After a brief moment, she added, “Forget it, I live too far away. I’ll join you if I can wake up on weekends, if I don’t then you will have to continue suffering on your own.”

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