Wedding Night: I Am Forced To Marry A Dragon Girl

Chapter 107 - 107 Reevaluation
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Chapter 107: Chapter 107 Reevaluation

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In fact, Jiang Xiaobai had not been found by Long Valley but rather he had appeared near Long Valley of his own volition. (f)reewebnovel

According to the guards stationed at the entrance of Long Valley at the time, Jiang Xiaobai appeared out of nowhere, all too sudden. They didn’t have time to react before they noticed a figure standing at the gate of Long Valley.

Moreover, the look on Jiang Xiaobai’s face at the time was equally perplexed, as if he also hadn’t anticipated appearing there.

Upon hearing this news, Ao Yan rushed towards Long Valley at breakneck speed.

Driving herself to the point of exhaustion, she finally managed to get back, only to see Ao Wan interrogating Jiang Xiaobai about what exactly had happened.

“I don’t know either. I was considering letting them go first, while I planned to buy some time and wait for reinforcements,” Jiang Xiaobai said, looking utterly confused.

“I concocted some pills that would prevent them from using their Qi for a short period. Just as I was planning to escape, a man dressed in black suddenly appeared. ”

“He donned a black and white mask and proceeded to kill everyone, after which

I was taken away.”

“And then?” Ao Wan asked, furrowing his brows.

Jiang Xiaobai thought for a moment and then said, “I can’t remember what happened next clearly. I just remember him taking me away, and the next thing I knew, I was outside Long Valley.”

“Nothing was missing, but for some inexplicable reason, my cultivation reached the Golden Core stage.”

Jiang Xiaobai, scratching his head in embarrassment added, “I honestly have no clue how this happened…”

The crowd was astounded.

He was taken away by a masked man and his cultivation increased?

The aura that Jiang Xiaobai was emanating was indeed that of the late Golden Core stage!

Such a bizarre event, no one had ever seen or even heard of such a thing before.

“There’s no way that’s possible! He was just in the Qi refining stage, and within one day reached the late Golden Core stage. What kind of a joke is this?” “Did he skip the Foundation Establishment stage?”

“What sort of terrifying method could cause such a drastic increase in power?

This is too fast, his cultivation foundation must be unstable, and considering Jiang Xiaobai’s low cultivation level, how has he not exploded and died?” The powerful figures in Long Valley were all taken aback.

Their stares at Jiang Xiaobai were like looking at some sort of monster. If this was true, then Jiang Xiaobai was incredibly lucky, wasn’t he?

Ao Wan also furrowed his brows. His instincts told him that Jiang Xiaobai was lying, but after a thorough inspection, he indeed confirmed that Jiang Xiaobai had managed to reach the late Golden Core stage.

And the circulation of Qi in his body showed no abnormalities, everything was perfectly normal.

But the fact that everything was so normal made it all the more peculiar.

Where could such a technique come from?

At this point, Ao Yan also stepped inside. As soon as she saw that Jiang Xiaobai was unharmed, she finally loosened the reins on her worry, appearing much more composed than before.

For the second time, she seemed to return to her normal aloof self, showing no signs of anything unusual.

“You’re alright now?” Ao Yan asked, approaching him.

“Yes, all thanks to that mysterious man. Without him, I would never have been able to escape,” Jiang Xiaobai replied promptly, nodding his head.

Ao Cheng also stepped forward, examining Jiang Xiaobai closely. “Damn, Jiang

Xiaobai, you strike it lucky, don’t you? Stumbling on such a chance?”

“Going out on a trip and getting not only rescued but your cultivation improved

“I really have no idea. I’m just a regular person who’s only recently learned to cultivate. What could I possibly know?” Jiang Xiaobai replied, looking innocent.

His acting skills were astonishingly convincing.

If the Tianxuan Continent held an Oscars, he would undoubtedly win the award for Best Actor.

Although everyone was still very skeptical, they didn’t have any leads to pursue. Everyone had inspected Jiang Xiaobai and they even sent their spiritual power into his body for a thorough examination, without noticing any hint of hidden cultivation level.

Usually, even if one had a method of concealing their cultivation level, as long as someone else’s spiritual power was able to probe the meridians and dantian, they would still be able to detect it. There’s no such magical power in this world that could perfectly hide it.

There was no reason for anyone to suspect that Jiang Xiaobai was actually hiding his cultivation level.

Even the Martial Sea Immortal Venerable who had returned with Ao Yan, could not find anything out of the ordinary.

Witnessing this, Jiang Xiaobai couldn’t help but chuckle to himself.

If this was the system’s doing, how could you possibly find any problems?

“Could it be that you really struck gold, Jiang Xiaobai, by running into someone influential who imparted their cultivation level to you?” Ao Cheng looked at Jiang Xiaobai incredulously.

Martial Sea Immortal Venerable opined, “It’s highly likely that the individual transferred their own cultivation level into him, encapsulating it within his body.” freeweb m

“I have come across such methods a few times before, but they always lead to a significant reduction in the beneficiary’s final power level, with only about one-tenth remaining. Hardly anyone would opt to do that.”

As he said this, Martial Sea Immortal Venerable looked towards Jiang Xiaobai, his face filled with curiosity, “Perhaps this young man really did stumble upon an incredible opportunity. However, this means he will have to invest even more time and effort to make further progress, or else his cultivation may come to a standstill here.”

Upon hearing these words, everyone else nodded in agreement.

They were all quite convinced by this explanation, and they even looked at Jiang Xiaobai with smidge of envy. But this was only momentary.

True cultivation is something one should build up slowly and steadily – that’s when it becomes truly yours.

Finally, amidst Jiang Xiaobai’s flawless performance, the chaos came to an end.

Even if Long Valley wanted to investigate the mystery, they couldn’t find anything because no such person existed.

Those who had ambushed them were all dead, so there was no one to interrogate. In the end, the matter was just dropped.

Even if Ao Cheng persisted in blaming Ao Tianheng, there was nothing he could do without evidence.

Once back in her small yard, Ao Yan resumed her usual indifferent demeanor. However, she did not realize that her attitude towards Jiang Xiaobai had changed.

“Thank you for what you did today,” Ao Yan said, looking at Jiang Xiaobai, after a protracted silence.

“Well…haha, it was nothing really. After all, my life is not nearly as valuable as theirs,” Jiang Xiaobai chuckled in response.

Inwardly, he was suppressing his excitement. This might be a golden opportunity to enhance their relationship.

Just as he predicted, a look of discomfort flashed across Ao Yan’s face.

“Rest assured, I am a woman of my word. This time, I will definitely ensure your safety. Once the Gu Clan matter is over, you…”

Ao Yan paused, then added, “Whether you stay or leave will be entirely up to you.”

Overjoyed at her words, Jiang Xiaobai felt like he had hit the jackpot.

He might not have known much about love, but it was quite evident that Ao Yan’s attitude towards him had significantly improved.

Previously, she had said that she wanted him out of Long Valley!

But now, she had suddenly changed her tune, which clearly signaled some change in her feelings towards him.

Just then, a tremendous tremor resonated through Long Valley, and a thunderous sound echoed throughout the area.

Everyone could feel the tremor.

All around Dragon Palace, scores of experts took to the air, flying towards a certain location.

If Jiang Xiaobai could see it, he would be shocked to find that the place they were heading was east of the small forest in the back mountain..

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